Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Saturday, 2 March 2013


My 4 year old grandson was very interested in my stitching the alphabet on Mary Ann Hutton. There was no letter "J", is that normal in early samplers? There was space at the end of the line so I added one. I am a bit of a type A personality so I also made Mary Ann's top two corners of the vine symmetrical. Four different wonky corners bothered me a bit so I am already going off on my own with this pattern.
I am enjoying everyone's pictures and post.
Happy Stitching All,
(at the end of week 2)

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Nicola said...

There was no J in early alphabets, I always try and fit one in if I can as my family always thinks that I have made a mistake as I am dyslexic.

MoonBeam said...

Cheri, I'm with you on "fixing" minor little things on some samplers. When a motif's centering is off a stitch or other small things like that.


Cindy L said...

Cheri, your Ann is coming along beautifully. I've decided to pull my pattern out and gather supplies for a future start. I look forward to seeing your progress.

Jenny said...

I love your start so far. I usually try to add a "J" also. I read a cute story on one of the stitching blogs out there about alphabets on samplers...a child had come to visit the stitcher's home and wondered if she had a hard time learning the alphabet because there were alphabet charts in every room in the house....winks...Have a great rest of the weekend.

Bethany said...

Cheri: If you have the book entitled "Historic Samplers" by Patricia Ryan and Allen D. Bragdon, on page 14, in the paragraph identified as "A final word" in 1732 there is no letter "J" in the uppercase alphabet because that letter was not in use at the time. It also stated that the letter "s" looked like an "f" until well after the American Revolution.

janitam said...

Good of you to make a J. My name start with it and i always miss that letter.

Fiona said...

Well done for fitting in a J and making things symmetrical. It may be a reproduction but it is now also your sampler, you have personalised it.