Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Saturday, 12 October 2013

pictures finally

Well I am finally attempting to post pictures of the samplers that I posted earlier this year that I had  finished.   First, is Jean Scrimgower, that was a 20+years something WIP  only a third done:  it is still not framed.... second  is Martha Salter finished in May, after being a WIP for 10+years...Hopefully, I will get better at this!!!!! Martha is framed beautifully by my LNS, In Stitches.  Next week I will have finished another SL... until then Carol M


Theresa said...

OH, how BEAUTIFUL are those!


And what a great encouragement and work of perseverance to
those of us who may have some long-lasting wips!

thanks for the lovely photos,
they are so inspiring!

Lanie said...

Carol, your Martha Salter is absolutely beautiful ... love, love, love it!
She looks perfect all framed up. Hang her with pride! :)

Jenny said...

These are just beautiful Carol! I love them both.

Bhooma said...

Both are beautiful!!

Krista said...

Gorgeous finishes!

Nicola said...


Oh Carol the pleasure I get from seeing such work. Thank you, thank you for sharing :o))

Cindy L said...

Carol, both finishes are gorgeous! Glad you were able to post your photos.