Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Thursday, 21 February 2013


Wish I could convey the fun my stitching buddies and I are having with this SAL. There was so much discussion, so many excited emails as we all decided which samplers to tackle. Our family members surely think we're insane as we debate the fine points of embroidery floss, needles, linen, magnifiers, etc., etc. Important stuff!

But you all understand, don't you? 

FlyawayJil has already written in detail about our trip to Welcome Stitchery in Crystal Lake, Illinois, last weekend. There were four of us--Debjabo, Sue (who has not yet appeared here on the blog), FlyawayJil, and me. Our fifth buddy, Bets, stayed home as she was already fitted out with linen and threads. 

We were hugely impressed with Welcome Stitchery and its staff, and highly recommend it for any stitchers in the Chicago or southern Wisconsin area. The shop does not appear to carry Scarlet Letter charts at this point, but perhaps we can change their minds... Looks like they carry just about everything else in the world. Look at this crazy amount of stock:

And that was just ONE ROOM.

So. After spending way too much money on linen, floss, needles, organizing paraphernalia, etc., I have organized, steadied myself, and begun. I'm using 32-count Colourscapes linen in Ale. Here are my first steps on Margret Lawrance:

Yes, I use a hoop. This is another of the endless details my friends and I debate. And yes, this is one ugly hoop, not at all worthy of dainty Margret Lawrance. I've tried hoopless and it just doesn't work--a hoop steadies and stabilizes the linen, and this seems to be what I need. Everyone's experience is different; we all have to find what works best for us, even if it's a violently turquoise plastic embroidery hoop.

My birthday is coming up and maybe someone will gift me with a vintage birdseye maple hoop with antique hand-forged brass hardware. Ah well, I won't hold my breath.

A belated happy birthday to you, Nicola. It's fun to stretch birthday celebrations out, and I hope you are still celebrating today.



Kaisievic said...

I love your turquoise hoop - it looks like a fun one! Personally, I don't use a hoop but I know that many stitchers do like to do so. It really is just personal preference.

Thanks for telling us all about you and your stitching buddies on your SL journey.

hugs, Kaye

Erica near Chicago said...

Kathie, I too have used a hoop on almost of my SL projects--even those with satin stitch. The only exceptions are the tent stitch pictures for which I use Q-snaps. Thanks for the reminder about Welcome Stitchery. It has been a long time since my last visit.

Nicola said...

Hello Kathie thank you for sharing your visit to Welcome Stitchery. I wish we had an LNS like that in Cornwall.

Fiona said...

Great start on your Sampler. Don't worry about how or what you use to stitch, it should be whatever works for you. I enjoyed your photos of Welcome Stitchery and so wish we had some stores like that in the UK, I really wouldn't mind where I could always visit on holiday.

Gwen said...

Sounds like you ladies had a great trip. Great start on ML. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Jane in Wisconsin said...

I met my daughter at Welcome Stitchery when she lived in Chicago. If you ever want to make a trip to Madison, check out Lynn's on Odana Rd. Lots of great linen! She has a Stitchery club on the first Wednesday of the month. I would be happy to meet you there!

Vera said...

Great start! Great shopping! I, like others, do not use a hoop, but I have to say that I love your brightly coloured one.

Love to Stitch said...

Love your new start!! I too stitch with a hoop, however not as colorful as yours, its a Hardwick hoop, wooden. I would be lost without my hoop and would not be able to stitch at all. I think what ever works to get folks stitching is all that matters. Cant wait to see more!!

Marsha said...

Those are some pretty colors. I use a hoop sometimes but switched to hardwood. Q snaps just feel too big for my hands.