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Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Thursday, 28 February 2013

What an Awesome Birthday Celebration!

Good Morning -

I am Bobbi and I live in the USA in Ohio.  Our last day of February is dreary with a few snow flurries, no big deal at all.

I have been away from blogging for a few months and just started surfing around again about a week ago.  This Scarlet Letter SAL was popping up everywhere!  At first I thought you had to stitch The Manifesto.  Well, I sure wasn't signing up for that!  Then I realized you could choose your Scarlet Letter sampler(s).  Then I realized that Dorothy Walpole, who I fell in love with and started last fall, was a Scarlet Letter sampler.  And here I am with great anticipation, but a bad finishing track record.  Maybe I can learn some lessons in that department here, while having fun looking at all the beautiful photos and chatting with fellow stitchers.

Here is my little start on Dorothy:
The overall view on a dreary day.

I am using the over dyed silks that Attic Needlework kitted up.  I am a pastel person and have trouble stepping away from that most of the time.

I can't tell you how much fun I think this is and I am pleased to see the great participation from around the globe.  A really cool idea.  Thanks, Nicola and Jo!


Jenny said...

Hello Bobbi and welcome to the fun! Your Dorothy looks lovely and you have a great start. This sampler will be so beautiful when she is finished.
Looking forward to seeing more pictures of her :). Thank-you so much for your kind words about my sampler Matilda Ann.I look forward to spending time with her every day. Happy Stitching!

Tommye said...

Welcome, Bobbi. You're going to love this group. Everyone is so encouraging.

Dorothy is lovely and your stitching is beautiful. Looking forward to watching your progress.

Krista said...

Your Dorothy start is gorgeous! I have this one ready to go too and can't wait.

KathieB said...

Welcome Bobbi! Cross stitch mania is alive and well. Welcome to the party.

Lanie said...

Welcome to the SL fun, Bobbi! Your Dorothy is looking wonderful ... love your colors.

Nicola said...

A very warm welcome to the group Bobbi, we are all having so much fun.

Dorothy is our most popular sampler and you can see why, she is a beauty.

Hopefully we can encourage you to finish her and she can hang in our gallery but more importantly in your home.

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Hello Bobbi and welcome to the fun.

You have made a great start on Dorothy. I look forward to watching your progress.


FlyawayJil said...

Ho, Bobbi. I think you'll find the support here to make it to the finish!

Cindy L said...

Welcome Bobbi! Dorothy is such a beautiful sampler to stitch. I will enjoy seeing your photo updates.

Kathy said...

The colors and your stitching look so pretty. Welcome to the SAL.

MoonBeam said...

Thanks, everyone, for your warm welcome.

It's so much fun to see what everyone is working on.
Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend that involves some stitching time!


Fiona said...

Welcome Bobbi, hopefully we will all be able to keep you motivated.