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Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Eunice Birchard's Sampler

Hello everyone,

    I have finished Eunice's sampler.  The instructions said to always follow the graph and not the photo, all the over one was to be done in black. The main graph showed the symbol for black but the enlarged graph on the side switched the symbol to the olive green. I have seen photos with the over one in both colors but decided to follow the instructions. Also I never found out what the letters "RT" in the box in the lower right corner stood for so I stitched my initials.

The pink(DMC 224) does not show up well in the photo. The verse is: " When this you see thik(not my spelling error) of me" I am using the 30ct fabric from the kit (my friends each got different fabric in theirs) and DMC threads. The stitches are cross, rice and over one.
I am waiting for my next order and excited to see that Eliza Tagg will be released in a couple days. I plan on working on a few ornaments and get ready for the holidays in the mean time. It is very cold today here in the Midwest!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful stitching w/e and enjoy the holidays!
Cindy L


Lanie said...

Your stitching is lovely, Cindy. 'Eunice' is such a charming sampler, although I think I fell in love with her too late as I cannot find her on the SL website :(
I think there are many who join in your excitement for the release of 'Eliza Tagg' ... she is a pretty one!
brrrr ... it's cold ... too cold! ... in Pennsylvania also! Stay warm and enjoy your ornament stitching!

Faye said...

I love this stunner!!

Lelia said...

Beautiful stitching! lovely, congrats

Jenny said...

Beautiful finish. Congratulations!

Bethany said...

Lovely sampler. You did a beautiful job. Congratulations...

Nicola said...

Eunice is a charmer, well done on finishing her,

Theresa said...

What a pretty sampler and I especially
love that linen color.

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Congratulations on your finish.
A sweet sampler.