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Margaret Randolph
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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Started on the house

Here is my update on Diligence. As you can see, there has been some construction going on but the house painter sloped off muttering something about having to order the right paint for the walls.

Now, about the house. On the description of the sampler, Marsha writes that she thinks the sampler may be Scottish and I am inclined to agree with her because of the style of the house.

Although I have lived in England for many years, I was born and raised in a fishing village in North East Scotland. In my village, the old houses are built from granite and are rather dour.  If you go  a few miles to the west, the old houses were painted just like the house in the sampler, with a different colour on the corner stones. I use the past tense because I thought I would Google some of the villages so that I could provide a link but I found that, either my memory is faulty (quite possible) or people no longer follow tradition.

Then I had an idea! My father came from Findochty and I remember him telling me that the fishermen would use paint left over from painting their boats to paint the corner stones.

Bear in mind that I had spent some time looking at villages along the Moray Firth coast without finding what I was looking for.

My brother and his partner own and manage two holiday cottages in Findochty and if you look at their website, you will see cottages painted like the one in the sampler. Click on the lick to "coastal cottage" and click on the video. Right, if this link works, it's thanks to my son. If it doesn't, it's thanks to me!

Regards, Anne


Elizabeth said...

Really interesting about your thoughts about the Scottish origin. But...I am so, so excited, I looked on your link about holiday cottages...and lo and behold there is one with a baby grand piano on the Moray Firth! I am so exited...a holiday cottage with a piano, I cannot believe my luck. DH also wants to see this area. I am all of a dither and have emailed your brother!

Kevin said...

Your sampler is looking lovely. Your brother's cottages are also very nice. I'd love to spend a holiday in that quaint seaside town stitching and relaxing! Pure bliss!

Diana said...

The house (cottage) looks wonderful, and thank you so much for the link - it works the village and cottages..

Kathy said...

Your sampler is just gorgeous and your stitching looks so neat. Love the colors in this. Also, really enjoyed the video of the cottage. A vacation there would be great!!

MoonBeam said...

Anne, your sampler is coming along great. I love the border.

Thanks for your local history lesson...very interesting.

Looking forward to seeing how you paint the house.


Nicola said...

I adore Diligence and greatly enjoyed the whole post. The videos of the cottage were fun too and yes Elizabeth will enjoy playing that piano when she visits.

Cindy L said...

Anne, I do love seeing your updates on Diligence and the info on the paint was interesting too.

Fiona said...

Loved reading your post. Diligence is looking beautiful and can't wait to see what colour the builder chooses for the walls.