Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Oh where have you been Roberta???

Hi Everyone, where have I been??? This past month has been busy working in the yard and cleaning out the kitchen cabinets in preparation for a new kitchen remodel.  Stitching unfortunately did not have much priority - I did however get a bit done.  I also have been trying to finish up some projects that where close to completion finished in preparation for a needlework exhibit in September.
Stitching is now back in the daily routine, the yard work is almost done, about 50 more bulbs need to be planted and then I am done other than the weekly weeding.  Wanted all to be done before it got to be too hot.
Here is how far I have stitched on Dorcas Haynes.
                                  Below is what I have done so far on the Quaker Pincushions.
Hoping to be a much better blogger this coming month of May, but the kitchen is due to be demolitioned sometime next week and then the new cabinets will be in within a week after that!!!


Well, it's a start

Well I have made a start, somewhat hesitantly. I am not following the chart to the letter because it will look incorrect once finished, which I would find irritating when looking at it.  Anyway, a small corner with much more to go.

I am heading up to London this weekend for my son's wedding the Saturday after.  I have not finished the wedding sampler as I feel it would be unlucky to put the names and date on until after the event.  Silly, perhaps, probably.

Anyway, I will take my Red Letter sampler with me to while away any quiet moments, so, you never know, I might have two corners completed by the time I get back.

Monday, 29 April 2013

More progress on Diligence

I haven't made as much progress as I would have liked since my last post but I suppose some is better than none. I've finished gardening and now on to the bottom borders.

I think I may have made a boo-boo on stitching the grass but I like the effect so I'm going to leave it as it is.
My stitching seems to be much more dense than that shown on the picture on the chart but it looks like a championship bowling green compared to the chart where you can see the linen showing through.

Oh, if only the lawn grass in my garden looked this good.  If I removed all the weeds wildflowers from the meadow, I'd have to let the grass grow long and do a rake-over to hide the bald bits! Ah, well, it would only deprive the bees and butterflies of a good food source. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
Work is going to be busy for the next two weeks so I won't get a lot of stitching done but I will put a thread in as and when I can.

Regards, Anne

A little over Elizabeth.

I finished all that is 2x2.
 Now I continue with everything from 1x1.

Friday, 26 April 2013

My Manifesto Progress

I have been stitching on Manifesto and just can't seem to put it down.  I actually have more of the blue background done around the pineapple but this is the most current photo I have and will take another soon after I start outlining the tulip underneath.  I did half of the blue on this section to the right of the pineapple and want to reward myself by doing the outlining of the tulip before doing the blue background on the other side.  I had a little bit of a fall on thescooter trying to help my husband tow his home after his engine quit.   I am a bit black and blue but as long as I can stitch and ride, I am feeling ok about it all.  It could have been so much worse.   I haven't posted in awhile and wanted to at least show my current photo.

Not Quite Ready

Well, I meant to start Jean Scrimgeowr, but I'm having issues with floss colors.  I originally bought the kit in the 90's with DMC, but now that I'm finally getting around to stitching it I want to use silk.  So I checked the list against my stash and was pleasantly surprised that I had quite a few of the colors. So I proceeded to order the ones I was missing or didn't have enough of. 
Most of my AVAS was also purchased in the 90's (when I owned a shop).  Unfortunately, several of the colors have changed significantly, and not in a good least for this sampler.  So I'm trying to make substitutions and make sure all the colors work together. 

This is all very frustrating when you really want to start a project, but it just gives me a reason to keep working on my "Virtue Outshines the Stars" by Darlene O'Steen. 

Enjoying the journey

hi everyone, wow!  I  am so impressed by all the lovely photos and progress everyone is making!

what a great idea this stitch-a-long has been.

I have just a little progress made but am getting closer to a finish.  I'm enjoying this sampler very much!

Hope everyone has a great weekend (it's almost here!) 


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Elizabeth Sheffield


    We've still been having internet problems since a new cable was laid....very frustrating.  At least it has not interfered with stitching. I have been able to make a lot of progress on the over 1 on Elizabeth. I figure if I complete the over 1 in the center then the border is mostly over 2 and will go quickly.

This picture looks more like the fabric color from the kit than my past photos. More of a sand color. Hopefully I will get these photos right by the end of the challenge.
     I am also alternating with Ann Greanwalt. Ann is almost done and will show a photo next post.

     Once again I would like to thank everyone for their birthday wishes this month.


Slow Stitching on Elizabeth

I am making some slow progress on Elizabeth - there was a Frog issue recently, which meant quite a lot of silk removal..... but them's the breaks I guess....  here's a snaperoo....

Elizabeth Shepard 1820
36ct Vintage Magnolia
 my silk conversion

I'm almost on the last column.....  :)


It seems an age since I last posted my progress on Diligence, but progress has indeed been made.

The writing is finished, and the border down one side and a little way across the bottom. There is still the house and some flowers to do, but I feel it is achievable now, although the house will need some major 'colouring-in'.

I am sorry there are so many creases, I did press it a few days ago but have been waiting for some decent light to take a photo, so it was rolled up again. I knew if I waited to press it again more time would pass before posting.

Can I just say how nice it is that so many birthdays are celebrated here.

It was my birthday at the end of February.

And nobody noticed.

But that's OK.

People are busy with their lives. I understand that.

It doesn't hurt so much now.

I hardly ever sob myself to sleep these days.

So that's a good thing. A step along the way.

Love Irene xxx

You know I'm kidding - right?

Monday, 22 April 2013

Lady and the Castle

Hello everyone,

I found a bit of time to work on the piece this past weekend and started on the roof:

We had massive rains last week and major flooding in our area. We were lucky, our only inconvenience being blocked streets. It was extraordinarily relaxing to get back to some stitching yesterday.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Progress on Susan Singleton

I have made some progress on Susan Singleton. This is a fun sampler to stitch. Since I work 2 jobs and am very active in my 2 grandson's activities, I have not gotten as much stitching done as I had hoped for. Hope everybody has a nice weekend. Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My first sampler

My name is Ilse , This is the vierlande sampler by A.W. dated 1756 . From the German Sampler Museum in Celle-Germany from Scarlet letter. I embroidery it on 14 count dark linen with red DMC thread .

Enjoying the Journey and a Little Progress

hello everyone,

WOW!  I am so in awe of the stitching and talent on these scarlet letter sampler blogs!!!

I want to do the Huntsman!  and Manifesto!  and Grace Catlin!  and.... so MANY!

meanwhile I am plugging along and enjoying E. Raysor.  (I had one of my kids re-charge the camera for me, and it looks a little bit like maybe he left a thumbprint on the lens??!!  : ) 

I am not a great photographer but at least you get a general idea that I. have. made. progress.  !!!

I will try to take a better picture soon.  I've been enjoying stitching this while I watch British drama and think about why Elizabeth chose the colors and motifs that she did.

Congratulations also to all of you who are doing such incredible are so inspiring!
happy stitching,

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Not much progress

  My time has been consumed with other things this week so there has been little stitching. I usually stitch every evening so I get at least 3 or 4 hrs. in but this week it was not to be.  I was able to get the outline in on my Flamestitch Sampler though!

  Next week doesn't look very good for stitching time either but I will do the best I can!!

For Love of the Needle

A Flamestitch

In my last post I stated that I was going to start/re-start IRS 1738. I had started this sampler a couple of years ago but did not like the way the colors looked on the linen that I had selected.  So I restarted it a couple of weeks ago and did not get very far before I got bored. So I started another sampler which I mentioned - A Flamestitch.  As previously stated I think I am addicted to the Irish stitch now.

I am working this on 40-ct Lakeside Linen Pear using DMC. I am working the alphabet and some bands as charted with the eyelet stitch but have decided to do the scallop band in rice stitch.

A Flamestitch 
Worked on 40-ct Lakeside Linen Pear using DMC

As you can see I get easily bored so I have worked my way down the left hand side to the bottom where I can work some on the flower band with the filled in background.  That way I can jump back and forth between the parts as I get bored with one area. What can I say - a case of stitching ADD!

Happy Stitching...Robert

Elizabeth Sheffield 4.

My progress of Elizabeth

It's not much but it is progress.

Monday, 15 April 2013

The house is finished

Well, the painter came back and the house is finished. Now, I need to work on the garden.

Oops, sorry about the wrinkles. I noticed a loose thread and wanted Diligence to look smart for the photo-shoot.

Now, about the dark stranger at the door.

I have a theory. You see, if we assume that the house is a fisherman's cottage, the figure could be a long lost son returning home. Fishing was not a lucrative occupation and so many of the younger sons would leave home to work on the ships sailing to distant shores. As I stitched him, I imagined him returning after years at sea. His mother kept a candle burning for him.

But then I came upon a problem. Why was his face black?  It couldn't be a suntan. What was the reason? Then it dawned on me. He wasn't a long lost son, he was a groom-to-be and he'd just been blackened. It's obvious, really.

What? You haven't heard of this charming custom?

It was still going on when I lived in a fishing village. Before the wedding day, the poor groom was "kidnapped" by his so-called friends, stripped and covered with something horrible to make him black. I've known of things like fish guts and soot or old engine oil being used. He was then paraded round the village while his friends make as much noise as possible with dustbin lids, pots and pans and anything else they could find. The parade usually ended up with the groom and followers jumping  in the harbour. I found a description here.

Ok, I think I need to lie down now.

Regards, Anne

Sampler Update

First, I would like you to know how much I enjoy this blog.   It is very inspiring for me and a breath of fresh air in a sometimes hectic day.  Thank you to those that post.

Here is my progress.  The first picture is Sarah Siddall not yet finished.  I ran out of 4624 (dark red) and I am waiting for it to come in.  I have just a little bit left here and there.  The second picture is Grace Catlin.  Note:  The fabric colors are not accurate.  I will begin a new sampler once Sarah is fully complete.  I like to have two samplers to work on at a time or else I get bored.


Donna TN

Back to Rachel

The additional silks for Rachel Jarratt arrived, so I've been spending some time with her again.  I skipped down to Band 6 (bands 4&5 are still not finished, only outlined).  I'm actually aiming for Band 7 for queen stitch practice but don't trust my ability to simply count that far and dig in.

Where it was back when I joined the blog and picked up the WIP:

Rachel Jarratt, Band 6, Dec 12th

 And now:
Band 6, April 14th

This past week we've had more than 3-3/4" (9.6cm) of chilly rain here in Michigan.  The flower buds have quit opening, so I'm getting my dose of Spring colors from all the lovely embroidery here in the blog.


What should I do?

I have enjoyed Rebecca Robinson thoroughly, until about two weeks ago.  I studied Faye's beautiful completion and realized I must have mislabeled two threads, a brown and a putty.  How did I do that?!  I am a fanatic about quadruple checking things!  Felt I could survive that and just continue with them as is.  You will see the small vase at top left corner is dark putty vs brown.
Then the two greens I had thought were too close in color to seem distinctive in my stitching, looked noticeably different in Faye's.  I was disappointed. I struggled with whether to replace the one green (not the one from all the honeysuckles and grass under house because there was so much of it, but the one that is on the heads of the birds and the flower bases).  I am certain this will cause quite a bit of tearing out of stitching as all the thread tails to the petals in the large arrangement are buried in the flower base.  What should I do?!  I wanted to tear it out, but knew I might regret the outcome, so I put her away.  I took her out today for photos and a request for advice.  Here is my progress to two weeks ago:
Here are the two greens that came with the kit:
The one on the right is supposed to be the accent color in the bases of the large flowers in the vase.  Can you see any difference?  Only in very bright lighting at a certain angle can I tell at all.  The humming bird attached to the honeysuckle is also 3726 green where the honeysuckle is in 1846 green.
I have missed working on her and plan to take her out tonight.  Hopefully, I will have new eyes and a settled mind.
Here is my improvisation.  I added my two terriers, Kerry Blue and Wheaten, in place of the little fawns.
Pretty funny!  Hope you are smiling and not choking.  :-)

Now for a great bit of hubris on my part.  Life has been quite busy, but I have filled my quiet moments and stolen minutes with an obsession to plot out my next SL start!  Ridiculous, I know.  I wanted to stitch Sarah Siddall in memory of my Dad.  He was almost always wearing red.  Anyway, never having chosen linen or threads or made any real pattern alterations, or plotted a new verse (let alone finishing lovely RR)  - I dove in!  Adding border length and repositioning motifs -- I must be crazy!  It became an obsession to get it mapped out.  I kept trying and made many mistakes.  I think I at least have enough figured out to start and am praying the repeated counting and measuring and calculating will result in the fabric at least being the right size!

Thank you for all your amazing posts! It was a delight to catch up!


Frances has been slacking!

Frances has had a very busy month and has not made much progress on Dear Jane (Atkinson).  Although I tried very hard to keep her on task, she has been busy with work, fun, and family.

The past month has been quite busy- a lovely vacation in Ireland, as well as many family and friend social occasions have left me with little time to stitch. What a sad story :)
 But I assure you, all stitching time has been much appreciated and enjoyed!  I'm usually a weekend stitcher, as night times during the week I'm lucky to have enough energy to watch a little TV and read a chapter or two. My eyes just don't read that linen so well at night- and they're usually tired from looking at the computer much of the day.
I am so enjoying watching everyone's progress and reading your blog entries. I want to make every sampler I see!

As you can see from the dent in my linen, I've gone back to using a hoop- and although I'd much rather be using a Millenium Frame(!), I 'm finding the hoop is giving me a better stitch. This is the largest stitching project I've ever attempted and I'm finding the sheer size of the linen a bit daunting. The hoop helps me focus on "the moment" instead of the magnitude.
Here's a close up of Jane so far:

Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Spring- and that lovely flowers will soon be returning your way soon. Here in the Midwest, winter has refused to go away- a dusting of snow overnight was the topper to what has been a very cold and unseasonable "spring".
Think summer!
And stitching on the deck...
Warm wishes to all- I have to go have a serious talk now with Frances about her priorities.
Xoxo- Deb

A Very Tardy Introduction, Indeed!

I beg everone's pardon for being so late in posting. There are a million reasons why, but they're just excuses! Hopefully, I will posting on a weekly basis going forward, despite whether or not I've made significant progress.

First, I would like to thank everyone for getting me on the blog. And a belated Happy  B'Day to Nicola!

There were so many choices at The Scarlet Letter, so many lovely samplers, that I had a hard time choosing. I wanted to make sure I could complete the project in the time frame, so I settled on The Faery Queen. I like the design elements and the cipher look of the alphabet. I have started, but as my luck would have it, I didn't start in far enough so I will be doing a small bit of reverse stitching! I hope to have a picture of my progress soon.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Stitching through the sea of fire

It has been an interesting month here in Seoul, Korea. With all this talk of our imminent destruction in a massive sea of fire, I thought I would start out with the ground truth. It is cherry blossom season and what joy the sight of these trees bring me. This is the park next to our base on my Sunday walk this afternoon.

While the international media is having a field day hyping the threat, we are pretty much living our lives as normal here on the main U.S. military base in Seoul. That said, as I work for the big U.S. military command here, my job has kept me busy, but not as busy as others, such as my husband. I will say that busy or not, the work is very rewarding and the people I work with, uniformed and civilian, are truly the salt of the earth.

My stitching time has definitely suffered this past month due both to work and commitment stitching, but mainly work. I don't seem to have the physical and mental energy, nor the mindset, to sit and stitch at the end of the day. However, I am not complaining. I know this "crisis" will pass and things will be back to normal. Soon I hope.

I had hoped to be done with the central house motif on Lucretia Maus this month, and almost got there. The darn white mortar has slowed me down. It isn't particularly fun. However, it is almost done and I can move forward soon. Most of the house is over one, which creates a lovely effect.

Thank you all for your continued inspiration. I really enjoy seeing the lovely work being created.

A little more progress on The Huntsman!  I love him more all the time :). I have enjoyed being a part of this blog so much, to connect with so many people who love stitching as much as I do has been so fun!!!


This is my first post on the blog for Manifesto. (Hope I'm doing it right!) I started on March 14 using Q-snaps because my Millenium Frame had not yet arrived in Canada. I was very happy on March 20 when I was able to mount it on the frame. I was hoping to have completely finished page 1 and most of page 8 by April 14 but it is not to be. I am using platinum Belfast with DMC. Because my frame has 30 inch rods, I have mounted Manifesto sideways to accomodate the fabric size (28 inches wide x 46 inches long). Very much enjoying the stitch and seeing everyone's progress on their projects. Love the Millenium Frame, too. Hope my picture is not too big (or small?) I guess I'm a Scarlet Letter addict now as I just ordered THE HUNTSMAN. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

6 weeks

6 weeks.. The cherry or apples are a problem, because on the pattern  it is blue in the middle and on the picture it is pink. I try 3 different colors and it was not nice. 

Off in a new direction

Just a quick little update on Mary Ann. I have finished the border this past week and I am so sorry to the original Mary Ann but I continued to make mine more symmetrical. Now I am off in a new direction starting on some of the motifs.

I have to say Nicola, the last two give away puzzles have been much more of a challenge. I still have not figured out the no words just pictures one, however, I am having a lot of fun visiting blogs and searching for the mystery stitcher.

Happy stitching all,

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Dorothy Walpole Finished

I finished Dorothy last week, she was such a joy to stitch that I actually felt a little sad when I put in the last stitches. She is a gorgeous sampler and I am quite happy to have finished her in a relatively short period of time, especially considering there were a few weeks that I was not able to even pick her up and put in a single stitch!

I have to say I haven't been able to do much on Manifesto, but this week I plan to get on the "one day a week" thing and maybe I will begin to make a little progress.

The pictures aren't particularly good but she goes to the framer tomorrow so I will get better ones when she comes back. Next time I will have some pictures of Manifesto, hopefully!!