Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Thursday, 28 February 2013

Margret Gatis is Getting Close

The summary description of the Margret Gatis sampler does not indicate how old Margret was when she stitched this piece, but I'm pretty sure she was several decades younger than I am.  But that does not diminish my sense of accomplishment at conquering another intricate band in her sampler.  Even though I've done a lot of cutwork and I love hardanger, it's always a little nerve wracking to cut threads in a piece you've been working on for so long. So I am relieved that I only had a couple of minor cutting errors that were easily repaired. 
 Following a needleweaving chart is a little different from a cross stitch chart and requires more focus.  If you fill one of the blocks incorrectly, you better find it quickly because you can't just cut out that stitch and fix it.  You have to unstitch back to the error to correct it, hence the extra focus.  And I spend a lot of time anchoring/hiding the tails too, since the whole section is so open.  It's time consuming, but so very effective.

Now, after all that, you'd think I was proclaiming this piece finished.  Not yet. I have one more band of satin stitch before I can claim true victory.

What an Awesome Birthday Celebration!

Good Morning -

I am Bobbi and I live in the USA in Ohio.  Our last day of February is dreary with a few snow flurries, no big deal at all.

I have been away from blogging for a few months and just started surfing around again about a week ago.  This Scarlet Letter SAL was popping up everywhere!  At first I thought you had to stitch The Manifesto.  Well, I sure wasn't signing up for that!  Then I realized you could choose your Scarlet Letter sampler(s).  Then I realized that Dorothy Walpole, who I fell in love with and started last fall, was a Scarlet Letter sampler.  And here I am with great anticipation, but a bad finishing track record.  Maybe I can learn some lessons in that department here, while having fun looking at all the beautiful photos and chatting with fellow stitchers.

Here is my little start on Dorothy:
The overall view on a dreary day.

I am using the over dyed silks that Attic Needlework kitted up.  I am a pastel person and have trouble stepping away from that most of the time.

I can't tell you how much fun I think this is and I am pleased to see the great participation from around the globe.  A really cool idea.  Thanks, Nicola and Jo!

A Parrot, A Leopard, A Lion.

Hi everybody,

First I will thank you for your loveley comments.

I'm so happy that I received my supplies so I can start with my stitching.
The linen is Lakeside 40 ct Misty Rain and I use AVAS silks.
I'm working at the outlines now

I love to work on this sampler.
I'm happy with this challenge, because there are so many beautiful samplers to show.
And they looks better then the photo's on the  shopsides, so it isn't difficult to choice your next project.

I also made some progress on my Susan Singleton that you can see  HERE.

For everybody a happy stitching.

Hello from snowy Wisconsin!
So excited to be part of this SAL - I have been a Scarlet Letter fan since the late 80's- but like my dear friend KathieB, flyaway Jill, bets and Sue, have been away from stitching for awhile. I actually visited the Scarle Letter " ground of operations (AKA amazing farmette!) " back in the early 90's  when I moved to the area and realized this amazing treasure of history and craft was within 10 miles of my house. After an almost-decade of stitching cows and hearts on Aida cloth, I discovered the timeless beauty of antique samplers, and The Scarlet Letter was THE resource. Imagine my complete delight in being within a15 minute drive to this amazing treasure trove!
That said, I did some stitching after that, but then became an avid quilter, and quilt admirer. I have been amazingly blessed to have found the friendship of some award-winning, avid quilters - who as it turns out, turned into avid knitters, and have now returned to being avid stitchers.
We have a great group of friends who inspire each other on a  regular basis- and lead us all into propositions like three and a half inch block exchanges, books we never thought we'd read and multiple field trips and retreat weekends. We've discovered movies, DowntonAbbey, shops and recipes we'd never dare to make, except for our friends...
OK - so on to the SAL  - I will be making "Jane Atkinson" with "Dear Aunt" as a backup plan- and I'm sure you all know why!
I am inspired and energized to be part of this historic SAL- looking forward to getting to know you all and posting some pictures soon! Once I get my linen....
Happy Stitching - and thank you Nicola for this amazing opportunity!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Rising Doves

My name is Bethany Gallant and I live in Belleair, Florida.  I started stitching in 1984 and my first sampler was you guess it, a Scarlet Letter sampler.  It was Dora Sanger 1819 and I stitched this for my mother, who was and is, my inspiration.  We both stitch reprodutions and I look forward to visiting her at least twice a year, so we can sit side by side and stitch until our hearts are content.  While visiting my mother, this year, one of her good stitching buddies told me about Nicola's Blog and I just had to have a look.  To my surprise, or should I say, I am not surprise....... There were many others who love reproducing Marsha's samplers.  I must say, what a great selection we have to choose from. 

I just finished stitching The Country Life sampler, by SL and it is now at the framers.  I imediately started Rising Doves, so her she is.

If any of you would like to see my samplers as well as my mother's samplers, you can go to my photobucket and view.  Mom's samplers are in a separate album on the left hand side.  As you can see, we both have completed many Scarlet Letter Samplers, as well as a view others.  I hope you enjoy and I look forward to sharing Nicola's wonderful idea of sharing our love of samplers.
Happy Stitching,

N. Hinde 1778 - Tiny but Bold

I have finished stitching N. Hinde 1778. This sampler turned out to be very tiny but, with the red silk it is quite bold.

The sampler was worked over one thread on 40 ct. WDW Parchment using Tudor Silk by Gloriana in Candy Apple Red.

A Few Tulips for Dorothy

Hello all.  It has been a few weeks since I last posted, and not much stitching has been going on. 

I am convinced that I have NADD (Needleworker's ADD)  with a litle bit of YAA (Yarn Addicts Anonymous) thrown in for good measure - I have jumped from project to project, knitting to crocheting to stitching and back - and haven't gotten much of ANYTHING done on ANY project!  But, I've had fun, so, I guess that counts.

I will share what I have gotten done on Miss Dorothy Walpole:

Flamestitch detail, Dorothy Walpole

Flamestitch band, Dorothy Walpole
So, I have gotten a little bit done on Dorothy.  Hopefully my NADD with YAA will resolve itself and I can get back to some serious stitching soon.  Of course, I promised my neice and nephew I would make them each a new sweater for Easter.  Since Easter is a mere month away, I guess I better get knitting. . .Oh, well. . .  Dorothy is a patient soul and will wait until I return to her.
Along with Nicola (Happy Belated Birthday, by the way!!!) I celebrated a BIG birthday this year (last Sunday, the 24th, in fact).  I got to spend the day with my family and friends. 
So I"ll end with a gorgeous pot of yellow tulips my sister gave me for my birthday as a reminder that Spring is coming, I promise!!

Love to all and keep stitching.
Sharon H

Rebecca Robinson

Rebecca is coming right along......

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Scottish Sampler Harper

 Scottish Sampler, circa 1740 from the collection of Nicki Harper,
35 ct linen from kit, AVAS silks.

 I have a new finish Yeah.  This was such a sweet sampler to work on.  I highly recommend this one, especially for a beginner.  It is nice and small with just a few colors.  And it worked up quikly!

Couple more pictures.

Nest up is Ruth Bacheler 1717.  I found it in my stash nearly half finished.  I don't know why I ever put it down.

Kim Hummel

Matilda Ann Charles is in my hoop........

......and I am so happy to finally be stitching her. For you see Matilda Ann and I have a history ( albeit a small one) but a history none the less. Here is our story.
      I love samplers and like many of you, I love stitching reproduction samplers. The history behind these samplers really interests me and the time I spend stitching on them brings peace to my soul. I have fallen in love with all the A and E samplers that I have seen on line over the last year and so I decided I would stitch one as a New Years start. But which one? How do you choose? So I spent some time online searching Adam and Eve samplers. This search lead me to a wonderful post by Paulette at Plum Street Samplers. She posted pictures of so many beautiful A and E samplers, all stitched by the same woman. Oh what eye candy!!!! Anyway this one sampler just called out to me. I could only see the bottom half of the sampler but I was so touched by this sampler. Obviously a young girl had stitched this. I loved that the middle band above the Tree of Life was slightly crooked, I loved the little birds peeking out of the tree, and I loved how she stitched the long verse on either side of the tree. This was my New Years start. However no matter how much I enlarged the picture on my computer I could not read a name on the sampler. So now the search was on!
        And then Nicola started her Scarlet Letter year...and all of these beautiful samplers were being created by all of these talented stitchers. I have long admired Scarlet Letter samplers and this was the push I needed to finally stitch off to the SL site I went to find a sampler to stitch. I had not located the one sampler I was looking for but I figured I could certainly find one by Scarlet Letter .....and oh could I! 
        While searching Marsha's site one afternoon I came across this sampler that looked familiar( at least the bottom half did, LOL). Could this be? Oh be still my this the sampler? A quick hop back to Paulette's blog confirmed it. There was the band that was slightly crooked, there were the birds peeking out of the tree, and yes there was the long verse stitched on either side of the Tree of Life! I had found her....and Matilda Ann Charles was her name. She arrived right before Valentine's Day and I started stitching her on 2-18-13. 
        So here is my start on Matilda Ann Charles 1819.

Matilda Ann Charles
stitched on 28 count mystery linen
Using the suggested DMC threads

I have really enjoyed working on her this week. I have to say I am having so much fun being a part of this SAL and seeing all these beautiful samplers come to life. Until next time....Happy Stitching everyone.


My chart

I have my chart Dorothy Walpole.
Just need my fabric. snif, snif.

Is coming

Emma Miles Slow Progress

This holly band is taking longer than I expected. Here are some photos I took on Sunday morning. I actually finished the holly band last night but I don't have good light to take a photo during the week since I am at work while the sun is up (bummer). I will get some more pics this weekend. She is coming along and I am still enjoying working on the project.

                                               Emma Miles 2-24-13

                                                     Holly Detail

Happy Stitching.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Sarah Stuart Update

Hello friends!

I think it's two weeks that I've missed posting. You all know how it is ... even though we wish we could stitch each day away, there comes a time when other commitments and responsibilities demand our attention ... phooey!

Since my last post I've completed a few more motifs on Sarah Stuart,  finished the second line of the over 1 verse, and then I got distracted by the big, red, brick house! Couldn't resist any longer. Generally I prefer to work the sampler in "order" but it appears I'm a little all over the place at the present time. That's OK ... gives me a variety of areas to stitch ... a little of the verse, a motif or two, a few more bricks on the house ...

So here she is. Please excuse the slightly disheveled appearance!

So that's about it for now. Hope you all have a wonderful week!


More stitching on Rebecca

Despite my mistakes, I am making progress.  I appreciated the comments on my first post on Rebecca.  Now every time I have to pull out stitches after figuring out something wasn't right (again!), I remember that I am "reverse stitching."  :-)

Well, here is how far along I have gotten:

It has been very enjoyable to work my way along.  I keep hoping I will be able to stitch faster and that I brain will retain the pattern of stitches so I don't spend so much time counting and recounting to be sure!

Have really loved catching up on all the posts of such lovely projects that are all progressing so quickly.  Happy forward stitches to all of you!

Lady and the Castle

Hello Everyone,

I finished a few more leaves on Saturday:

(My apologies for the quality of the images. I'm still using a scanner.)

The color changes in the leaves all follow a similar pattern, so they are starting to go a bit more quickly. My hope is to finish them next weekend.

(edited to add title)

Hannah Brassington and Bohin Needles

I spent much of last Sunday cozied up to the woodstove, happily stitching to replays of movies I've "seen" a hundred times.  This was my progress at about ten hours over the weekend.  I can tell that the stack of about 20 pieced quilt tops in my studio will likely be sorely neglected - at least until this summer, when I'll be looking to the basement studio and quilting for a reprieve from the heat. (Yes, it gets hot - and very muggy - in Wisconsin).

I am in search of the perfect needle.  I have had some issues with my favorite John James needles lately in that the last couple of packs I've purchased  have had something of a burr inside the eye, and are snagging my thread.  Bohin needles were recommended as a "favorite" by one of the staffers at the LNS, so I grabbed a pack each of #28’s and #26’s last Saturday, and have since re-discovered my dissatisfaction with Bohin #28's.  The eye of the needle I started this project with is already collapsing with just a few hours use, and the eye end is beginning to make a sharp turn for the worse!  I immediately took inventory of my tapestry needles, to discover that this is the THIRD TIME I've purchased these needles.   After passing two packs of Bohins on to KathieB Thursday night at our bi-weekly stitch 'n' bitch, I quizzed her about needle threading.  Perhaps it's HOW I thread the needle - bending two strands of thread over the shaft of the needle to make a nice crease that pushes easily through the eye.  (I'm sure I read this tip in a magazine somewhere.) It does mean that I'm stuffing four strands through that tiny hole, and that I'm putting some stress on the shaft of a fine needle. Maybe I need to go back to the way grandma taught me. Draw those two threads together, lick 'em,  and pass them through the needle's eye.  I will give it a try.

And this is my progress over the past week - approximately 20 hours since last Sunday.  Please excuse the poor quality of the photo.  My camera is in the car and it's dark and chilly out there, so this one was taken with my iPad in relatively low light.

You get the idea.  Those last two flowers aren't filled, and I have some work to do yet on the greenery.

By the way, I did try another Bohin, eliminating the stress of my previous threading technique.  Apparently, I am very hard on needles, as this one is developing a significant bend, as well.  I doubt that I'll become a much less aggressive stitcher unless I abandon the "linen method" and choose to "poke and pull."  Not likely.  I just need to use a stronger needle.  I do like the way the slender #28's glide through the linen.  Any thoughts?

I will try again with a photo

Hello again, I tried to download a photo on my ipad but dont have that down pat yet so I jumped on the good ol laptop and taken a new photo and here it is..
The colours isnt so nice on the pic as it is in life.But anyway it turned out this end..
Tata for now

Sunday, 24 February 2013

My first post SDW sal

Hi I'm Robyn from a very wet Blue Mountains in New South Wales. Australia, This is my first post with my progress with SDW and we are up to week 17. This church has been very time consuming but I am enjoying the SAL with Krista Michelle Nicole Shannon and Elaine. They certainly have kept me going strong with the Band sampler because like most others we want to stitch so many things time gets the better of us and we get so eager to start the next project we end up with so many WIP.
I don't get a lot of time to read lots of post but I really do enjoy it when I sit down and read as many as I can.  This blog is a great motivator .
Bye bye from Aussie
The colours don't really look good on this photo. They are more stunning than this picture.

More Dorothy

Here is more progress of Dorothy Walpole. It has been a couple of weeks since I posted pictures and I have gotten quite a bit more finished. The Bargello section was fun to do, although I got into quite a roll with it and didn't pay attention to the chart, well, you know what happens when you do that. So I ended up having to take out some stitching but I figured out how to take out just the area that I screwed up, and it wasn't as bad as I at first thought. Beware!!!! Always follow the chart!
Anyway, I did get that finished and went on to start the floral section, and that is stunning. This is why I wanted to do this sampler, I fell in love with this section and it is living up to my expectations.
I am enjoying this whole challenge so much, what a treat to all these samplers. Thanks to all of you for sharing.

Ultimate Stitching Frame and Elizabeth Sheffield

Here is my Ultimate Stitching Frame with my small amount of progress this week.  This frame has the best TENSION that I have ever had with my stitching.  I should have really gotten more stitched but while doing the little house, I came to the realization that I was off  by 4 threads, which can make a huge difference on either side with other  things that need to go there, so I took it all out and finally got it stitched back to where I had stitched before this error.  This band has over 2 stitching as well as over 1 stitching and I am so looking forward to all of it!  
My husband has a wood working business called Wooden Treasures and although I don't yet have Manifesto, it is something I want so he is going to make me another frame like this one with 36 inch bars. My Q Snaps are a thing of the past now and I find it to be so nice not having so much fabric to try and put somewhere out of the way and still have really good  tension for my stitching.  I also love the needle holders shown here and the orts jar.  

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Slow and Steady

I haven't posted lately because most of what I've done for several days is laying the foundation for the cutwork. It's been fairly trauma free, except for cutting the wrong thread a couple of times. But I've done that enough over the years that the repair work doesn't even raise my blood pressure any more. 
The vertical bars are all wrapped...BORING. Now I'm wrapping the horizontal bars and adding the dove's eyes. Although on 40 count, who can tell?! Once they're all in you'll be able to actually see the pattern, but now they're just little blobs.  After that, I get to go back and add more needleweaving and some other filling stitch that I haven't even bothered to investigate.

Mary Ann Hutton progress

I am off to a good start on Mary Ann Hutton. The green vine inner border gives me some landmarks to do some letters and flowers. I love how the silk threads feel raised on the linen.

Happy Stitching All,
(week 1 of stitching)

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N Hinde Do Overs

Shaker Leather Sewing Roll, Mother of Pearl Thimble Holder
Next up for me is the N. Hinde 1778
The first time I stitched it I goofed on the alphabet.  You can see it behind the do-over hiding in embarrassment for 25+ years.
I must have had so much fun with H I just repeated!

The original kit from 1992 was silk thread over one on 35 count.  I got as close as I could for the do-over.
What to do with the 'goof'?  Maybe a pin cushion to remind me to be more careful...

Happy Stitching!
Along the Front Range in Colorado

You could not make this up if you tried!!

I also received a copy of The Four Quakers group of charts and just had to take a look at these as well.  I cut off the edge of the polythene covering and made plans for stitching these in the future as well. 

My husband brings me a mug of tea and he is followed into the room by two of our cats.  The cats start chasing each other, the mug of tea gets knocked over and goes all over the charts, the photo, frontspiece and cardboard - and would you believe it, the liquid even flows into the polythene covering.

The charts, so beautifully produced on some sort of shiny paper, stick to each other and I try to peel them apart.  The top printed surface of the patterns are totally destroyed in so many places.

Cats will be cats, even though I am trying to train this bunch.   Never again, will I open charts in front of mugs of tea and cats.

Boscobel Oak/Holbein Stitch/Double Running Stitch

This week I received a copy of Boscobel from Marsha Parker and  I consider it is a wonderful copy of a very beautiful piece of work.  I know I won't be starting it for some time but could not resist opening up the polythene cover and taking a detailed look at it.

One of the stitches it calls for is Holbein Stitch or Double Running Stitch.  It looks very easy but can someone tell me how to anchor securely, the beginning of the thread in the "early" stitches which jump over 3 threads of linen evenweave?  The same goes for securing the end of the thread as well.

The more I see of these charts, the more I would like to go and see the originals.  It appears quite a few are based in Cambridge (UK) at the Fitzwilliam  Museum.  Has anyone been to this Museum?

I was able to complete the outlines for the next band.  Now I need to fill these in.  The pattern calls for trellis stitch.  I am not sure if I like it and may sub some other stitch.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Moving slowly

There are way too many distractions going on here in Georgia, so I have been a bit slow working on this SL kit.  It is also 40 count so there is not stitching on this in the evenings.  Have been cleaning things out and organizing.  Also, my Ikebana group is responsible for putting flower arrangements in one of the historic homes for the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival - like I said distractions!!!

But here is what I have accomplished thus far.  (note:  I am also working on other stitching and knitting and beading projects that also need to be done!)
Until next week, hope everyone is having a wonderful stitch time.