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Margaret Randolph
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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

AVAS Soie D'Alger silks

I would like to ask for further opinions on AVAS silks.

Yesterday I received some more, one desperately needed, for my A Catte.   I proceeded to use it and noticed immediately that one strand was very "wiry" on being used and did not settle down well on the fabric.  Because of its "springiness", I had to pull a little harder on each stitch to get it to lie flat.  After taking over an hour just to produce one line of about 40 stitches, I then examined another strand closer.  The component threads making up one strand were very loosely wound - which may have contributed to its behaviour.

I do know that different dyes contribute to differing behaviours of strands.

I am quite worried about this, however, the black silk AVAS thread was a dream to stitch, and the colors of all the AVAS threads for this graph are just delightful.

Has anyone noticed what I have attempted  to describe above with AVAS threads?

Having spent a good week stitching A Catte, do I remove what I have done and restitch with DMC?  Sounds drastic and something I would dread doing, since the black silk is not a problem.

Can any other posters comment?

Nicola, Happy Birthday again.  Hope you enjoyed viewing your JL card.


Kevin said...

I'm new to using AVAS, but haven't encountered that problem yet. I've used colors in the sage green range and in the pink range with no problems, but I do notice a big difference among different colors when using DMC. I hate stitching with DMC blanc, or white. It always seems thin and doesn't work well for me. Someone suggested using Anchor white as its supposed to be nicer to use. Hope you don't have to frog stitches and redo them. Good luck!

SallyFr said...

Thanks for your reply, I have noticed the same problem with DMC white as well. I have never thought of using Anchor as an alternative, I will go ahead and buy a skein to try it.

The LNS that I use in Florida informed me that different dyes can change the 'width' of strands of cotton/silk. All I can do is report what I have been told, I cannot give a scientific explanation.

I did do a web search to find out if anyone else had reported any problems with AVAS and to be honest, have not found any comments at all - as yet!

Maybe I need to return to my supplier and ask them what they think.

I will try using another skein to see how it performs.

I really appreciate your reply.

PoundingSand said...

The only thing I've noticed with the soie d'alger is that a single strand of a very dark color often seems a little thinner than lighter colors. I'm not sure if this is actually, physically true, or just seems that way because there's more contrast between linen and silk color so the linen shows a bit more.

Is the problem with the entire skein, or just one strand of the seven?

Personally, I wouldn't abandon the silks (I love silk), and I wouldn't take anything out unless it looked really distorted. I suspect that the historic, handspun threads that were used in the first place had a whole lot more variation to them than we'll ever see with modern materials.

If that one thread is really annoying to work with, I'd replace the one skein and just keep going.

Good luck!


Fiona said...

I haven't encountered any problems with AVAS. I generally have thin loking DMC 310, not the Blanc. If I was you Sally, I would return the faulty skein to my supplier and ask for a replacement, but check it out before you leave the store. It may be a faulty dye lot. Alternatively, contact AVAS, which might be an idea as I am sure that they would like to know if they have distributed a faulty product.

Nicola said...

I once encountered a problem with a particular colour that was very "fluffy" and ordered another which was just the same. I put it down to the dye and changed to the next number up and it was fine.