Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Friday, 8 February 2013

Hannah Brassington

After much dithering and pinning, I have settled on the sampler that first caught my eye.

It's the imperfections that I find most compelling in the Hannah Brassington Sampler...

From the Scarlet Letter website
It appears as though symmetry was little Hannah's goal, but something has gone awry, and the spacing at left is inconsistent with the spacing on the right.  The border takes some interesting turns, with the sides mirrored, but oops! the top has seven floral motifs and the bottom only six! I'm amused that when she ran out of space for her text, she just made those letters curl up around the rightmost cross...

...and don't you just love that charming leopard?

Friend Kathie has offered to pick up charts for four of us on Monday, then we're off to West Salem to shop for supplies next Saturday.  Will just have to hold my breath until then, and envy those of you who are already stitching.  (Of course, my hands won't be idle while I'm waiting!)


Lanie said...

What a terrific sampler! So much to love with this one! I especially like the border.

Nicola said...

Hannah is so charming, she is in my stash too.

What fun to go stash shopping with a group of friends, I am sure you will all come home with lots of gorgeous goodies.

Dawn said...

Lovely choice. Yes, I LOVE the unique qualities of this piece. Perfect is a matter of opinion, and this is a great example. I think it is a perfect choice.

KathieB said...