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Margaret Randolph
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Monday, 18 March 2013

New Millenium frame and stand

I've been meaning to post regarding my new Millenium Frame and Necessaire Stand by Needle Needs.  Very happy with my purchase of both.  The Millenium Frame does precisely as claimed - namely, holds your fabric TAUT all the way across your project!  I just love it.  And it's very easy to change projects on the frame (great for a multiple project stitcher like me) and quick and simple to flip over to the back of your work for starting/ending threads.

Nicola's videos are outstanding, and I highly recommend checking them out if you're considering a purchase of the frame or stand. The project in the photo above is a standard "fat quarter" piece of fabric which I have attached to my 30" rods that I ordered as an extra, larger pair for my frame. I believe the widest rods you can order are 36" across. 

I'm really happy I ordered the extra set of horizontal rods, as I can quickly loosen and remove the side spindles and pop my other project on and off  (my Scarlet Letter Cornelia VanDerveer sampler!) 
I'm a "serial starter" and have many WIPs, which is another reason why I LOVE this frame.  It's so easy to change your projects as often as you like. I do plan to buy the widest set of rods eventually, just so I have them for wider projects.  


MoonBeam said...

I, too, love my Millenium frame. I don't want to stitch without it now that I have fallen in love with TAUT fabric! I didn't order the stand because I'm not sure whether I would/could adapt to using both hands.

I just read StitchWizard's and your comments about that. I hope you both will post more about that in the whether you can't imagine stitching any other way or whether it continues to feel unnatural.

Keep up the great work.


Stitch Wizard said...

Hi Bobbi, I have to say that I can't imagine stitchng any other way now that it happened for me so easily. It is a matter of focusing your eyes to make sure that your less dominate hand is on top, passing the needle into the correct spot to your dominant hand so it can do all the tension when pulling the thread. It is so much faster for me and I am not having to take my hand from front to back all of the time. It takes a little practice but so worth it if it works for you as it did for me.

Nikki said...

Green with envy here. I am still waiting for mine after almost a month. I check everyday and the complete kits are still not in stock. I am on their pre order list, so they should email me when they are back in stock. I had no idea it would take this long to get one. I am happy to see another satsified customer, so I guess it is worth the wait!!


Debjabo said...

Want one! I used to work in hand but recently put another WIP in a scroll frame and found I really preferred taut fabric. My Jane Atkinson is too big for my scroll frame though, so....I'm back to working in hand.
Kevin, totally relate to those multiple projects. I always attribute mine to a short attention span, but perhaps it's really an attempt to "perfect the experience of creative multi-tasking". Or maybe it's just ADHD....
Whatever. Enjoy the fun and enjoy your beautiful new frame!

Nicola said...

Two handed stitching is so much easier on the shoulders and arms and quicker too, like anything new it takes a little while to pick up but once it is in your muscle memory there will be no looking back.

MoonBeam said...

Thanks for the input on two handed stitching. I sat next to a friend of mine this weekend who packed up her floor stand and brought it to our stitch weekend from out of town, and her needle was flying! It always is. Will probably end up ordering one one of these days.

And yes, my other big problem is lots of starts...few finishes. Too many beautiful and fun things to entice me. LOL


Fiona said...

I have had my stand and frame for around 15+ years, I think. I always have my large projects on a frame and could not imagine stitching in hand on a large project, I guess it is what you are used to.