Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cornelia VanDerveer 1835

Happy to say I've now joined the ranks of reproduction sampler stitchers.  This is only a very modest start, but at least I've begun my journey with Cornelia VanDerveer -1835.  If you've seen my blog,
Cabbages and Kings, you'll know the story behind this sampler which I'm actually stitching for a friend of mine.

I have to say, this sampler is a joy to stitch!  And the Au Ver a Soie silks are heavenly to stitch with! 
I think I'm becoming a bit spoiled now that I've tried these silks!  
Unfortunately, my iPad doesn't seem to take the greatest pictures anymore (odd, because it used to take perfect pics).  I do like the shadings of the pinks and greens in the floral border on this sampler, which is a good thing because I have quite a lot more of these floral motifs left ahead of me.  I'm hoping to get some more done today and tomorrow.   
Enjoy your Sunday and have a Happy President's Day weekend.  Kevin


Krista said...

A beautiful start!

Elizabeth said...

This is really lovely Kevin.

Jenny said...

This is such a beautiful sampler. I read the story behind it and that makes it even more special! You have gotten off to a wonderful start.

Lanie said...

Pretty start, Kevin! Great story about your friend and the history of this sampler. I hope one day she can discover who owns the original. That story should be posted to the back of your stitching once its completed!

Cindy L said...

Kevin, what a beautiful start. I have to look up this sampler.

Vera said...

Beautiful start Kevin -- love the colors in this one...and like the story behind why you are stitching it for your friend. We need more history!!

Nicola said...

Such a pretty sampler and the story behind your choice makes it all the more special.

FlyawayJil said...

Thanks for the prompt to visit your blog, Kevin! We're kindred spirits. I recently finished CHS's Houses of Hawk's Run Hollow and I'm currently stitching Crhistmas at Hawk's. This SAL is my first repro sampler in forty years of stitching, but I could easiy get hooked. Took me a WEEK just to make a decision about which to stitch first! Your work is stunning!

H and T said...

Great start and a lovely story Kevin! I hope you are able to track down the owner of the sampler. Those carnations are gorgeous.

Take care,

Dawn said...

Beautiful start, and a lovely story.

Kevin said...

Thanks for all the nice comments! I do hope that we can track down the original of this someday for Alicia. She has sent me pictures of Cornelia's father's home in Monmouth County, New Jersey. I need to find where I stored that picture to post with my next update later this week.
I am nearing a finish of Village of Hawk Run Hollow, so Cornelia's been taking a little rest until I get HRH done. ;)

Fiona said...

I love the pinks and greens in this border. Great progress.