Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Friday, 18 October 2013

Elizabeth Harborne or a new start?


Thanks to Elizabeth's gift certificate I was enticed into giving in and ordering all sorts of things on my birthday....well, this afternoon the box of goodies from Marsha arrived!  I used the gift certificate to get two charts that have been on my 'wish list' for a long time...   can you guess which ones?

Here they are :   Ann Scutt and Margret Gatis

So are you now wondering...... is that it? Well, when I was on the SL website I found many more things ;) and  decided to add to the $60 certificate as my present to myself.... and I got these :
Books that have been on my list for a while : Feller Collection 2,  Elizabethan Needlework and the Ashmolean Museum catalog! 
and now you are all wondering what surprise overstock book Marsha included since this order was well over $75 as stated in the October newsletter?...... I was most eager to see the surprise book too BUT she forgot.... ;(  but wrote that she will include it with my NEXT order..... golly!... I had made up my mind that I was going to work only on things in my stash this year and get things that have been 'in the works' finished up and was doing just fine until Nicola posted a picture of that great tool box - which started Elizabeth Harborne and now I have to resist the temptations within the SL pamphlets which were in the box
as well as resist starting Ann Scutt and Margret Gatis!!!!
Anyway, thanks again Elizabeth for the gift certificate and thanks to my husband (or myself;0) for giving me the other books as a birthday present... 
SO now we'll have to see how disciplined I feel like being.... finish Elizabeth Harborne, then Dorcas and all the other samplers, or start Ann Scutt or order more from Marsha JUST to get the missing overstock surprise book.....


Debbie Bauer said...

Oh my, Nupur it looks like you are having such fun (with your shopping spree)! Enjoy and have fun with your new stash and books.

Lelia said...

Oh so much fun to see your new stash! Ann Scutt is a delightful sampler. Choose what makes you smile & enjoy

Elizabeth said...

Lovely to see what you have chosen Nupur. Happy Stitching.