Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Saturday, 29 June 2013

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 20

Hi Everyone,
I've been busy catching up on all other fronts lately and meant to post last Sunday's progress on Monday but uploading the high resolution pictures was taking too long that night and I had had a long weekend teaching Japanese embroidery and catching up on other things all the while trying to get over yet another cold!! 
Changed a few things to keep it interesting for myself on this sampler - more pictures and explanations on my blog. 
Day 20 Elizabeth Harborne - June 23,2013
The Song of my Needle

Feeling a lot better today .... staying away from all social events this weekend just to rest and give myself a chance to fully recover!
Actually missed posting daily.... but have enjoyed seeing all the other samplers...
Hope you all have a good weekend!



Debbie Bauer said...

Elizabeth is going to be stunning! Your stitching is perfect.
Just curious - is Japanese embroidery a type of needle painting?

Nupur said...

Hi Debbie,
The Japanese embroidery I was referring to is the kind of embroidery you see on the finest kimono. There are about 47 different techniques which are taught over ten phase projects. Filament silk and different metallics are used with or without padding. You twist/make your own threads, determine the thickness of the threads etc. or determine to use the flat silk as is. Realistic technique or 'needlepainting' is one of the forms used in Japanese embroidery also. I personally love realistic techniques in general. Japanese embroidery is artful, andthe techniques I find most fascinating. The results are quite exquisite. I am one of the certified instructors in this technique and have a small group of students - we meet just about every six weeks on weekends and I guide them through their phase projects.

Nicola said...

I saw on your blog that you have been unwell again. I do hope that you get over it quicker this time.

Your stitching is amazing and I am enjoying following your progress.