Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Sunday, 31 March 2013

Jane Parish Framed

Here is Jane Parish Framed.  Sorry for the bad photos.  I will take better ones outside once the weather clears up here.  Stitched with DMC on 36 ct Barn Owl.

Donna TN

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Question for you all?

Hello ladies, can you help? I'm trying to decide on a fabric for SDW. What colour have you stitched it on or what zweigart shade is closest to the fabric in the kit?  Thanks for your help, always find making choices very difficult. Xx

Margret and Me

A quick hello from a gradually thawing Wisconsin. We're hopeful for spring, but the jury is still out, as it were.

Margret Lawrance and I have become acquainted and are getting along pretty well. I'm liking the colors. Can I say they're muted but bright or do those two adjectives cancel each other out? At any rate I'm pleased.

I'm also pleased with the linen I chose--the mottled hand-dye suits the floss colors very well, and will keep things interesting as I progress through all those alphabets.

So here's a stitcher's-eye-view of my world--my hand, Margret Lawrance, and Lucy the Westie who is never far away. 

Lately, I've been stitching along while catching up with four seasons of Breaking Bad. It's an odd juxtaposition--the delicate art of cross-stitch coupled with the story of the cancer-stricken chemistry teacher who begins cooking meth as a sideline, but it works for me. Breaking Bad--highly recommended if you like very, very dark comedy, with a side of vicious Mexican drug cartel.

Friday, 29 March 2013

spot motif embroidery

I already think about the next one, i like it so much.

Rebecca Robinson is complete!!!!

I just had to share my first competed Scarlet Letter sampler....what a joy this has been to stitch.....
Rebecca Robinson
Rebecca Robinson
She is chocked full of motifs of nature...
Rebecca Robinson
Enclosed with her signature honeysuckle vine..
Rebecca Robinson
Join me at my other blog to see a few more views...*** here ***
Soon I will begin another Scarlet Letter sampler... More to come...
Many blessings, Faye
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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Elizabeth Sheffield

    I hope we finally have our internet back! On March 12th, we were supposed to have a new cable laid for faster internet and better phone service so they cut our lines only to discover a multitude of problems with the connections. You don't realize how much you use the internet until it is not available.  I did manage to get some stitching done though. This picture of Elizabeth was from last week when I thought I'd be able to post.

     I did not realize until I started stitching that my daughter Jennifer and Elizabeth share the same birthday. My Jennifer is the one who encouraged me to join Nicola on her SL year and helped me set up gmail, how to use it and follow Jo's instructions. So it will have added meaning for me when finished.

Question :  Does anyone know what the symbol in the year means 177....?

     It looks like it will take me some time to read all the posts I've missed these past 2 weeks but I am looking forward to seeing everyone's progress.

Happy Easter to all,

Cindy L

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Happiness Is........

Happiness Is.............
......Seeing the first rosebud of Spring on my favorite English Tea Rose
......Spending time sharing family stories and pictures with my daughter
......Re-reading my favorite book ever and loving it just as much as if I were
reading it for the first time
......Seeing the Sampler Gallery of The Scarlet Letter,posted by Marsha, and
enjoying those beautiful samplers over and over again

I was so happy to have won the March drawing and the sampler that I picked has arrived.

I had so fun much visiting the SL website looking for my chart. Like many of you, my list of SL charts that I want to stitch is growing rapidly. However the one that I really want to stitch after Matilda is SDW A German Band Sampler. I love seeing the posts about this sampler and I have found myself drawn to it from the very first. I also wanted to stitch a German sampler because so much of my family heritage as well as my husbands goes back to Germany. So picking the chart was accomplished and now I had to choose the linen. I emailed Nicola with my choice of SDW and explained that I was still deciding on the linen choice and she suggested the kit with cotton floss. What a wonderful suggestion and as you can see.....I followed her advice and could not be happier. The linen is beautiful, it appears to be close to 36 count Edinburgh in the colour Flax. ( This is what the others are using that are stitching this sampler and they all are happy with I decided to go with what is working well....grins....).

Thank-you so much Nicola! I absolutely love this kit and am so excited to start. The colours are beautiful, the linen is perfect and your little note was really special. This will be a much loved sampler. This is by far the largest sampler that I have ever stitched and I know that I will enjoy every single stitch....and after looking at the pattern there A LOT of those LOL....but I will treasure the journey and always remember the wonderful memories made during your Scarlet Letter Year.

So now the only question that remains is ....will I start this along with Matilda.....or will I finish Matilda first?

Happy Stitching Everyone and I hope all of you have a very blessed Easter!


Rebecca Robinson's better half...

Hello from North Carolina....

I wanted to take a moment to show you my progress of Rebecca Robinson.... She is quite the lady and her right side is complete!

I have taken a long look at each motif.... From large to small..

These pair of birds are too sweet... Pink feet and all..

And this urn was so, so colorful through Rebecca's eyes...

Yes, Rebecca's better half is her right side.... For now...

My goal is to complete this sampler in March.... If I do, great, if I don't, oh well.... No worries..... Just enjoy the journey...

Everyone's samplers are coming together so nicely.... For me, One of the highlights of each evening, is reviewing the updates on blog one and blog two... Such works of art are in the making!!

Enjoy your day and evening......


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Monday, 25 March 2013

Ruth Bacheler

Ruth Bacheler 1717, 35 ct linen from kit, AVAS silk

I am so excited that I have another finish.  This is one that I pulled out of my stash already half complete.  Don't know why I stopped working on it.  I have a horrible time staying focused on any one piece so it is great to finally be getting some of my WIP's completed.  Those Irish Points were a lot of fun to work and they went super fast, the florentine took longer than I had hoped.

Next up is Amelia Boyce.  One of my all time favorites that I have picked up and put down so many times.  I want to get her completed this time.  First though, I have to take a break to crochet a baby afghan.

Blog Two is Full

Yes, you read that correctly, Blog Two is now full.

We currently have 198 contributors across both blogs (Nicola and I have a place on both blogs) plus 11 more Stitchers that contribute via email to Nicola and me then we post on their behalf.

Who would have thought that in under four months we would have so many enthusiastic Stitchers gathered in one place to celebrate Nicola's special birthday and our mutual love of stitching?

We want as many people as possible to be able to join in with the challenge and share their progress pictures with the group, so here is a little request to all the existing contributors -

We would like to set up a "buddy" system for any new stitchers.  The new person would be paired with an existing contributor and email their progress pictures and posts to that person rather than posting direct to the blog.  Their buddy would then make a post on their behalf, under their own sign-in but entitling it "a post on behalf of Ethel".

If you would be willing to act as a buddy to a new Stitcher then please email me, Jo, at my usual address.  We will limit it to one person per buddy so you don't spend all your time posting for other people!  Any questions about how it would work, then please email me.  It will simply be a case of receiving one or two emails a month then copying and pasting the contents into a blog post.

Thanks in advance.

The second request comes from a discussion Nicola and I were having about the international nature of the group.  We haven't kept a record of where everyone comes from and thought it would be fun to find out.  Most of us live in the USA or England but I know we have representatives of several other countries stitching with us.  So if you come from a country other than USA or England, please leave us a comment on this post.  Maybe you still live in your home country, maybe you've emigrated, we'd love to know.  Incidentally, Wales and Scotland are separate countries but Cornwall is not, you don't have home-rule yet!

Samplers Completed

Here are three more Scarlet Letter samplers I completed:

1. Pain - 36 ct Barn Owl - DMC
2. Abbott - linen ? - DMC and Sampler Threads
3. Gibson - 40 ct. linen - DMC

I will post more when I get a photo.


Donna TN

Progress on Diligence

Testing, Testing. I am to blogging what a toddler is to walking so here's hoping I can do this without falling over.

Here is my progress on Diligence so far.

Well, that seemed to work.  On to the next pic.
I actually enjoy stitching verses and I don't mind stitching over one, however, this verse took a lot of concentration (and thread). I suspect I may be a little OCD since I like to have the same number of stitches in a letter (e.g. "a") and the same number of threads between words. There is so much variation in the verse that I couldn't go into autopilot and had to count and re-count to keep me right.
Still, that's what makes this a challenge and keeps the old brain ticking over.

On another subject, I have to take issue with Nicola and Jo. Why don't the two blogs come with a wealth warning?  I keep seeing all these gorgeous samplers and all I can think is "I want that one, or that one and then there's that one". It's not fair!

Well, I seemed to have managed to blog without falling on my bum or banging my head so there may be hope for me yet.

Regards, Anne

New Update

Hi All,

I am starting to lose interest in Emma so I am trying to push through to the end.  There is really not much left but it will take at least a couple more weeks.  I find myself distracted by other projects.  Maybe I need to start another Scarlet Letter sampler and put Emma aside for awhile.  But I am so close.......


Happy Stitching
Dawn M

My progress Elizabeth

Lots of work to do cross stitch 1x1.
I love.

My blog

Dorothy Walpole is almost finished!!

I didn't realize it has been a whole month since I posted. I have done a good deal of work on Dorothy, I could have had it finished but had some surgery and have not been able to stitch for several days. As you see, I just have a little to do on the border and the eyelet border across the bottom. She is just a beauty and I am so happy with her!! Some have asked about the linen, it is colorscapes by Heritage and the silks are overdyed. I got the sampler when it was the sampler of the month at Attic Needlework. Most of you will be familiar with Attic, they are wonderful ladies, always helpful and they love Samplers!! They have this deal called Sampler of the Month, they feature a sampler and give you a discount on the chart, linen and floss. Anyway, sometimes they do silk conversions of whatever the sampler is charted for and this is what I used on Dorothy. I was a little concerned at first but I have decided that it is all perfect.

I also started Manifesto, as you can see, there is very little work done!!! I am working on 35 count natural linen, nice and stiff, and I am tent stitching over 1. I am using DMC, much as I love silk I am trying to be a little more careful with my money. So more DMC and less silk maybe?? I don't know, maybe that won't last long, but we'll see.

Thank you for all the comments, I appreciate them and thanks to you all for all the great posts on both Blog One and Two, it is a joy to see all the beautiful samplers!

Lady & the Castle

Hello everyone,

Another weekend past, a few more stitches stitched.

I've started to outline the castle:

It was too dark and gloomy yesterday to get a good picture, but we did manage to miss the snow that many of the rest of you are coping with. It is hard to believe that this week is the last week of March. The year is almost one quarter over!  I wonder if I'll actually make it to here before the year is done.

Scarlett Letter Begininng - Diana

 Hi everyone, I am SO enjoying looking at everyone's incredible work and stitching.  I've finally started mine and here are two photos (using 32 count Belfast linen and DMC flosses, a few Crescent Colors and a few Gentle Arts Sampler Threads).  Thank you all for the inspiration.

Hello from OZ

Well after longingly looking at every post on this blog since its inception I've finally plucked up the confidence to join myself. I have just loved looking at all the work that's been completed, the amazing skill level in the stitching and the stitching stories. When I go to check the previous days entries I think of it as my wee moment of bliss in a very busy world.

Just a little bit about me in the way of an introduction to the group. I am a Kiwi (New Zealander) living in Australia for the past 7 years. Australia has been very good to me, I have been lucky enough to meet my wonderful husband here and we are happily settled in a rural Victorian town quite close to the iconic Great Ocean Road. I work in Melbourne so life is one long commute, its definitely worth it to live in such a beautiful spot though. The ranges close by remind me of my homeland - not quite mountains but very green and lush. I have been stitching since I can remember, knitting as a child then onto needlework for many years and patchwork just recently. I find that these pastimes allow me to have space and creativity outside the corporate world of computers and deadlines.

I am currently have a WIP on the go, the Scottish Sampler which I started on my Christmas break. Its only had a very few stitches in it since then as I have been working on other projects but it is now at the very front of the pile again and I am hoping to stitch over the Easter break.

I love the bold colours and strong patterns.

Im looking forward to posting progress as I go.

I have my own blog started very recently


Sunday, 24 March 2013

It's been two weeks since my last posting on the Huntsman but here he is! It's slow going all over one but fun :)

Spending Time with Matilda....

......and loving every minute of it. She is a wonderful sampler to stitch and I look forward to spending some time with her each day. Like many of you, I wonder about Matilda, about what she was like. She was 14 when she stitched this sampler and lived in England.  I wonder what she thought about, dreamed about and wished for at that age. I am assuming that she stitched this sampler while at school, and so I can imagine her sitting beside a window, watching what was happening outside. Was it snowing then? Was it Spring? Were the birds flitting about, were the bees lazily flying from flower to flower? Or, were there sheep on a hill with their shepherd, a busy street with people walking to and fro doing what needed to be done before returning home? Or maybe there were boats in a harbour? 

Anyway, I do think she was patient because she sits very patiently in my stitching tray, watching me go about my day, knowing that when time allows, I will pick her up and add a few stitches. I love seeing her sitting there, by my stitching chair, waiting......and it makes me smile knowing that when my day slows down I will have time to work on her and that some more progress will be made....sometimes a lot.....sometimes a little....but progress just the same.

I also think that she was creative. I love her unusual carnation border with all the curly-Q's in it. Just when I think I have that pattern down.....grins....she will add or delete a stitch or two.......

I also think she had a sense of humour. Let me introduce all of you to William. He is the very distinguished bird on the top, middle part of the sampler. After I stitched him, he became my little stitching companion, keeping me company, watching my stitches and reminding me to count carefully and to WATCH the GRAPH because he would rather not have a lot of " frogs" attend our stitching party. I could not agree with him more...winks...

So here is the progress I have made on Matilda Ann Charles so far. I am excited because now I can start on the middle band that drew me to this sampler in the first place. It is slanted, above the Tree of Life, so William has reminded to count carefully...

I also wanted to thank all of you that have left such kind comments on my last few posts. They were really wonderful and I appreciate them so much. Blogging is a new experience for me, and it really means a lot to have all of you reach out and encourage not only me, but everyone else as well.

All of your samplers are beautiful and I admire all of your stitching. I feel the way so many of you do, that this is such a wonderful experience, to be connected all over the world with fellow stitchers that share the same passion for samplers. Whether this is your first sampler or one of many, it truly is a blessing to be sharing this journey with you. May all of you have a wonderful week, filled with all the things that bring you joy. Happy Stitching Everyone!


Inquiring minds want to know...

How should a reproduction stitcher pay tribute to the original stitcher??? Do I stitch the name and date as it appears on the chart and than hid my initials I leave my name off the finished piece I stitch my name in the margins to be covered by the frame (as suggested by my framer)? Am I the only one who hasn't a clue?

Introduction Donna in TN

I have really been enjoying reading this blog and viewing all the gorgeous pictures of samplers.   I am an avid sampler maker, though I have been known to sew a quilt or crochet an afghan or two when the mood arises.

I have completed A LOT of samplers and I will share pictures of the Scarlet Letter samplers I have completed.   Besides crafting I really love being outdoors, I generally walk about 3 miles each day.  I live near the Smoky Mountains in TN and take advantage of that by hiking and walking through trails. 

I have two daughters ages 17 and 11 and I work part time as a substitute school teacher.  Even though I really don't have a lot of time to devote to stitching I get a lot done.  

I have a blog which is not updated often, sadly.  I look forward to sharing and learning with you.  Enjoy!!

Here is my blog...

Donna TN    I am adding TN since I have been told there are quite a few Donna's on this blog..

Saturday, 23 March 2013

My Stitching Place

I am a little behind on this topic. I didn't really think I had a stitching place with an easy chair in a corner, by a window, surrounded by lovely framed samplers I had done etc,etc. I was a little envious of all your lovely settings and I wanted to grab a cup of coffee or tea and come and stitch with every one of you. Last night I walked through my living room and saw this scene in a new light. I DO have a stitching place, I just take up the whole couch, except for what I share with Jasper the dog. I usually just spread out, cuddle under a quilt, I am even surprised to see the TV remote on the arm of the couch, usually DH has control of it.
Here is my latest progress on Mary Ann Hutton.

Have a good weekend all and happy stitching.
(At the end of week 6)

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Some pictures of my samplers

Since my progress on Emma Miles has been pathetically small I thought I'd share pictures of some of my hanging samplers.
These are hanging in my stairway.  They are Butternut Road's Rose Sampler, Chatelaine's Convents Herbal Garden, Drawn Thread's Real Roses, a Linda Driskell Heirloom Sampler in a Year, and Linn Skinner's Beds of Roses.
This grouping is in my foyer.  The large sampler is Moira Blackburn's Keep Me Sampler.  Below that is a Liz Turner Diehl Garden.  Others include a marriage sampler, a Nantucket Sampler by Elizabeth's Garden, and Acorn Sampler (I think) from a Dawn Lewis class.
This sampler is Amelia Davis by Essamplaire.  It is the only other reproduction sampler I have done.  My Mother in Law's name was Amelia Davis (but not the Amelia in the sampler), that's her picture below the sampler.  (the man on the right is my FIL).
I've started going up now, I'm running out of wall space!  These are Long Dog's Wachet Auf,  Pat Rogers Hearts and Lace Sampler, and a few other older pieces.  On the mantle is A Country House Sampler by Brenda Keyes.
These high ones are up so much they can hardly be seen!!  They are Butternut Road's Provence Sampler, a Christmas sampler by Threads of Gold, and Butternut Road's Winter Sampler.  Below you can see Long Dog's St. Flovier.
And here is poor neglected Emma!!  I was away for a week but I did do one row of words and I've started the other tree.  I miscounted on the first side and made way too much grass, so now I need to make the same mistake on the right side.  I decided to do a row of words to make sure everything will fit despite my "creative interpretation", lol!  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunnier so I'm hoping to make a little progress.  I will be happy to be past the over one section, but I think it will be another week until I can celebrate!