Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Hannah Carter

Hanna Carter is born!!! I got my millineum frame and needleneeds floor stand so I now have something large enough for her.  I am using the silk threads from The Scarlet Letter on 30 count linen one over one.  It is beautiful coverage but I almost wish I was working over one 40 count as the Huntsman went fairly quickly using the tent stitch!  I am very excited to watch another beautiful sampler come to life and have enjoyed watching ALL the samplers on these blogs :)

Finished with Rising Doves

Sorry everyone, but the photo will have to wait.  I am still in Ohio visiting with my mother and her new computer is giving me fits............  I will post a photo once I return home, with my framed Rising Doves. 

I worked non-stop for an entire week, the last day working 17hours straight, only stopping to stretch and eat.  I must be crazy, but mom and made an appointment with the framer and I didn't want to waste the trip and not have RD's finished.  I worked until midnight, went to bed, got up at 6am, had some tea and toast, then sat for one more hour to place in the final stitches.  What a great feeling that was......

After leaving the framers, we drove over to a wonderful stitching store,(CraftyEwe).  I was hoping to purchase linen for my next project, "Mary Ann Macdonald".  Unfortunately, the linen I chose was not available, but had been ordered a few days before.  With any luck, I will be picking up my framed RD's and the linen will be in as well.  Mary Ann, will have to wait for her first stitch, until I return home on Saturday.  I am really looking forward to starting something new, especially knowing, it isn't all fill in and isn't all the same stitches.......

I have enjoyed seeing everyone's posts and progress.  Keep up the wonderful stitching.
Congratulations Krista!! I will mail off your prize tomorrow morning.
Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. This was so much fun!Sometimes it really is more fun to give than receive! A big thank you to Nicola for all her help.

Elizabeth Shephard is finished

Hi All,

I completed Elizabeth Shephard yesterday.  This was such a fun stitch for me and it went very quickly. Here is a pic of the completed piece and some of my favorite motifs.

Finished 10-26-13
Love the little birds
I think the little bits of pink really add to this piece.

I stitched Elizabeth on 40ct Vintage Bisque by Lakeside Linens with the recommended AVAS silks.

Elizabeth also brought me luck as I won the last draw.  Thank you so much Nicola.

Nicola offered to let me get a gift certificate if that was easier than the chart and 1 yard of linen.  I went ahead and chose the gift certificate.  I plan to purchase charts for the pieces I have been inspired to stitch due to my participation on this blog.  I am having a fabulous time stitching the Scarlet Letter samplers with all of you.  Thank you so much Nicola and everyone else for this wonderful opportunity.   I will post a pic as soon as I receive the charts (I have to order them first).

Happy Stitching.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Four Seasons update

Hello everyone,

It has been a month since my last post. I've made no progress on the Lady & the Castle (there have been other things to do during weekend daylight hours), but I have done a bit more on Four Seasons:

(This is a scan. It doesn't photograph well in gloomy weather.)

The green fabric is surprisingly easy to work on. And doing cross-stitch over 2 on 25 count is a real treat after doing so much tent stitch on 35 count. There is a bit of improvisation on the windows because I used the wrong color green to fill them in.

It is hard to believe that it is almost the end of October. The year has gone very quickly, but I see that there are now 110(!) finishes in the gallery. I'm hoping to add Four Seasons by the end of this year and Lady and the Castle next year. Thank you once again Nicola for working out a way for the group to continue.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Introducing The Parrot. . .

And a snake.

Here is where I was on PLL a few weeks ago:

And here is where I was as of last night:
40 count, Ant white Newcastle linen
over 2 with AVAS
The parrot has appeared.  As has the snake.  And various flowers, leaves, branches and grasses.  And part of one paw of the lion.  Actually, although you can't really tell from the photo, there are four colors represented:  black, dark brown, dark blue-green, and dark blue.  It's even hard to tell them apart up close.
I thought I'd get bored just outlining, but this piece has been really fun to do.  And I can't wait to see how the flowers literally bloom with color.
Happy stitching.
Sharon H.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hi, friends. It's been quite a while since you've heard from me. Spring and summer brought travels and visiting family, but now with the coming of colder weather to my corner of Wisconsin, it's time to settle back down.

I'm seldom without a needle of some kind in my hand, but spread my time among quilting, knitting, and stitchery projects. And I will confess being somewhat unfaithful to Margret Lawrance as I worked on a big quilt and several knit scarves and shawls in the last few months.

Hand to heart, my new intention is to spend some time every day from now on with Margret Lawrance, and see if I can get her finished up. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the idea of backed up (and stacked up) stitchery projects. After being away from cross stitch for 20 years, I now have FOUR more projects waiting in the wings after this one. Happy Sunday to everyone.

Goal Met

HI All,

I met my goal to get the last motif in the third row completed on Elizabeth Shephard.  Now I can roll the scroll down to the last row.  I am almost there.

For some reason I have a hard time getting a good picture of this one.  It looks better if you enlarge it.

Happy Stitching.
Dawn M

Elizabeth Harborne... taking a break...

Well, after resisting the temptations of recent days...
kitting up one of the 'new' samplers ....
Margret Gatis - 40ct. Sandstone 
I gave in to the urge to start something that has been on my list for a while .....
will still continue working on Elizabeth Harborne but I 'need' to work on "a proper
carrier" for my threads that is all my own...!!!

I have a finish!!  I never thought I would be posting a finish in this blog. Here I am posting one.  I finished this a few minutes ago. 

I stitched  this on 35 ct linen from Vikki Clayton with HDF fibers Gandy Dancer 1107, Isle Green 3215, Delphinium and Quince 1409.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Elizabeth Harborne or a new start?


Thanks to Elizabeth's gift certificate I was enticed into giving in and ordering all sorts of things on my birthday....well, this afternoon the box of goodies from Marsha arrived!  I used the gift certificate to get two charts that have been on my 'wish list' for a long time...   can you guess which ones?

Here they are :   Ann Scutt and Margret Gatis

So are you now wondering...... is that it? Well, when I was on the SL website I found many more things ;) and  decided to add to the $60 certificate as my present to myself.... and I got these :
Books that have been on my list for a while : Feller Collection 2,  Elizabethan Needlework and the Ashmolean Museum catalog! 
and now you are all wondering what surprise overstock book Marsha included since this order was well over $75 as stated in the October newsletter?...... I was most eager to see the surprise book too BUT she forgot.... ;(  but wrote that she will include it with my NEXT order..... golly!... I had made up my mind that I was going to work only on things in my stash this year and get things that have been 'in the works' finished up and was doing just fine until Nicola posted a picture of that great tool box - which started Elizabeth Harborne and now I have to resist the temptations within the SL pamphlets which were in the box
as well as resist starting Ann Scutt and Margret Gatis!!!!
Anyway, thanks again Elizabeth for the gift certificate and thanks to my husband (or myself;0) for giving me the other books as a birthday present... 
SO now we'll have to see how disciplined I feel like being.... finish Elizabeth Harborne, then Dorcas and all the other samplers, or start Ann Scutt or order more from Marsha JUST to get the missing overstock surprise book.....

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Elizabeth Harborne - stitch direction, briefly

I did not think that my last posts would generate such interest. 
Just a quick post on stitch direction - I promise to take the time to discuss this in greater detail a bit later this year.  For now, here is a picture of E. Harborne - check out how the direction of the satin stitches at the base of the small flowers affects the flow of the piece... it does matter ...
I discuss this a bit more with a few more pictures on my blog for those of you who are interested and hope that I am not boring too many of you... please forgive me if I am ... I know I am nuts!;)
Elizabeth Harborne - Stitch direction
The Song of my Needle

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Pattern Record

Pattern Record

One more band completed.  Two more to go and then I will have a finish !!  I finished this band last last night.  I tried to post this morning but for some reason the blog kept locking up.

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 28

Continuing on with finishing the bands I had not fully completed yet...
Thanks to all of you who scrutinized my stitching and assessed the bullions... as  I was stitching them in hand they seemed a bit looser and more raised to me.  After seeing your comments and polling family I decided to hold off with a decision on this and just move to another area... I am so glad I did because after looking at them today I have decided that I will not take them all out and stitch in hand  etc. - I will just get all the other areas finished and then do the bullions last.

Now on to other areas that had given me reasons to pause - there were no notes on stitch direction so I wanted to revisit this issue after getting a feel for the whole sampler.  Notice how the stitch direction affects the reflections of the silk (this will also happen with cotton floss)... used different diagonals in the petals to lend the rather free form flower some whimsy in this band :


Elizabeth Harborne - Day 28
The Song of my Needle
More on the topic of stitch direction in this band also... will continue with this later... too tired tonight to add all the pictures and details
Elizabeth Harborne - Day 28
The Song of my Needle
More pictures on this on my blog ....