Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Friday, 22 March 2013

Following Bethany's example, I thought I'd show you a sampling of how my needlework is displayed in my home. This is just a sampling of my walls, I have a real hard time getting good pics, but you get the idea.  And this obviously doesn't include the twenty or more that are in my LNS!  And, as you can see, not everything is even hanging yet. LOL 

Not everything you see was stitched by me.  I have a couple of very generous and talented friends that stitch for me. We actually stitch for each others' birthdays. And since we all have very similar tastes, sometimes it's hard to figure out who stitched what unless we've signed them.

This little arrangement includes two pieces of silk gauze needlework and the bellpull is over one thread.

The dining room is my favorite. Most of my 17th and 18th century band samplers are here.


Bethany said...


Thank you for sharing your samplers and your home. I am glad to see, someone else hangs their samplers and stitching the way I do. I just keep filling my walls and it looks like you are doing the same. Lovely.

Deb said...

What a wonderful collection of samplers!! I love to see groupings like this as it's a feast for the eyes.

samplerlover said...

Thank you for showing us your walls. They are really lovely. Some beautiful samplers there.

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...


Your sampler walls are magnificent!

Thank you for sharing these pics. Would love to see more.

I am with you and Bethany, just keep filling our walls with samplers.

Beautiful work.

Lelia said...

I'm such a slacker
compared to you!!!!

Enjoy the week-end + stitch well today

Tommye said...

Thanks for the compliments, everyone.

Bethany, I'm not very artistic about arranging them, but I love getting up close and personal with them.

Barbara, you'll just have to come visit!

Soooo not true, Lelia. You are always trying new stuff! I just do what I know how to do.

Margaret said...

Just gorgeous!

Vera said...

What a treat to see your samplers! Lovely display -- a feast for the eyes for sure.

Lynn said...

I love how you've hung your samplers! And what a wonderful collection you have, I'm very jealous.

Krista said...

How beautiful, Tommye! What an amazing collection you have, thank you for sharing!

In the last photo, can you tell me what design the one is with the trees and the Adam and Eve, it is quite striking and caught my eye.

Which wall will you hang Margaret Gatis on?

Tommye said...

Krista, it's Jean Rattray 1761 from Threads of Gold

And I'll hang MG in the dining room somewhere. LOL There will have to be some rearranging, possibly something moved to the 'gift' pile.

Angie Burrett said...

Tommye: your home is like an exhibition of wonderfulness!!! I love love love them - thank you so much for sharing the results of all your amazing work. I want to come and see them for myself! x

JoAnn said...

Every Fall, NE Ohio has what is known as a Tour de Stitch. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could start a Worldwide Tour de Stitch and visit all the lovely homes and view all the exquisite samplers?

Tommye, thank you for sharing, I loved looking at every photo. It was a little short of actually seeing them, but, who knows, maybe someday we will have that WTdS

Debbie Bauer said...

Oh my, this is what I call eye candy! How beautiful they are.When I finally finish Emma it will be my 1st sampler to display.Hopefully there will be plenty more to follow.

Ann said...

What a beautiful display! You must be so proud of all those lovely stitches. Just looking at your walls makes me happy!

Diana said...

Beautiful, thank you for the photos, the finished pieces are wonderful!!!

Fiona said...

Great photographs. I really must get my sampler wall set up.