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Margaret Randolph
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Saturday, 23 March 2013

My Stitching Place

I am a little behind on this topic. I didn't really think I had a stitching place with an easy chair in a corner, by a window, surrounded by lovely framed samplers I had done etc,etc. I was a little envious of all your lovely settings and I wanted to grab a cup of coffee or tea and come and stitch with every one of you. Last night I walked through my living room and saw this scene in a new light. I DO have a stitching place, I just take up the whole couch, except for what I share with Jasper the dog. I usually just spread out, cuddle under a quilt, I am even surprised to see the TV remote on the arm of the couch, usually DH has control of it.
Here is my latest progress on Mary Ann Hutton.

Have a good weekend all and happy stitching.
(At the end of week 6)

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Debbie Bauer said...

Cheri your stitching space looks so cozy for you and Jasper! Mary Ann is really coming along nicely too. I love this sampler.

Brenda in WI said...

Cheri - you also have a wonderful cozy place to stitch. Between the dog and the quilt I envy you.

Martha S said...

Cheri, nothing is nicer than being stretch out on the sofa "cozy up" with a beautiful quilt, best friend and doing cross stitch.
Mary Ann is on my list, looking forward to seeing progress.

Roberta said...

Love your stitching place especially when your pup is able to be with you.

Marsha said...

Looks comfy cozy to me, especially with Jasper to share with you.

Nicola said...

I think that Jasper makes the sofa a perfect spot to to cosy down and stitch.

Bethany said...

Looking at so many different stitching spots, I find one thing in common...... You all stitch in very large comfy chairs or a large comfy couch. I think you all might be doing something right and I should change my stitching chair, to something more comfy.

brod'attitude said...

A very good place with a little friend to help you.

Dona said...

Stitching with a furry friend is the best! You wonderfully cozy spot to stitch!

Fiona said...

Glad to see that there is someone else like me that spreads out on the whole couch, that is until recently. Due to back issues I had to change where I sit to stitch, so now have a chair in a corner with windows on either side, like everyone else...LOL