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Margaret Randolph
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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Dorothy's Adventure in TX

Hi everyone!

I have been having so much fun reading about everyone's samplers that I forgot to introduce myself and my SL project for the year.  My name is Kerri and I live near Houston, TX.  I have been stitching for a long time but mostly smalls and other dimensional projects.  Last year I saw Dorothy Walpole in The Attic newsletter and it was love at first sight.  I am sure you all know what I mean!

I started Dorothy on Jan 1, 2012 with a goal to complete a 2 inch section each month.  Well, I got a promotion to a new job mid year and with all the work involved, plus two busy teenagers and the 4 stitching classes I somehow enrolled in, poor Dorothy didn't get much attention.  Here is a photo of where I stopped.  I didn't inlcude a photo of the full sampler since I see a few others are working on her as well.
This is my first reproduction sampler and my first SL project.  I am stitching it on 40 ct LL with the overdyed silk conversion from The Attic.  The kit was a gift from my wonderful husband of almost 23 years for Christmas last year.  I have been working on her since January and will post again this week to show my progress. I still love her and with all the encouragement from everyone here I know I will have a finish by the end of the year.  Happy Birthday in advance to Nicola and thank you for sharing your year with all of us.  What a wonderful way to bring so many passionate stitchers together!



Angie Burrett said...

Hello Kerri: Dorothy is looking good! And sewing on 40 count is quite a challenge, but the alphabet is beautiful. We are all spoiled for choice with the wonderful selection of SL samplers but once we get going it is amazing how quickly the pieces come together. A little bit of time spent sewing within our busy days can work miracles - good luck!

Dawn said...

Beautiful sampler. I think gift sampler kits are extra special. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Lanie said...

Hi Kerri!

Dorothy Walpole is so pretty. It is easy to see why she is one of the popular girls!

Your start is lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your progress using the overdyed silks.

Welcome to the fun...enjoy!

Nicola said...

A very warm welcome and thank you for participating. Dorothy is the most beautiful sampler and certainly the most popular. I hope to stitch her too very soon.

Nikki said...

Your Dorothy is beautiful Kerri. I am also stitching her at the moment. Isn't it wonderful that we can all encourage each other on this blog? Dorothy is my first SL sampler. I look forward to watching your progress pictures.


Ellen said...

Hi Kerri and Nikki, I am also stitching Dorothy. Like you and Nikki, this is my first SL project and I love it!

Love your work to date, looking forward to your progress!