Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Monday, 15 April 2013

Frances has been slacking!

Frances has had a very busy month and has not made much progress on Dear Jane (Atkinson).  Although I tried very hard to keep her on task, she has been busy with work, fun, and family.

The past month has been quite busy- a lovely vacation in Ireland, as well as many family and friend social occasions have left me with little time to stitch. What a sad story :)
 But I assure you, all stitching time has been much appreciated and enjoyed!  I'm usually a weekend stitcher, as night times during the week I'm lucky to have enough energy to watch a little TV and read a chapter or two. My eyes just don't read that linen so well at night- and they're usually tired from looking at the computer much of the day.
I am so enjoying watching everyone's progress and reading your blog entries. I want to make every sampler I see!

As you can see from the dent in my linen, I've gone back to using a hoop- and although I'd much rather be using a Millenium Frame(!), I 'm finding the hoop is giving me a better stitch. This is the largest stitching project I've ever attempted and I'm finding the sheer size of the linen a bit daunting. The hoop helps me focus on "the moment" instead of the magnitude.
Here's a close up of Jane so far:

Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Spring- and that lovely flowers will soon be returning your way soon. Here in the Midwest, winter has refused to go away- a dusting of snow overnight was the topper to what has been a very cold and unseasonable "spring".
Think summer!
And stitching on the deck...
Warm wishes to all- I have to go have a serious talk now with Frances about her priorities.
Xoxo- Deb


Fiona said...

No matter how much you stitch it is still progress.

donnacrafts said...

Just beautiful. There was a group of women who were stitching a Quaker sampler over a year. They were very busy working ladies and they complained how long it would take them to complete this sampler. The year went quickly and at the end of the year they had an heirloom sampler completed!

Jenny said...

Every little stitch completed is a step to the finish. Jane is looking beautiful.

FlyawayJil said...

Ao much enjoyed your post, Deb. Our lives have become very full lately, and a peek at your project is very inspiring. I'm almost motivated enough to get back on track!

Silkstitcher said...

Debbie. Just keep up the beautiful, one stitch at a time. I too find my hoop helps me keep things in perspective. I ordered a Mellenium frame almost a month ago, and am still waiting! I have never used a frame before, so will probably take some getting-used to! I will watch for your progress, even if it is a little...Every little bit counts, remember that!

KathieB said...

Fun to see you here, Deb. There will be plenty of time for stitchery. All things considered, I'd have liked to stow away on that trip to Ireland.....