Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Monday, 13 May 2013

Almost...almost....but not quite.

My inner child craves novelty: I desperately want to start something new.  Problem is, I have a hard time actually getting things finished.  So the inner child & I compromised and skipped off to another section on Rachel Jarratt.

Rachel Jarratt, Band 4, back in December

 Band 4 tonight

My goal was to finish Band 4 by Sunday night and I have only some white to finish filling on leaves and the bottom pair of buds. So close!

Rachel Jarratt, overall view
(apparently I never showed a picture of the whole thing - this is from the pattern)

 Unfortunately, I won't have time to work on it tomorrow.  (And I've had quite enough satin stitch for awhile - will have to get out the Random Motif sampler again.)



Nicola said...


Cindy L said...

Kate, your Rachel is such a beautiful sampler!

Inguna said...

Beautiful! This is going to be a very impressive sampler once finished!

Fiona said...

Really pretty, that is the good thing about samplers you can hop from motif to motif.

Stitch Wizard said...

This really is just gorgeous and the colors are just to die for!

Marsha said...

Wow, that is really pretty!

Barbara Day said...

Here are a couple of questions for everyone re. satin stitching. Do you pad it underneath with stem or cross stitch and then place the satin stitching on top, or do you just do the satin stitches over blank space? How many strands of floss make the best stitches? I find 2 strands can just look loose and floppy, so I use 3 (on 32 count linen anyway).