Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Technical Difficulties (or, the dog ate my homework : )

hello everyone,
Last time I posted I had a row of crowns to stitch on Sarah Limah.  I finished that row and have the next verse almost done!
However.  I can't post a picture (yet), because my girls took my camera with them to KY.  Here they are (this is last year's photo, but it really is them):
The girls left early this a.m. to attend the National 4H Horse Competition.  Debra (the 3rd from left) will be competing in Hippology and she has been studying hard for months!  (they ask questions about horse anatomy/physiology, breeds, diseases, etc).
The GOOD news is that I can borrow Michael's cell phone because he will be home tomorrow and I can take pictures on his phone.  (My phone takes lousy pictures).  Our other camera isn't that great either, so I was happy to lend the girls mine for their trip.
See how happy Michael looks here?  (he knows I am coming to ask him another question about why my computer is acting up again.  : )
So, (if I can figure out how to use Michael's camera and download the pics to my computer) I will be posting an update to where I finished last month, here:
and meanwhile, I will just:
happy Stitching everyone!  (by the way I am so excited seeing all the photos and so inspired!)


Merry Wind Farm said...

That is such a pretty sampler. Is that a statue of Secretariat?

Bethany said...

Wow, sounds like it took a family to post your progress. Your sampler is Looking great. What would we do without our children.

Kim Hummel said...

I recently purchases this sampler after seeing your lovely pictures.

Nicola said...

An enjoyable post Teresa, you have a beautiful family.