Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Monday, 13 May 2013

Update on Emma

The 1 over 1( tent stitch) is complete. Surprisingly I really didn't mind it at all .Now I am working on the holly. I stayed true to the pattern but next time I think I will align  and personalize the sampler. I was hoping to be a lot farther along but spring and gardening are here. My grandsons spent most of the weekend with me so not much  stitching was done  either. I usually treasure all our time together, but they convinced me to take them to the show Saturday afternoon which turned out to be a 2 hr. cartoon about little blue aliens. I kept thinking the whole time that I could be stitching , gardening,  cleaning, anything would be better than this. lol  They loved it and thought I was a pretty great grandma for taking them, so that's all that matters.


Nicola said...

Ahhhhh - Grandmas are the best.

Emma is looking so good.

Cindy L said...

Emma is such a lovely sampler.

Fiona said...

I really like Emma especially the holly.

Jenny said...

Grandma's are such special people :) Emma is looking lovely. I love this sampler! You are doing a beautiful job Debbie.