Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Saturday, 29 June 2013

Emma is going on a holiday....

I thought I would post a picture before I pack up Emma. We leave tomorrow for the lake. We are going for  2 months. I can't believe I get to put my feet up and stitch every day ... if I like. So I hope to have Emma finished and a new sampler started very soon. We are surrounded by evergreens , plenty of wildlife and its sooo... peaceful. I will try to post  pictures of the lake and river ( not sure how good the internet service is).
We have had unusual major flooding at the lake . We are near the dam which is wide open  and flowing 6x faster than usual.  Are summer homes are on high ground and safe, but the river where we launch are boat is up 9ft. They have taken all boats out of the water including the houseboats. The marina is  sandbagged but the water is up to the deck.  The next community past us has been evacuated because the road in and out is flooded.  George and I have are fingers crossed that everything returns to near  normal in a couple weeks.
I will also be fishing for cancer again this year - in honor and memory of my mother  This is an all female  event and so much fun. 2 females to a boat and a captain (driver). There are 120 teams (boats) - will post pictures.
I hope everyone has a great summer!

Sask. Canada


Jenny said...

I hope you and Emma have a lovely time on your holiday :)

Angie Burrett said...

Enjoy the chance to stitch daily! Have a wonderful time and good luck with the Fishing for Cancer, sounds like fun! x

Cindy L said...

Debbie, it sounds like a wonderful relaxing vacation. I hope the water level goes down for you too.

Nicola said...

Have a wonderful vacation Debbie and I am looking forward to seeing lots of pictures of the lake, your sewing and the fish you catch !!!!

Marsha said...

Have a wonderful vacation. Sounds awesome. Hope things are calmed down. Good luck fishing and stitching.

Pamela said...

Wishing you restful, happy Summer. Keep us posted!

Mary in Iowa said...

Where did you get the "Emma" pattern? Love what I can see. Thanks, and happy holiday.