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Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Friday, 31 May 2013

Sarah Stuart Update

Hello, my friends!

It's the last day of May, and if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say "Where did May go?" ... well I'd be on the Scarlet Letter website ordering a whole cart full of supplies! I don't know why the month of May seems to speed by, but every year it seems to be over just as I am settling into it. We have had a busy, busy month ... all good ... our girls are back from college for the summer, they are starting their summer internships, part-time jobs, and trying to catch up with all their friends, so our house will continue to be a busy one! But I am a happy mama to have our family all together again for the summer months!

Needless to say, my stitching time has suffered a wee bit, but something is better than nothing! And  look what I have to show ...

... the second tree completed!

So now both stem-stitched trees are finished, I have conquered my anxiety of the stem stitch, and I even took a big step and ordered "Rebecca Cullin" which I have always loved and never thought I would attempt to stitch because of all the stem stitching involved.

A side note ... Sandra just posted her completed "Rebecca". (If you haven't seen it yet ... or if you are like me and need to see it over and over again! ... you can find her post on Blog One)  Sandra's work is beautiful and I can only hope that my "Rebecca" will be half as lovely as hers!

But I'm getting ahead of myself, I have a few other projects to complete before I start "Rebecca", so getting back to Miss Sarah, here is how she looks today ...

 I just might (fingers crossed) have my first SLY finish next month! .... we'll see!

Hope everyone is enjoying some stitching time.   Oh and by the way, Nicola ... please keep your Candy Crush addiction to yourself!   :)  :)  :)  :)      I asked my girls if they knew about it and their response was "oh, mom don't even try it, it's crazy and you can't stop!"    Did I listen? ... nope! ... am I now trying to master level 13? ... yep! ... hopefully before I wear out the battery on my phone!

Have a great weekend!



Cindy L said...

Lanie, your Miss Sarah is absolutely gorgeous. You have done a beautiful job on your trees. LOL...I asked my children about the games too and they had the same reply. I am trying hard to resist even looking at them. Have a wonderful summer with the family home.

Nicola said...

Oh that tree looks stunning Lanie. A can feel your finish is close.

Rebecca will be a lovely one to do and Sandra is so helpful, she has held by hand with Grazing Sheep.

Candy Crush is sooooooooo addictive :o))

Jenny said...

Your tree is amazing,Lanie! The stem stitch is just beautiful. Sarah is such a beautiful sampler and I have so enjoyed watching your progress! Enjoy having your family together for the summer!

samplerlover said...

Oh Lanie, Miss Sarah looks wonderful and your trees are looking wonderful. Stem stitch is so easy isn't it.

Thank you for your kind comments on Rebecca. Both Nicola and you are very kind :). If you need help with Rebecca just let me know.

Half of my family is hooked on Candy Crush :) :) Can be so frustrating sometimes -Sandra.

PoundingSand said...

Fingers crossed! I've admired this since you posted pictures of the top border - she's lovely.


Kevin said...

How beautiful this is! I love the house and the colors in this are really pretty. Bravo on a gorgeous job!

Rachel F said...

This is beautiful! The close ups are even prettier. Love the colors, the detailed bricks, and the darling terrier!
A finish is so close and I can't wait to see more pictures!
Enjoy your girls. I am sure they have many stories to keep you laughing.

Fiona said...

Sarah looks amazing and your tree looks beautiful.

Tinka said...

Your Sarah is a very beautiful lady! I love how your stem stitch looks.