Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Thursday, 10 January 2013

A Post for Anne

We have chosen the Diligence sampler after much deliberation and cogitation.  I had no idea Scarlett Letter had so many samplers!


I really like the verse in this one and I like the fact there are other stitches apart from cross stitch.

I can see me having to do Irene's queen stitches as well as my own (Irene doesn't like queen stitches).

We are eagerly awaiting our kits and, hopefully, we can get started soon so that we can catch up with the other (super fast) stitchers.

Thank you for starting this challenge.


Nicola said...

What fun to be stitching this gorgeous sampler with your friend Irene.

You have made a lovely choice. I do hope we get to see lots of close up photos.

Thank you so much for participating and adding to all the fun.

Brenda in WI said...

Welcome Ann - you are lucky to have a friend like Irene. She is pretty witty. She is lucky to have a friend like you if you do her queen stitches. Personally I love doing queen stitches. Too bad I live in Wisconsin so far away. I would do them for her. Any way - have fun with all of us on this SL SAL.

Kim Hummel said...

How fun that you are going to be able to share the stitching with a friend. I love queens too, but I don't think I would voluntarily do them for anyone no matter how much they bribed me

Carmen Sutton said...

Hi Anne,
So glad that you and Irene have joined the SL, lots of fun to be had!

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Hello Anne,

You are lucky to have your good friend Irene to stitch with. She is lucky you are willing to work her Queen stitches. I love working Queen stitches and would be happy to help out too - if only the pond wasn't in the way.

Thanks for joining the fun.

brod'attitude said...

Very nice sampler

Lanie said...

Welcome, Anne. Love your choice! How fun to be stitching the same sampler with a good friend! Look forward to your progress.

Elizabeth said...

Hello Ann. Lovely choice. It is going to be fun doing this with your friend.