Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 8 & 9

The progress on this band was slower than anticipated.... but here are some pictures
End of Day 8 - Elizabeth Harborne
The Song of my Needle

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 9 Finally finished!
The Song of my Needle 

If you would like to see more pictures then go to my blog :
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queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Glad to hear you are sleeping better. That will make all the difference when you are stitching.

One of my all time favorite bands is the handshake band with flowers.

Your Elizabeth Harbone is beautiful!

Please let us know what you learn about watermarking your photos. When I learn how to do that I will be more inclined to start my own blog.

Merilde said...

What a lovely sampler - such a lot of work and all of it beautiful! Lori

Cindy L said...

Your sampler is so beautiful and you are a very fast stitcher.

Dona said...

Beautiful! I love the colors. You're great making great progress, too!

Kevin said...

Wow! You did all this in only 8/9 days? Beautiful job - keep up the great stitching.

Fiona said...

Your needle must be smoking you have made so much progress.

Barbara Day said...

9 days? And how are your fingers? and your eyes, for that matter? Beautiful!