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Margaret Randolph
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Friday, 8 February 2013

And the winner is .........

Congratulations Mary of All My Scattering Moments on winning 20 skeins of AVAS, I will email you separately about choosing your colours. A HUGE Thank You to 

for their very generous sponsorship. I do hope you will all be able to use your discount code in the next three months. I shall certainly be kitting up several projects.

Marsha has very kindly donated a copy of her book A Stitch in Rhyme: an Examination of Verse Embroidered on Needlework Samplers in England and Amercia between 1647 and 1857 for the next giveaway.

If you would like to be entered into the draw for this fascinating study of over 450 verses from early samplers please leave a comment on this post telling us of your favourite sampler verse.

A name will be drawn next Friday. Good luck every one.


Nicola said...

Like the samplers themselves there are so many verses that appeal. At the moment I am very taken with Emily Lucille.

Could we forbear disputes:
And practice Love; we
Should agree as Angels do
above. Weak tho we are, to
Love is no hard task: and Love
for Love is all that Heaven doth ask. I go to sleep before you but we shall wake together
Remember this and bear in mind a constant friend is hard to find.

Angela Cruz-Garcia said...

Since I have not been working samplers very long I do not yet have a favorite verse. Since I have a newly found passion for them I am sure I will have one soon.

Margaret said...

Well, I have to say that my favorite verse at the moment is the one you chose for your Jane Atkinson, Nicola. lol! I love that one!

Deb said...

I think that my favorite is "My soul is fed by needle and thread" although I don't know if that was ever put on old samplers, but it says it all for me.

Krista said...

Congratulations, Mary!! Have fun picking colors!

So many verses to choose from, I like the one from Emma Miles, as I have seen it finished recently here...

Time is the only space that is given
To obtain a place in Heaven
Seek salvation then today
Seek and find it while you may

Kath said...

The verse I like has sentimental value to me. This is from the first sampler I stitched and it was the one thing that helped me when my dear younger brother passed away.

He worketh cloth from flax wool;
She drives her geese before the dawn.
With hearts content, their lives they weave
in mornings laughter, evenings song.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Please do NOT enter me in this drawing, as I already have this book. I just wanted to say what a wonderful book someone will be lucky enough to win!

Vera said...

Ahhh! Hard to pick a favorite. Like Margaret, I love the vese you have chosen Nicola to personalize your "Jane" sampler. Another one I love is from a samler I did many, many moons ago: "The Birds Go To Sleep By The Sweet Wild Twist Of Her Song"

Jen B said...

Ooh, I would LOVE to win a copy of this book!!! My favorite verse goes something like this: "when you look at this I hope you see what care my parents took of me". Love that verse!!!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Teach Me to Feel Another's Woe
To Hide the Faults I See
That Mercy I to Others Show
That Mercy Show to Me
Mary Belle-1808
11 years

Lori said...

This verse has always resonated with me:

Whene'er I take my walks abroad
How many poor I see
What shall I render to my God
For all his gifts to me.

Not more than others I deserve
But God has giv'n me more
For I have food and while others starve
And beg from door to door.

While others early learn to swear
And curse and lie and steal
Lord I am taught thy name to fear
And do thy holy will.

Are there thy favours day by day
To me above thy raft
Then let me love thee more than they
And try to serve thee best.

Sarah Woodham 1770
Reproduction by Shakespeare's Peddler

FlyawayJil said...

When I am dead and on my grave
And all my bones are rotten
When this you see remember me
Lest I should be forgotten
Remember me as you pass by
As you are now, so once was I
As I am now, so must you be
Prepare fo Death and follow me.

Stitch Wizard said...

This looks like such a wonderful book. I have a little verse that I love and it says:

In the rhythm of the needles, there is music for the soul!

I think these words really are very true about stitching!!

H and T said...

Thank you again Nicola and Marsha for yet another giveaway. You are most generous. Congratulations to Mary!

As for favorite sampler verses, the reason Grace Catlin leapt from nowhere to the top of my must stitch list is mainly due to her verse:
Who would love this world or prize whats in it that gives and takes and chops and changes every minute.

The fact that someone felt things changed every minute in 1719 is a marvelous notion to me and I hope that these words will put things into perspective during those times when I think life is "chopping" and changing too much in this modern world.

Thank you,

Angie Burrett said...

What a lovely book - Marsha is so generous. I really like the simple verse:
"When this you see
Remember Me"
because with every sampler we sew we will be remembered - long past we are stardust x

samplerlover said...

The verse that I love and I seem to have a few samplers with it on is "Jesus permit thy gracious name to stand, As the first efforts of a infants hand etc.

Mary said...

I'm thrilled beyond words with this announcement - thank you!

Neing another early riser, I think my favorite sampler verse is from Hannah Pepper:

Awake my soul and with the sun
Thy daily stage of duty run
Shake off dull sloth and early rise
To pay thy morning sacrifice
Redeem thy mispent moments past
And live this day as if the last
Thy talents to improve take care
For the great day thy self prepare.

Words to live by!

Elaine said...

I love lots of them, it's what attracts me most about the samplers one of my favourites is:

Tell me ye knowing and discerning few
Where I may find a friend both firm and true
Who dares stand by me when in deep distress
And then his love and friendship most express

Erica near Chicago said...

I too already have a copy of this book, so don't need to be entered in the competition, but my favorite verse (trying to remember without checking; I think it was an SL sampler):

Our pleasures are born but to die -
They are linked to our hearts but to sever -
And like stars shooting down a dark sky -
Shine loveliest when fading forever

Debbie Bauer said...

I purchased Emma Miles to sitch partly because of the verse.But I also love Simile.

When every letter with judgement is placed
Exactly proportion'd and prettily spaced
A Sampler resembles an elegant mind
Whose passions by reason subdued and refin'd
Move only in lives of affection and duty
Reflecting a picture of order and beauty

Lean not on earth. T'will pierce thee to the heart.

Lanie said...

Congratulations Mary...20 new lovely wonderful!

Thank you, Marsha for another generous prize! I am fascinated with the verses used in these beautiful samplers. So to pick a favorite? I found the following (cant even recall where) some time ago and am waiting for the perfect sampler to use it...hmmmm possibly something during this SLY!

"How pleasant it is when we at days end
can reflect that we are at peace with all persons,
that we have carefully performed the duties of the day,
and that the Aimighty beholds and loves us."

KB said...

I would very much like to be entered into this drawing.. Thank you Marsha for yet another wonderful prize...Don't know that I have a favorite verse.. I love so many ... one I keep coming back to is .."When this you see remember me".... my stitching holds so many memories for me and has help solve many a problem wish is of the things I will be remembered for is my stitching and love of samplers.

Jean P said...

Since I am so new to stitching samplers, I don't have a favourite verse as yet. I did choose Emma Miles to stitch because I liked the verse:

Time is the only space that is given
To obtain a place in Heaven
Seek salvation then today
Seek and find it while you may

I am sure this will change as I broaden my knowledge!

Mindi said...

Congratulations Mary!

I'm not a very religious person, so I tend to fall in love with samplers that have non-religious verses on them, but they're pretty rare.

I was drawn to Susey Oliver because of the verse on it, especially the first part (I sometimes speak without filtering through my mind first).

"Proceed not to speak or act before thou hast weigh'd thy words and examined the tendancy of every step thou shalt take. The thoughtless man bridleth not his tongue he speaketh at random and is entangled in the foolishness of his own words. The first step towards being wise is to know that thou art Ignorant. A plain garment best adorneth a beautiful woman and a modest behavior is the greatest ornament of wisdom. Behold the vain man and observe the arrogant. He cloaketh himself in rich attire he walketh in the publick street he casteth around his eyes and courteth observation."

Robert said...

The verses on samplers are so meaningful and it is very difficult to select just one. I am drawn to those that are more spiritual in nature such as The Lord's Prayer or a specific verse of Scripture.

woolwoman said...

I think one of my faves would be from Ellen Birdseye but probably much older than that
All my scattering moments are taken up with my needle.
and speaking of Scattering Moments - congrats to Mary on that beautiful giveaway of yummy silks.
Thanks for the next giveaway opp.

Cindy L said...

Many times my favourite verse is the sampler I am working on at the time. From "My Son" :

when the day is over,
and I stand before God
and he asks what
good I have done,
I believe He will
understand and smile
when I tell Him,
"I had a son".

Thank you Marsha for adding a wonderful gift.
Congrats to Mary.

Nikki said...

Hmmmm, I have tried 3 times to leave a comment. Let me try again.

I think the Moira Blackburn Three Things Sampler has a lovely verse. It reads:

There are Three Things that will never come back, the arrow shot forth on it's destined track -- The appointed hour that could not wait, and the helpful word that was spoken too late.


Joanne O'H said...

My very favourite is also the Hannah Pepper sampler verse.

But I also like the verse from the Blue Rose Sampler by Nostalgic Needle:

"Sleep Downy Sleep Come Close
Mine Eyes Tired With Beholding."


Roberta said...

There are so many wonderful verses but the one that came to mind right off is:
When this you see
Remember me.

Hope you Birthday Month is going along splendidly!

Jenny said...

I have quite a few favorites but when I first started cross-stitching ( over 20 years ago) I read about a designer Dawn Lewis in one of my cross-stitch magazines. She designed a sampler for her daughters and included this verse that I have always been drawn too...
The needle's work shall always be mine; My heart, my soul, my stitch through time;so if my sampler you can see; take care,dear child and remember me.

I don't know if I qualify for this drawing, I am following but not stitching a SL sampler as of yet...LOL...that will soon change as my order should arrive shortly...Grins...I was just to inspired...but I did want to share the verse that I have always loved. Happy Stitching everyone on all of these lovely samplers!

Kathy said...

My favorite as of today would have to be the one on Emma Miles. That and Adam and Eve is what drew me to the sampler.
My second would be the one Nicola picked for Jane.

Elizabeth said...

As I am so knew to doing samplers I haven't had the opportunity to develop a favourite. However, I will follow this thread with interest as I am thinking about changing the words on Seventeen Sailors. What a lovely giveaway.

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

My favourite is from a poem by Thomas Carlisle.

'So here hath been dawning
Another blue day,
Think, will thou let it
Slip useless away?'

He wrote it at a time when 'blue' meant just that, a glorious blue-sky day, full of potential.
And a perfect excuse, if one is ever needed, to pick up a needle! Irene xxx

Martha S said...

One of my favorite verses that I like comes from and antique sampler that I have. She didn't date it.

When I am dead and in my grave and
All my bones are rotten
Here is my work for you to see
When I am quite forgotten

Bristol Stitcher said...

I'm sure I posted this before, but it seems to have disappeared!
My favorite sampler inscription, (not really a verse) is, "Patty Polk stitched this and hated every stitch. She loves to read much more."

Inguna said...

I like a lot this fragment from Robert Burns poem Tam o' Shanter.

"But pleasures are like poppies spread,
You sieze the flower, its bloom is shed;
Or like the snow falls in the river,
A moment white--then melts for ever;
Or like the borealis race,
That flit ere you can point their place;
Or like the rainbow's lovely form
Evanishing amid the storm.-- "

Very reflective and not moralizing:)

Tinka said...

One of my favorites is from the SL Betsy Adams sampler.

Time has wings and swiftly flies
Youth and beauty fade away
Virtue is the only prize
Whose sacred joys will ne'er decay

Cheri said...

Happy Birthday Nicola! This looks like a wonderful book.
I like the Bible verse from Ecclesiastes 3:1
To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven.
I have seen it in a modern cross stitch sampler, but do not know if it has ever been used in an older one.
Thanks Marsha for providing the book.

Cheryl B said...

My favorite verse is from a Handwork Sampler called The Phebe John Sampler

"Teach e to feel another's wo,
To hide the fault I see,
That mercy I to others show,
That mercy show to me.
If I am right, thy grace impart,
Still in the right to stay,
If I am wrong, oh teach my heart,
To find that better way. 1818

Thank you Marsha for the generous offering.

Rachel F said...

Being quite new to samplers, I would say my current favorite sampler "verse" is from The Scarlet Letter's Margery Dean:

Be not weary in well doing

That seems like a wonderful approach in every aspect of one's life.

Thank you for the opportunity at winning Marsha's book and learning so much more!

Jane in Wisconsin said...

Happy birthday....Nicola! And thanks to Marshal for the great giveaway! One of my favorites

Adam and Eve while innocent
In Paradise were Placed
But soon the serpent by his wiles
The happy pair disgraced
Mary Jones sampler