Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hi, My name is Cheryl and I live just north of Portland, Maine.  This is my very first post ever, anywhere and I'm pretty proud I got pictures and everything!!!
This is my project, Jean Scrimgeowr.  The top picture is New Year's Day and the second photo is from last week.  I had a bit of a set back as I used the wrong green for the border and on the vines going up and around the flowers. I have corrected the vines but I haven't decided what to do about the border.
Now that I know I can do this I will post my progress more frequently and I will work on my photography, or maybe learn how to iron?


Vera said...

Hi Cheryl and welcome! I haven't seen anyone else working on this sampler, so looking forward to watching your progress. Very pretty so far!

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Hello Cheryl,

I love Scottish samplers.
You have chosen a beauty.


Angela Cruz-Garcia said...

Hi Cheryl,
Very nice progress.


Nicola said...

Welcome Cheryl and congratulations on your very first post. Scottish samplers are beauties and I am looking forward to seeing yours grow.

That is a shame about the wrong colour thread it has happened to us all.

brod'attitude said...

Welcome to you

Elaine said...

Welcome Cheryl! I have this one in my stash, it's lovely to see it being stitched.

Lanie said...

Hi Cheryl...welcome to the SLY fun! Your sampler looks like a pretty one. Love the large flower band.


HollyXSing said...

Hey, Cheryl! I feel your pain about putting in the wrong color! I just had to take out some over one least favorite thing to do;)

Keep up the beautiful work!

Happy Stitches,

-Holly in VA

Cheri said...

Hello to a fellow newbie. This sampler is beautiful and you have a good start. Good post, blogging and posting is fun but it takes away from stitching time : )

Stitch Wizard said...

Welcome Cheryl! Your border looks really nice and unless it really bothers you about it being the wrong green, I think I would just go on with it and not have to take it all out. Your sampler is beautiful so far and you are making really nice progress on it. I will enjoy seeing your progress! My husband is from Camden, Maine and I want to go there one day! Debby L.

Erica said...

Looks like you are off to a good start!
Keep up the good work! You will be finished in no time!

Nikki said...

Hi Cheryl. I live just outside of Augusta Maine. How far north of Portland do you live? Your sampler is going to be lovely. I am stitching Dorothy Walpole. Nice to have another Maine stitcher here.


Tommye said...

Great to have you in the group, Cheryl. I love that sampler. She's been in my stash for many years...another someday project. I'm sure you're going to enjoy it, even if you have to frog a little. We've all been there, done that. :)

ljw394 said...

I'd love some suggestions for a linen color for this sampler. I purchased the chart only, not the kit.

Cheryl, if you purchased the kit, could you give me an idea of what color the linen is? Is it a white/off-white, or does it have more yellow or brown in it?

Many thanks for any suggestions!