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Margaret Randolph
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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Few Tulips for Dorothy

Hello all.  It has been a few weeks since I last posted, and not much stitching has been going on. 

I am convinced that I have NADD (Needleworker's ADD)  with a litle bit of YAA (Yarn Addicts Anonymous) thrown in for good measure - I have jumped from project to project, knitting to crocheting to stitching and back - and haven't gotten much of ANYTHING done on ANY project!  But, I've had fun, so, I guess that counts.

I will share what I have gotten done on Miss Dorothy Walpole:

Flamestitch detail, Dorothy Walpole

Flamestitch band, Dorothy Walpole
So, I have gotten a little bit done on Dorothy.  Hopefully my NADD with YAA will resolve itself and I can get back to some serious stitching soon.  Of course, I promised my neice and nephew I would make them each a new sweater for Easter.  Since Easter is a mere month away, I guess I better get knitting. . .Oh, well. . .  Dorothy is a patient soul and will wait until I return to her.
Along with Nicola (Happy Belated Birthday, by the way!!!) I celebrated a BIG birthday this year (last Sunday, the 24th, in fact).  I got to spend the day with my family and friends. 
So I"ll end with a gorgeous pot of yellow tulips my sister gave me for my birthday as a reminder that Spring is coming, I promise!!

Love to all and keep stitching.
Sharon H


MoonBeam said...

Sharon -

It seems that we are members of some of the same clubs. I knew I had stitchers ADD, but didn't realize that I was now in the yarn club, too.

Besides that I am joining Nicola's big party today, and my project is Dorothy Walpole, too. You are significantly ahead of me, so I will be looking at your posts as a pressure...I stitch as slow as a snail, and am easily sidetracked!

Keep up the great work. Dorothy is looking beautiful.


Kevin said...

Happy belated birthday!
And thank you for giving a name to this condition I also seem to suffer from -- NADD!! OMG, I don't know when I acquired it, but I do know I have very few finishes to speak of lately, and I used to be a "one at a time" stitcher. But you're right - it's more fun this way. Variety is the spice of life, right?

Your Dorothy Walpole looks fantastic, and I love the detailed view of the flame stitches. Really beautiful. This is one that immediately caught my eye on The Scarlet Letter site, but I will admit I was nervous about the flame stitches. Now that I've seen them close up, I'm feeling a little more brave. Think I'll have to buy this one eventually. Keep up the great work!

Jenny said...

Your sampler is beautiful Sharon. I too have been known to suffer from these conditions from time to time...LOL...but I think we all agree that is what makes stitching fun and interesting. Happy belated birthday. I love the tulips...they are one of my favorite flowers. I hope you enjoy whatever stitching calls out to you!

Tommye said...

Fabulous! Dorothy is stunning! Keep stitching.

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Looks super!

Don't stop now.
You're almost 1/2 done.

Nicola said...

Happy birthday Sharon, your tulips are such a nice splash of sunshine.

Miss Walpole is looking good and I am sure she will call to you soon.

Cindy L said...

Happy Birthday! Dorothy is such a beautiful sampler. Love seeing your progress!

Fiona said...

Happy Birthday. I think I must have caught some NADD too, stitching lots of different things, so very little progress on any one thing. Dorthy looks great and I really love the flame stitch section.