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Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Friday, 3 May 2013

Lots to learn . . . and remember!

I am a little embarrassed to post a progress update when I have done so little progressing!  Rebecca Robinson has been such a wonderful treat to work on!  Seeing Faye's beautiful finish keeps me motivated.  My trouble is finding time!  When I do most of my work on her, it is after a long day, boys tucked in bed, and get-ready-for-tomorrow chores are completed.  Then I sit down and start stitching away (slowly!!!) on RR.  The next time I pull her out, I find I can't count or that my lettering drifted up a thread or two.  It looked perfect in my previously cross-eyed state, what happened?  :-)

I have become very acquainted with "frogging."

Well,  I do think I have been learning a lot through trial and error and error and error!  It makes me think my next project will go so much more smoothly and quickly.  Alas, I am afraid I won't remember what I learned!

Here is my progress update photo:

Now, as you  an see, the next time I sit down with RR some frogging will be required.  Somehow I got off count by two stitches.  The last motif on the right, bronze flowers with bird and the rhombus will need to be "reverse stitched."  Lesson I want to remember:  It would have helped to have done the house and fence lower edge first to have an additional reference to keep me on target with my adjustments.

Love seeing all the beautiful stitching everyone is doing!  Trying figure out how you all stitch so fast!  Just like typing, I need to improve my accuracy first!

Wishing you all a few rainy days to stitch and lots of sunshine to enjoy this beautiful Spring!



Theresa said...

Oh my. Rebecca Robinson is so pretty!

I need to look this one up to see if it is something I could do...


Julierose said...

Hi Rachel--This is coming so well; I am afraid that "frogging" is in my future also. I guess counting (unless for piano!) is not my forte! Julierose

Faye said...

Great progress!!!!

A Canny Stitcher said...

I feel your pain re "frogging". I find I can't count up to four. I frogged one motif FIVE times last night! Your sampler is looking wonderful and your stitching is lovely. Anne

Fiona said...

Sorry the frog seems to be visiting you at the moment. Rebecca is coming along nicely even though you have had to reverse stitch.