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Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Posting for Kay Lynn

Hi to all of Nicolas's bloggers!

I have been stitching with all of you on Nicola's Scarlet Letter Blog Two for 10 days now! Last week. I didn't have much to post on Grace Catlin. The day's have passed and each day she looks better! I thought you might like to see my visit to the frog pond over the weekend! Notice Band three with the ivory and green undulating border...well, that is wrong! It is supposed to be spring green and pea green instead of ivory and pea green! It took me over two hours to 'rip-it' out and by Noon today, I finally had it re stitched!
Just think how far I would be if I had not had to spend time in the swamp! I am waiting for my Mellenium Frame to put the SS in the blue figs? I'm also waiting on a dusty rosé from Marsha to finish the little red flower, I think it might be a tulip. I just love the cute little acorn. I am enjoying stitching Miss Grace and can't wait to see her finished!

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This is my project to date. I love the colors in Grace Catlin. I wish I knew how old she was!

Here is the vine stitched with ivory and pea green instead of spring green and pea green. For that, I was relegated to the swamp!

A pretty red tulip and sweet little acorn. Notice the vine with the correct colors! Notice how much better it looks after I did it right!


Cindy L said...

Kay Lynn, what a beautiful start! The colors are so pretty. I am also waiting on my frame and hope you receive your supplies soon.

Serena B said...

What beautiful colours,your patience has given you a wonderful start. Hope you will stay out of the pond,and that we can see more of your lovely stitching soon.

Jenny said...

I am absolutely in love with this sampler. The colors are beautiful and so is your stitching. This is a sampler that I somehow " missed", if that is even possible.....grins.....but now she is on my list. Happy Stitching.

Theresa said...

How beautiful! I can see why you love those colors... they are so pretty!

What linen did you use? just curious.

Nicola said...

So beautiful Kay Lynn. Can't wait to see more.

Vera said...

Well, here we go again -- another sampler I seem to have missed completely. How does that happen? This is so beautiful. Anxious to see more!

Kevin said...

Really pretty! I love the colors in this. Think I've just found another to add to the ever-growing list!

Fiona said...

Sorry you had a trip to the swamp. You managed to wade your way out and your stitching looks brilliant.

janitam said...

What a pretty colors and beautiful work