Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Sunday, 3 February 2013


This is such a lovely sampler to work on. The colours are so vibrant.

That bright blue is not a colour I would have chosen to work with normally, but hey - sometimes it's good to move away from that old comfort zone!

Here is a close up of the corner, not quite as well pressed as I would have hoped.
So far I have used rice stitch and queen stitch, along with double running, which I must confess, is sometimes back stitch.
The thread for the daisy petals was a little too yellow for my liking, so I substituted AVAS creme instead which is a little paler and will be better for the central house when I get there.
Really enjoying this project and already thinking about my next Scarlet Letter sampler.
Cart before horses springs to mind!
Irene xxx


Nicola said...

Beautiful Irene, really beautiful. The blue is stunning and is what caught my eye when I first saw this sampler. I was also attracted by the name.

Looking forward to seeing more.

Krista said...

Great progress! I love the unusual border and specialty stitches. The rice stitch is one of my favorites.

Lanie said...

Very pretty! That really is a stunning border. Can't wait to see more!

Angela Cruz-Garcia said...

Wonderful, just wonderful. I am enjoying watching every stitch being placed.

Carmen Sutton said...

Very Nice and yes its hard to get out of the comfort zone, my husband is always saying you need some color in that!!! Its hard for me to listen, but so happy when I do they just jump off the wall when they are done.