Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Emma Miles update and new start

"Emma" is slowly coming along. My borders met and for that I am grateful...always a little nerve wracking. "Sarah Willson" was all kitted up and put away. My thought was that I'd just read the instructions and look over the chart.(Who was I kidding) I have NO self controll , so I gave in and started her!!! What is there about a new start that is so exciting?
I just love visiting this list of 'have to have it' grows daily.

Emma Miles

Sarah Wilson


krayolakris said...

Oh yes, I know that feeling all too well..."I'll just read the instructions" or "I'll just sort the fibers." Your sampler is beautiful! It's on my wish list.

Jenny said...

Your samplers are lovely Carolann. I love both of them,especially Sarah. I too can relate with the excitement of starting something new. Enjoy your stitching time with both of them.

Nicola said...

It is always a relief when they do.

Emma is STUNNING as its your stitching. I am looking forward to seeing Sarah grow.

Dona said...

Beautiful work on both samplers! Both are favorites of mine.

What linen are you using for Sarah Wilson? I really like how the colors look on it.

Carolann Dunaske said...

Thanks Dona for your kind words. I'm using 40ct."Sandstone" from the Scarlet Letter. It's the fabric that's in the kit. The fabric is one of the few 40cts. that I can see!!!

Lanie said...

Oh Carolann, I think we all agree that when it comes to cross stitch projects self control is so overrated!
Your Emma is looking gorgeous! And Sarah Willson is such a great sampler. I started her a few years ago and then put her aside after she and I got in a tiff ... can't even recall what it was about ... but I would love to get back to her. I may join you soon!

Kevin said...

Both are beautiful pieces which you're stitching beautifully. Love the Emma Miles sampler!

Tommye said...

Emma is just gorgeous, Carolann! It's really moving along.

And I don't blame you for starting Sarah. That border is lovely.

Fiona said...

The more I see of Emma the more I want her. But now I have seen your start on Sarah I might just have to add her to my list too.

Dona said...

Thank you, Carolann! It's very pretty!