Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Ruth Bachelor Start

I finally decided on my next Scarlet Letter project as a part of this group – Ruth Bacheler 1717. The colors in this are really bright and stand out on the fabric. The only thing that gave me a little trouble at first is the counted satin stitch over 3.  It is not graphed very well on the chart but after looking at some other stitcher's WIPS I finally figured it out.  The only change that I have made is the chain underneath the first row of the satin stitched alphabet - changed this from a satin stitch to a normal cross stitch.

Stitched on 40-ct Lakeside Pecan Butter using DMC

As you may recall in my last post, that I wanted to work on getting a couple WIPs finished.  I did manage to get one done – Christinia Cathcart by Samplar Workes.  You can see this finish on my blog A Gentleman’s 

Thanks to Nicola for sponsoring this blog.  It is great to see all the Scarlet Letter projects that people are working on.  I know I am developing a list of future projects.

Happy stitiching…


Stitch Wizard said...

I just love your stitching her Robert! The colors are so beautiful too and I love the fabric with these threads!! Your work is really stunning! I will enjoy seeing your progress on Ruth!!

Fiona said...

Great progress on Ruth and well done for figuring out the satin stitch border over 3 would have confused me and I'm sure 'the green thing' would have paid me quite a few visits.

Sandye said...

This is lovely! I need to start my Ruth soon so I'm glad you said over 3. I'll have to remember that!

Nicola said...

Ruth is such a happy sampler perfect for these winter months. Great start Robert. I am so pleased you are enjoying the group.

Lanie said...

Ruth is looking good, Robert! I also love the cheery colors on this sampler and isn't the Pecan Butter linen just a wonderful color.

Tommye said...

Such an interesting and colorful piece! Great job. I bet it's a lot of fun.

And don't even talk to me about satin stitch over three. I abandoned Margret Gatis for a year because of it!

Marsha said...

I just ordered this one too. Love the colors. It's looking great.