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Margaret Randolph
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Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Long Blue Line

After a false start in choosing a pattern way beyond my skills I am finally stitching...on LINEN. I am a new sampler stitcher and the first pattern I ordered called for 40 count linen, I was totally overwhelmed. Thank you Nicola for the encouraging emails and the suggestion of a couple different samplers. This is the beginning of Mary Ann Hutton, the Christmas carol sampler. It is 25 count unbleached linen and the beautiful silk threads from Scarlet Letter.
I have already used three things I have learned from blog posts for my humble blue line. The invaluable cross every 10th stitch to help count your long lines of stitching. Number two, get stronger reading glasses. The third thing that has helped was to read about free hand stitchers, it took me about three inches to dispense of the hoop.

I have also made some marks on my pattern to make those bolder every 10th lines stand out for me.
Happy Stitching All,
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Pam Tanner said...


Good Luck! It took me a long time to attempt anything on Linen. I went from Aida, to evenweave, and finally bit the bullet and went to Linen. I like it now, as long as the count of the Linen is not too high. I gave up hoops a long time ago! I held my fabric too tight, and invariably ended up staining the fabric. I use the Scrolls from American Dreams, and I will never go back! In addition, invest in one of those magnifying glasses that hang from the string. It rests on your chest. Even with reading glasses, sometimes it makes it difficult to see the weave of the linen. You can purchase them pretty much anywhere. I have several, but I like the rectangular one, that I purchased at my favorite cross stitch store.

Nicola said...

Hello Cheri

I hope you are enjoying your holiday and good to see that you are posting via blog press.

Mary is a lovely sampler and well worth stitching. I too have adopted Lynn's suggestion of using every 10th stitch as a counting marker. It came in very useful in my first session on Manifesto.

I find a daylight lamp is a big help when stitching and they can be bought with a magnifier attached, although I rarely use the magnifier since I started wearing good reading glasses.

Marsha said...

I like to stitch a line through the middle (vertical and horizontal) with a sulky thread that is a bright metallic and plastic or nylon. It doesn't bleed, doesn't stick, can be stitched over top and when you're done it slides right out. It's another reference point for me. Good luck, I'm so excited for you.

Jennifer H said...


Welcome to the world of linen! I love linen myself, but so far have stitched and haven't finished one piece that is a WIP on linen. It's a small piece - not an SL pattern. I really enjoy working on Aida - which is why I am setting myself the challenge of learning more stitches that Marsha has in her patterns - to see what adapts to Aida, and what might need to be changed. It should be interesting.

That having been said, I love the idea of crossing every ten stitch - this is what I will do when I ever get to Hannah Carter. I absolutely LOVE this piece. Just gorgeous. I already have the fabric, and threads (for now - unless I take the threads down the road for another project) :D

As for stitching in hand, I love that too. I do have my American Dream frames and my Millenium frame as well, but there is something about stitching in hand. I find that it makes it easier for me to have less tangles with the DMC floss that I stitch with most.

Good luck!
Hugs and Love,
Jennifer H

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congratulations on your start!

I'm another "in-hand" stitcher, I just roll the fabric up with the stitching side on the inside so my hand is only touching the back of the fabric. Learned that lesson the hard way!!

I hate long straight lines and tend to leave them until last so I can use the centre as a reference.

Cindy L said...

Cheri, congratulations on your start on linen. I also have Mary Ann to do. It is a beautiful sampler and I look forward on seeing your updates. We are all benefiting from the wonderful tips and encouragement from our fellow stitchers here.

Fiona said...

Great start, and welcome to the world of linen.