Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Well, it's a start

Well I have made a start, somewhat hesitantly. I am not following the chart to the letter because it will look incorrect once finished, which I would find irritating when looking at it.  Anyway, a small corner with much more to go.

I am heading up to London this weekend for my son's wedding the Saturday after.  I have not finished the wedding sampler as I feel it would be unlucky to put the names and date on until after the event.  Silly, perhaps, probably.

Anyway, I will take my Red Letter sampler with me to while away any quiet moments, so, you never know, I might have two corners completed by the time I get back.


Nicola said...

Well done Pam on your start. Ray is off on his boat trip Thursday so hope too see you at WI on Wednesday.

Enjoy the wedding, wishing the bride and groom all the best for their day.

Silkstitcher - Kay Lynn said...

What is the name of your sampler? What fabric are you using? It's very nice so far, keep up the nice work!
How do you start in the right hand corner? Maybe it's like driving on the opposite side of the road like in the US? LOL
Kay Lynn

Cheri said...

Good start, I am working on the same sampler and have been making it more symmetrical from the start. I have enjoyed every stitch, hope you do also.

Pam Hobbs said...

Silkstitcher - the kit is Mary Ann Hutton's sampler - a Christmas one to keep me going. It is on 25 count unbleached linen. I start in the top right hand corner simply because I am left handed and I find it easier!

Anonymous said...

Those colors make me happy. Such a little thing...but, they just look so cheerful.

Best wishes to your son and his bride. I hope they have a wonderful day and a long and happy marriage.

Fiona said...

Good start. Hope the wedding goes well.

Cindy L said...

Pam, a wonderful start. I hope to start this one after my current projects are done. The colors are so pretty. Have a wonderful wedding weekend.