Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Friday, 31 May 2013

Color galore.....AAWFAA.....

.....Hello to all......
I'm guessing I am almost one-third completed with the fill-in coloring.... It sure is fun!!!!!

And all was for an Appil

Aren't the colors amazing?????

And all was for an Appil

I fell in love with this regal guy...

And all was for an Appil

Now, I think I had better get some hair on some heads and a little body paint...... !
And all was for an Appil

Hoping everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!!!

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Sarah Stuart Update

Hello, my friends!

It's the last day of May, and if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say "Where did May go?" ... well I'd be on the Scarlet Letter website ordering a whole cart full of supplies! I don't know why the month of May seems to speed by, but every year it seems to be over just as I am settling into it. We have had a busy, busy month ... all good ... our girls are back from college for the summer, they are starting their summer internships, part-time jobs, and trying to catch up with all their friends, so our house will continue to be a busy one! But I am a happy mama to have our family all together again for the summer months!

Needless to say, my stitching time has suffered a wee bit, but something is better than nothing! And  look what I have to show ...

... the second tree completed!

So now both stem-stitched trees are finished, I have conquered my anxiety of the stem stitch, and I even took a big step and ordered "Rebecca Cullin" which I have always loved and never thought I would attempt to stitch because of all the stem stitching involved.

A side note ... Sandra just posted her completed "Rebecca". (If you haven't seen it yet ... or if you are like me and need to see it over and over again! ... you can find her post on Blog One)  Sandra's work is beautiful and I can only hope that my "Rebecca" will be half as lovely as hers!

But I'm getting ahead of myself, I have a few other projects to complete before I start "Rebecca", so getting back to Miss Sarah, here is how she looks today ...

 I just might (fingers crossed) have my first SLY finish next month! .... we'll see!

Hope everyone is enjoying some stitching time.   Oh and by the way, Nicola ... please keep your Candy Crush addiction to yourself!   :)  :)  :)  :)      I asked my girls if they knew about it and their response was "oh, mom don't even try it, it's crazy and you can't stop!"    Did I listen? ... nope! ... am I now trying to master level 13? ... yep! ... hopefully before I wear out the battery on my phone!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 8 & 9

The progress on this band was slower than anticipated.... but here are some pictures
End of Day 8 - Elizabeth Harborne
The Song of my Needle

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 9 Finally finished!
The Song of my Needle 

If you would like to see more pictures then go to my blog :
Would love to get your input!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Poor Emma

I've left poor Emma languishing in the corner for far too long!  I had a graduation present to stitch, and I just finished a wedding sampler
just in time for framing and gifting!

Now I can resume Emma
I'm hoping to finish the leaves and get to the berries very soon, but June is a very busy month so we'll see.  Sorry it's been so long between updates!


AAWFAA update.... Let there be more color!!!

I feel like a kid with a coloring book..... And her box of crayons.....




Hope the sun is shining down on you...!


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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Lady has her castle

Hello everyone,

I was able to finish the castle during the long weekend and start on the tree next to it:

There were a few differences between the photo and graph (presence or absence of the triangular "windows" on the roof below the dome; color of the "points" along the bottom of the roof on the right; pattern of stitches within the windows). Some I caught in time to make a decision about, some I didn't, but I'm not that concerned about precision. The only time I've ripped out any stitching on this piece is when my outlining of the leaves didn't meet up correctly.

One last picture (taken using my computer on a very overcast day; the photo at the top best shows the colors of the piece):

After I finish the tree, I'll probably move down. There are several animals, some plants/flowers, and at least one more tree to do. Then up to the top to do the sun and clouds.

the second wip is finished...

Well,  I just completed  Martha Salter and she is a beauty.  Will post a pix, after my daughter visits and teaches me.   Martha was stitched in silk from the kit from SL, on 35count dirty linen.  She was in my work basket for only 12 years . Ann scutt or  depaw has been there for 20 + years;  however; I am going to work on Dorcas Haynes next,  she has only been there for6 or 7years more or less.  I  am glad that Nicola,  and Jo who is helping her have this blog.  The blog has been a great insentitive for getting some of my many samplers completed..Although I have stitched many through the years,  I stopped on some of them, so it had been fun figuring out why....Satin stitch and overone are the most common culprits.. Enough,  Carol M

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 7

Hope you all had a good long weekend... I did not get as much done as I had planned but did get some stitching in yesterday.
Here are some pictures of my progress  (more on my blog -

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 7
The Song of my Needle
Elizabeth Harborne - Day 7
The Song of my Needle
Still trying to figure all this 'blogging stuff'out... it all takes quite a bit of time to do it all well... thanks for understanding .... I am enjoying working on this sampler and am happy to be working on samplers in general!

Rising Doves Progress

I promised a new photo of Rising Doves.  I wish I would have gotten more finished over the weekend, but at least I made a little progress.  I have a goal to finish her by the time I go to Ohio in October.  Wish me luck.....

Monday, 27 May 2013

E. Raysor on vacation (or, I brake for weddings!)

Hello fellow stitchers,

just a quick note...E. Raysor is on hold for a bit while we held our first family wedding!
I wanted to show you  a photo of the girls (four of my girls) and the dresses I made....

these are my five is the oldest girl, the bride (it was very windy yesterday!)

here are our five boys (no... I didn't have to make their shirts and ties! : )

(and, now you see why I stitch.... it is relaxing in a busy household like ours!)

here is my husband and myself  (not a great picture....we aren't too smiley in this one....but this is pre-wedding....(we are smiling in the after-ceremony photos!)
  I thought you all would enjoy seeing what one of your fellow stitchers looks like  : )

there...that is enough pictures and I promise to post an Elisabeth Raysor update soon!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Elizabeth Sheffield


      I have finished Miss Elizabeth! I did finish her last week but did not have time to post. I have so enjoyed our journey. Her colors are so vibrant and I am not sure if my photos capture it.

      There is a lot of over 1 but once you get in the rhythm, it is slow but steady and has a beautiful effect.

    I thought I was getting close ups but still have not figured out the photo part of blogging.

    I stitch her from the SL kit, 36 ct fabric and AVAS silks.

    When I joined Nicola's SL year, my challenge was to see how many of the SL patterns from my stash I could complete. There have been so many beautiful samplers posted that I decided to reward myself with a new sampler for every couple old finishes and Elizabeth was my first reward. Now I will start /finish from my stash again.  I only have a few stitches left on Ann Greanawalt and have started Mary Ann Hutton.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!


Elizabeth Harborne - Day 6

Progress - Day 6

After my post on the "critters"  I received a nice comment from Marsha , owner of Scarlet Letter that the critters were 'wild boars'.  So, now I have to figure out if there is any symbolism linked to that.
Stitching the next band will be on hold because the charted design and the picture show discrepancies and I plan to continue after hopefully getting some clarifications from Marsha.
I will skip past this next band for now continue on - still not well at all so things are so much slower....
I had planned to post the latest progress yesterday but then didn't get around to it so here it is...

Day 6 Progress
The Song of my Needle

still can't resist the urge to center things along the width - the half motif on the left is not charted and I may take it out after stitching more bands and then evaluating it afterwards. 
I am glad that I changed out the blue ... you can see the original dyelot of the light blue on the first band... I will restitch that band also - just want to continue stitching for now...
Stitching and 'researching how to blog' have been a bit slow these past few days... still not feeling 100% and plan to rest as much as possible this weekend so that I can get back to a normal routine by next week. I do however appreciate all your kind comments - still learning about the ins and outs of blogging so really like the encouragement.

Friday, 24 May 2013


I have made a little more progress on Rebecca Robinson.

I decided to adapt the sampler a little to personalize it to my

This is me and my husband

It took me a little while to figure out how to add another boy.  Here are my two boys, ones' favorite color is green and the others' is blue.

Last of all our sweet pups

When I get a little more done, I will send a picture of the whole sampler.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Clarification:  I really didn't design anything.  I altered the hair color of the couple, added a heart from another spot on Rebecca's sampler, and changed the color of the boy's outfit.  Then I tried to make a smaller version of the boy to add my other son on the other side of the tree.  Where there were two fawns near the couple I changedthem to my dogs.  I added a fawn to the right side of the attribution to make a deer family of four.  It was just a little adapting of Rebecca Robinson's work.

A splash of color....

Hello to all......

I completed all the outlining and was able to out a little bit of color on And All Was for an Appil....

And all was for an Appil

....a little closer.....

And all was for an Appil
I love the vibrant colors I am seeing in this piece....

Peace to all...... Faye

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

New territory

Quick progress note before I go off for the long weekend.  My mom's family rents out summer cottages on Lake Superior, and Memorial Day is our work weekend to get them ready for guests.

Skipping Band 5 for the moment (the colors are mainly cream and olive brown - not the most appealing combination.  I may change them but need to see if there will be enough of some of the other colors).

For the first time since I picked this project back up, I get to start a new band:  (sorry for the glare on the floss, it's raining today and I had to use flash for the pictures.)

Rachel Jarratt, Bands 6 & 7

Both of these bands are supposed to be completely filled in.  The whole background of the deer and large flowers is covered in counted stem, as is the center section of the next band.  The two sections on either side of Band 7 are solid patterns.  The left section is queen-stitched; the right was supposed to be cross-over-1.  After seeing the miniature eyelets in Kay Lynn's Grace Catlin, though, I thought that looked like more fun.  I've always liked miniatures, even if I end up working them with my nose six inches from the linen.

Teeny little Algerian Eye stitches, 30 ct linen

So I'll be here on these sections for a long while - but at least it's not all satin stitch.  (I still loathe satin stitch.)

I hope everybody has a lovely weekend - and manages some stitching!


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mary Ann MacDonald

What a wonderful surprise to find this in todays mail, " Mary Ann MacDonald"
and a nice card from Nicola.  I can't wait to finish Rising Doves and start a new sampler.  I will wait for my trip to Ohio, in October, to purchase my linen and silks.  Mom and I always look forward to this time together.  I am sure some of mom's stitching buddies will want to make the trip to the local stitching stores.  Happy Stitching to all over this Memorial Day weekend.

Elizabeth Harborne Day 5 - need help with 'critters'

I only had a small amount of time to work on this sampler today.
Here are some of the detailed shots...

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 5
The Song of my Needle

 Holbein - Double Running Stitch - Blackwork

all names for a simple stitch but a simple stitch that promises lots of fun if you want it to!  If you want it to be reversible, or if you want to create a variation of the pattern on the back, then it requires concentration and is much like a maze on paper... you have to figure out a pathway. The beauty of blackwork is that the possibilities are endless, shading, blending, fading out one pattern and introducing another... it is a lot of fun...
In this simple band, to make it fully reversible, I had to work the acorns in two different ways depending on the location of the the red thread at the baseline.   

And then this is when  I discovered "critters"!  So what do you think they are ? Pigs perhaps, rabbits, cats, dogs?...
I've never noticed these beasts on any other sampler before... I know that I have never stitched such critters ever and am not sure if I really like them... have to figure out the symbolism on this ... any thoughts?

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 5
The Song of my Needle

Further inspection of the chart revealed some other critters at the base... frogs, goats etc
This sampler is also unusual because a portion of it is stitched upside down - the verse and the beasts arranged in spot motifs are upside down so you could hang this sampler either way.  There must be a reason for this too ... perhaps it was intended for a certain purpose... more to read and investigate.
If you all have any ideas about these "critters" or about the significance of this band .... I think the other motifs are strawberries ... perhaps was just made up to keep a little girl involved...

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 4

Day 4 : Elizabeth Harborne 1647 - reproduced by The Scarlet Letter

I want to thank all of you for your kind encouragement... I actually have decided to start my first "official blog" and am going to use the name I have used for my own designs when I taught at local venues or exhibited my, after spending hours yesterday researching things on the internet related to 'Blogging' I decided to give it a try.... My blog is called 'The Song of my Needle" and it will feature some of my needlework adventures in years to come...  at the moment I will use it to show more pictures than the ones I post on Nicola's site so that I do not take up too much space on her site. 

Please bear with me as I learn the in and outs of this forum ... and thanks for adding one more thing to my activities ;)  I would greatly appreciate any comments and tips that you all may have.  Nicola has been great in sharing some of her insights with me.
Needlework has always been a very personal thing for me and only recently have I had a more public role as a Japanese embroidery teacher...I remain open to all things 'needlework'  and look forward to sharing my journey on this blogging platform.

So, back to Elizabeth Harborne - Day 4
Status :  spent a lot of time on the internet so not much stitching got done... however, I have finalized the colors and dyelots I want to use so things should move along pretty well in the future.

Finally time to stitch !
The Song of my Needle

 another view of the colors and the 'progress' to date...not feeling well has slowed me down ... but then I was also spending a lot of time on the internet these past few days 'gathering information' and 'doing research'... good excuse isn't it?
Decisions on Bullions
The Song of my Needle

 Stitching through the night .... trying to make up for lost time - next decision to make : Bullions

place them as charted (on left) or place a bit differently (on right... amazing how long it took me to focus my brain and hands to make these - something that under normal circumstances would have not been an issue.  I will probably take them out again and restitch them when I feel better because they have 'issues'....
Early morning - stitching thru the night - Day 4
The Song of my Needle 

 Status of things as of this morning around 5am...still not quite comfortable.  Tried scanning the picture to see if more detail could be studied from the picture that way... not very successful because of the light colors.... so, back to wishing that there was a larger picture I could study...

Monday, 20 May 2013

Can you see it?  I seem to be having trouble with this picture.

Manifesto and Elizabeth Sheffield WIP

I outlined the top part of the lady in red and then I need to move her on the Q Snaps so I thought, I don't want to do that right now so I will get Elizabeth Sheffield out. I did that and it is on my Ultimate Stitching Frame and wow it is so much nicer stitching on that, so I have been working on my little house and this tree that is over one. I got the house done last week and worked on the tree yesterday before we left on our scooters and rode over to get supplies at Lowe's and went and had pizza.  I hope to get more done. I need to also finish the outlining on the lady in red and more background needs to be done as well so I can catch up.   I need to keep on top of the background stitching here.
A little progress. . . .
       I couldn't resist and added a little color, but now I want to finish
       all the outlining before I do any more coloring!!!  Enjoying this
       sampler and all the beautiful stitching appearing on these two
       blogs.  Thanks Nicola!

My progress is slow

 There is little that I have done.

Happy week. Visit my blog

Finally, some stitching!

Hi everyone.  It has been a few months since I have posted - and not much stitching has been done. I have done a lot of knitting and crocheting, though.  And my Sampler Guild had a two day workshop.  And I taught several classes at my local yarn shop.  And work is crazy.  That's life, I guess.

 I pulled Dorothy Walpole out a couple of weeks ago and FINALLY got some stitching done.  I even remembered to take pictures before I went to the next section, but didn't have time to download the photos and post before I went back to work, so I'm going to share them today.

I finished the Flame Stitch section:
Dorothy Walpole
 And the strawberry band below;
Dorothy Walpole

And last night started the gorgeous flower band.  Just a few flowers outlined for now, but I am planning on sitting on the couch, cat in lap, Downton Abbey on the DVD, and stitching this afternoon with a cup of mocha.  What bliss!!
Dorothy Walpole

The silks for A Parrot, A Leopard, A Lion came in last week - aren't the colors gorgeous?
I am going to start the outlining on PLL this week.  I am using the AVAS silks and 40 ct Antique White Newcastle linen.  My mother is having knee surgery this summer and I need to have a "coloring between the lines" piece to work on in the doctor's office, hospital, etc.  So Dorothy may have to take a vacation this summer (unless I can get her finished in the next month or so. . .hmmmm??) but she'll be back.
I have kept up with both blogs, although I haven't posted in a while.  I love seeing everyone's progress.  I hope to maintain my stitching momentum while it's too hot to knit.
Love to all,
Sharon H