Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I'm In!

Hi all, I am Cheri, from Omaha, Nebraska.  I am a quilter who found your group on a fellow quilter's blog.  I belonged to a group like this a couple years ago who were all working on  a mid 19th century applique album quilt.  It was so much fun to complete that quilt with other like minded stitchers from around the world.

I must say that I had not even heard of Scarlet Letter samplers but as soon as I visited the website I was hooked.   Museum reproductions are right up my alley.   My cross stitch skills may be a little rusty and stitching on linen will be new for me, but I have jumped right in and chosen Sally Harvey from 1737.  I liked that this sampler had the alphabet and numbers and I also liked the little patchwork wings on the birds.  Being an old hippie (who is celebrating her own red letter year in 2013 turning 60 later this summer)  it was very difficult for me not to choose Freelove Hazard--who names their child that in the 1700s?   : )

I will be anxiously watching my mailbox for my package from Scarlet Letter to arrive and in the mean time I will be reading all of your posts and admiring your work. 

Happy Stitching All,


Vera said...

Welcome to the group Cheri! Love the sampler you have chosen. I, too, am having my red letter 60th this year (September) -- can't wait to celebrate!!!

PoundingSand said...

Welcome, fellow quilter! A great thing about samplers, the stash takes up a lot less space. I hope you'll have a grand time with it.


Angela Cruz-Garcia said...

I just added another one to my wishlist. Can't wait to see your progress. Welcome to the group.

brod'attitude said...

Welcome to the group

Tommye said...

Welcome aboard! Looking forward to see your updates.