Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Friday, 31 January 2014

Update on Ann Hair

No photo today, but several of you asked questions about my post from a few days ago

Bethany, I'm using 36-count linen and silk thread.

Nicola and Bethany, I did decide to rip out all of the grass.  It was not an easy decision for several reasons---it had taken me many, many hours to stitch the grass and took more than two full skeins of silk.  Also the chart called for satin stitches.  

I have decided that my Ann Hair will be an adaptation instead of a true reproduction because I'll be doing the grass in stem stitches instead.  I hate to vary from the chart on reproduction, but in this case I decided that is what I need to do.  It is not my norm to make changes to a reproduction.

Since posting my photo a few days ago, I have stitched one of the deer.  Hopefully I'll have a new photo soon...but I doubt there will be much stitching going on this weekend.  This afternoon and evening and most of tomorrow, my 3-year old grandson will be spending time with me while her parents move into their new home.  My husband will help them tomorrow.  I think I got the better end of the deal.  Don't you?

Sarah Harvey 1737 Update

How is everyone?

Not to bring up the ugly winter weather again but ........ !  Although, as it  has been mentioned before, the one bright side to being stuck indoors is that there is more time for stitching ... and I am thankful for that!  :)
In my last post I mentioned having some difficulty with the color palette with 'Miss Sarah' ... I thought she needed some brighter colors ... but after several attempts at changing some of the silks, I realized she was perfect just the way she was ... not all colors are on my favorites list ... but I have grown to really like her ... quirky color palette and all!

I'm working on the alphabet section stitched with eyelet stitch over 4, but as you can see, have also started several other bands. Occasionally I need a little break from all those eyelets!
Other than the eyelets, stitches on 'Sarah Harvey' are all regular cross stitch over 2. The only section that differs from that is the bottom section ... 
  ... it is worked in regular cross stitch over 2 and then outlined with stem stitch. I have the top cluster of leaves completed ... can you see the outline in the photo? I have never stitched this technique before and I'm still not 100% sure I am executing it correctly. The overall effect is fairly subtle, although it does add a little dimension and it softens the edges. I like it ... and I am itching to stitch more of this section, but the deal is I must finish the top row of the alphabet first and then I will reward myself!  If anyone has stitched this technique, I would appreciate any secrets/helpful hints.
I would love to have 'Sarah' completed by the end of the SLY ... we'll see how it goes. I think it all depends on how dilegent I am stitching those eyelets!
So that's about it ... I must drag myself out of the house this afternoon to complete a few errands that cannot be put off any longer. The temperatures in our part of Pennsylvania are actually going to warm up for the next few days ... yipee!
Happy Friday ... Happy Weekend!

Freelove Hazard Finished

Well when I joined Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year I never thought as a beginner in sampler stitching that I would complete TWO samplers in a year, but I have done it! Stitching Freelove has been fun, I just love the way this 10 year old threw in her numbers at the end of the text lines when there was room.


Freelove Hazard was stitched on tea dyed 25 count linen with DMC flosses. I received a new Scarlet Letter kit for Christmas from my sweet daughter. She choose it out herself and I don't believe I have seen anyone stitching it on the blogs. I was going to start it in a month or so to give me the chance to finish a couple other projects but we will see how long I can wait. Until then, happy stitching all!



Thursday, 30 January 2014

Getting Close to a Finish

  I have been working hard to get this finished by the end of the month and once again, it is taking longer than I thought.  I finished the last large floral band this afternoon and now have just the lettering at the bottom to complete. (Please excuse the shadow.  I have no idea what that is!!)

AW 1662
38 ct. Italian Linen w/ DMC

  Lettering goes pretty quickly so even though I won't make the end of the month deadline I was aiming for, I should have it on the completed list by the time the Olympics start!!

For Love of the Needle

Emma Miles 1848

 My 1st Sampler (Pretty much my 1st cross stitch - embroidery) I really need to work on my photography skills. Can't wait to get it framed!
Now I get to chose my next sampler. I will probably lie awake half the night trying to decide.

She's a BIG girl!!!

You probably thought I had dropped out of the group since I'm not very regular with my contributions. Well, I'm still around and still working on Ann Hair.  I think the end is in sight.   

I never thought I'd get through with all those lines of text stitched over one linen thread.  I've also been frustrated by how much the thread dyelots have changed over the years.  Regardless I have persevered.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

An Invitation - Ellenor Wykcs a 17th century band sampler

I have fallen in love with band samplers after seeing Tommye, Nupur, Barbara H & G, Bhooma and Kate stitching theirs.

I have been apprehensive about some of the speciality stitches they require but I realise that with the knowledge we have in the group their is always someone who is able to help.

Would you like to stitch a band sampler?

Ellenor Wykcs is a great one to start with (no trellis or detached buttonhole) - enlarge this photo and see just how beautiful she is.  The stitches used are cross, double running, counted satin and Montenegrin cross. For me I worry about turning in curves not corners on Monetenegrin but I have decided to put my big girl's blouse on with my Proper Stitch page (23 to 29 bookmarked) to hand and stitch this stunning sampler.

Kate and Krista are stitching with me and we would like to invite you to join us. 

Ellenor is stitched on 35 ct and measures 7.5" x 29" and will be a great addition to your sampler wall.

I will post close up photos of each section as I stitch them. 

Will you join us?

2 Weeks Short A Year

Just a quick post to say I finished Emma Miles!! And yes it took me something like 2 weeks short of a year to accomplish! She is still on the frame and if I have time tomorrow I will take her off, press and take a picture.
Hugs Debbie

Monday, 27 January 2014

Mery Cox

I finished Mery Cox last night but had trouble down loading the picture from my camera  Here she is, fully finished  I substituted trellis stitches with stem stitches
This is my second SL finish!

This is worked o Frosted Vanilla from Sassy's Fabby and HDF fibers

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 30 ... Completed all bands....a finish?

I had planned to finish Elizabeth Harborne around Christmas time last year but then had forgotten to take the instructions with me on our travels.... anyway, at this point all the bands have been stitched completely ... like I said a long while ago this is not a "true" reproduction of the sampler as charted...
I've added stitches, changed colors, interpreted stitch direction etc.

At the moment I am still trying to decide if I should change the cream area in the diamond band... more close ups and discussion on this topic on my blog... I would greatly appreciate your input.  I changed things to try and only use the silk skein I was currently using and not start a new skein... I am just going to let it 'sit' for awhile and then make a decision if I take things out and restitch areas etc.... more on . Looking forward to hearing from you.

So here is Elizabeth Harborne as of this morning - it was a fun sampler and a great experience to share my progress with you all - thank you for all your comments!  I normally just stitch in my 'own little private space' - it was an interesting experience to share things with you all... and thanks Nicola for 'enticing' me .

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 30 Completed sampler
The Song of my Needle

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 30 Top portion
The Song of my Needle

  Please excuse the waviness of the fabric - just unrolled the fabric and took the pictures.  I still have to decide which stitch I want in the diamond band (leave it as is, restitch in fishbone all over, or change everything to fly stitch), then check everything and do all the finishing and hopefully get to framing it before it disappears into the 'finished drawers'.  Have the frame etc. already to try and stop that habit from continuing ;)... but there is a stack of frames 'hanging out' and it is so much more fun stitching!

Elizabeth Sheffield WIP 1-25-14

I have been frantically working on Elizabeth Sheffield in hopes of getting her finished before the middle of February.  I have so loved working on her but have had a few things going on that slowed me down a bit.  I am diligently working to get her finished before the year is up as I want to have her posted in the finishes for Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year.  I love this blog and want to do more Scarlet Letter projects too.  This one will be a favorite when framed and hanging in my house.  My husband will build the frame for her when finished when he finds the time.


Isn't this a lovely band?
I was busy over Christmas and started two pretties! 
...and the colours and shapes are so madly happy in this that it makes me smile every time I unfold it.

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 29 / Trellis stitch variations

I am a bit behind in my posts  - completed this band last Sunday as Bhooma and I corresponded about
the trellis stich.  I had suggested a few links and ideas - it can be a bit time consuming in the beginning and I had suggested that perhaps a combination of satin and trellis stitch may be a way to ease into it.
Anyway, I am going back and working all the raised stitches and bands that I had left unstitched on Elizabeth Harborne - interesting to note that these same bands had elements that had not appealed to me for various reasons....
For those of you who are interested, you can read and see much more about the trellis stitch and its variations, my choices and changes of color and stitch placement in this band below, on my blog.

Here is the band the way I chose to finish it - it is still a bit strange in my opinion but at least adding trellis stitch, queen/ rococo  stitch, some padding, bullions in various ways etc. made it a bit more fun to stitch.

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 29

Friday, 24 January 2014

Ta Ta for now

Hello all,

I am sorry to say that even though I still stalk view (and love) everyones work, I have not worked on a SL piece in months. I still have them in my to do pile list and will get to them (eventually), but since I do not see myself getting back to my SL pieces until later this year, I am going to let my spot go to another stitcher so I (and everyone else) can still be inspired by their work.

I want to thank all of you for helping me to expand my stitching horizons and encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone.

Thank you,
Angela CG

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Almost finished with Ann Hall

Putting this sampler aside for a few days while I decide which silk to use for the flesh on both the cherubs and Adam and Eve.  Decisions, decisions....  Oh, I did change the requested red silk to the lovely Glorianna Cranberry silk.  It is rich and vibrant, one of my all time favorites.

Ann Hall
40 ct linen, AVAS

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

More Jean Scrimgeowr

This sampler continues to be an exercise in diligence and focus.  Lots of the little tendrils on band two are shaped differently, the vine is not symmetrical, the spacing of the flowers with respect to the vine varies…  And I love it!  

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Back to Elizabeth Harborne - Day 28

Went back to Elizabeth Harborne yesterday to finish up some of the bands that required textured stitches. 
So here is some progress on two bands after last night ; 
more pictures on

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 28
The Song of my Needle

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Close up of the band that calls for trellis stitch.  I am almost ready to give up
on trellis and settle on satin stitch.
Well,  All I have left in this sampler is filling in  the band I skipped.  I am going to attempt trellis stitch in this band.  If it looks awful, I will switch to satin stitch.  One way or another, I am hoping to finish this by next week.

Status report - after Day 6 : Ann Scutt & Margret Gatis

I thought it would be good to post a picture of both of the recent samplers I started working on - they have both provided me with hours of enjoyable stitching - good way to end 2013 and usher in 2014.
Here is my progress after 6 days on working on both - more on all this and other things on my blog . 
Thanks to Nicola, Elizabeth and Marcia for 'enabling' me and making this 'addition' to my stitching
'to-do list' so easy!

Progress report - after Day 6 : Ann Scutt (on left) and Margret Gatis (on right)

Friday, 17 January 2014

Update for AW 1662

  I haven't posted here for a while and thought I would show the latest pics of my progress on AW 1662.  I have finally gotten it back into a rotation and seeing Wilma's progress the other day really lit a fire under me!!

   I am just at the start of the checkerboard band so I am really getting excited about that!!  It is nearly at the bottom so I hope to be able to show a finish soon!

For Love of the Needle

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Thank you

Sarah Dutnel Arrived

Thank you Nicola
Something to look forward to...

Ann Scutt - Day 6 ... a little more progress

I am enjoying working on this ... did not have a lot of energy today after work so here is the progress as of this evening after about an hour.

Ann Scutt - Day 6
The Song of my Needle


More on my blog :

Appil Update

I'm back to regular stitching and hoping to get more accomplished on Appil.  I really didn't like the thread color for Adam and Eve's skin so after a consultation with experts at the local shop's stitch and b!tch I changed it.  I'm very pleased with the new color although I hadn't started filling in the bodies when I took the picture below.  It's a little eerie with their heads rolled over on the scroll bars!  I hadn't noticed that until now.  I'm enjoying the stitching and hope to have more to share before too long.  Thanks for the color consult KB and LC!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Eliza Tagg

Hello everyone,

I had planned on posting an update on Eliza yesterday but when I was getting her ready for her photo shoot, I found a stitch that came undone and needed to fix it. Like so many this past month, I also had a visit from that darn frog. I had to rip the stepped lozenge on the right side but at least I discovered the mistake before I got to far along.

I have had problems all day trying to upload photos to blogger. I saw a comment that Bethany made that she used her husband's computer (thanks Bethany) because she had problems with hers. It can be very frustrating.

I do love the new gallery and seeing all the photos. It makes the samplers come alive seeing everyone's work. I find myself looking at it often when there is not any new stitching photos online and trying to decide what to do next. Just need to find more time.....!

Happy New Year to all!

Some more by Dorothy

Is little progress.

Miss Marion Has Returned

Hello everyone!

Isn't it just the best day when your stitching returns home from the framers?!!!

My 'Marion Robertson' returned home today ...

Jill Rensel and her staff did a wonderful job, as usual ... and I am very pleased with the results!
In other news, progress on 'Sarah Harvey' has come to a standstill. When I started stitching her I thought she needed a little freshing up so I brightened a few of her colors. I looked at my progress over the weekend and thought ooohhh, no no ... too much!!!
So yesterday and today I've spent the day unstitching and trying other colors ... but nothing was really working. Finally about an hour ago I came to the realization that stitching her as originally charted was what suited her the best. Not sure what I was thinking ... I don't sound too crazy, do I?!!!
I'll be back next week ... or possibly later this week ... with some progress photos.
Lots of fabulous stitching out there ... I love reading all the posts!

Wind Blows Update

I have a quick update on The Wind Blows.  I am very much enjoying this piece.  The Queen is done and the King is so close but I just didn't have the time to get his legs finished.  Next time ....
Sorry about the shadow.  I didn't realize it was there until now.

Dawn M

Monday, 13 January 2014

Jean Scrimgeowr Update

Jean Scrimgeowr continues to enchant me. 
There are a lot of asymmetrical aspects to this piece (thank you, CarolM, for warning me!) that require focus and diligent counting. 

All three flowers on the first band are different and the spacing between them is different too, even though, at first glance, it is not apparent.

Ann Scutt & Margret Gatis

Ann Scutt - Day 5

I decided to go back to Ann Scutt tonight.
Ann Scutt - Day 5
The Song of my Needle

More on

Another auction note - Elizabeth Sheffield

The original Elizabeth Sheffield sampler is also going up for auction, at Sotheby's, Jan. 25th.

Auction listing

I thought this was in the collection of the American Folk Art Museum, but the museum has had financial problems in recent years and there was discussion of possibly having to close it and disperse the collections.  I'm not up to date on the current events, but it looks like they are in fact selling at least part of their holdings.

Sad day.....

Quick note on Lydia Hart

Back on Sept 27, Nicola posted a photo of Barbara G's "Lydia Hart" on blog 1. I discovered today that the original is being auctioned at Sotheby's, auction estimate $30,000-40,000 USD. .

Sunday, 12 January 2014

After a long break, I decided to pick up Mery Cox again.  I skipped the band that calls for trellis stitch and went on to stitch the next two bands.  I have three more bands left to stitch, not counting the "trellis band".  I may get to finish my second Scarlet Letter sampler after all.

Friday, 10 January 2014

My first Scarlet Letter SAL (or, ummm.....err....when you don't know what to say!)

I hemmed and hawed last year I must confess.  I saw the blogs talking about Nicola's Scarlet letter year and I wanted to sign up.  But, I am really not that experienced in stitching as many of the bloggers I was reading were!

So, I waited....and the blog filled up.  I had never participated in a Stitch-a-long before. But it didn't look too hard...oh well, too late now!

But, wait...then I saw they had another blog and even though January 2013 had gone by they were still taking stitchers!  Maybe, just maybe, I could do this!

So, I did it.  I signed up.  After a while I found stitching E. Raysor was a blast and I actually finished it, not too shabby really, and LOOK at what EVERYONE was doing! WOW!  I was loving reading the posts each month, reading the interviews, going to the photobuckets and seeing all the wonderful samplers on the stitcher's walls!  What fun!

Then I won a sampler from Queenstown Samplers, and that was a real boost as I never really won anything before!  Wow again!  I am still choosing the right fabric that I want to do this one on.

December rolled around and I was wondering about posting or not.  My Sarah Limah was going ok but I was stuck on the satin stitching....and my camera wasn't in yet that the kids had ordered for me.  Finally it came just in time, and I decided to post anyway.  Then, a few days later, I noticed something else...a Teresa had won the drawing!  Oh wait, that's not me.  Too bad.  Better luck next time!

Then I noticed a few days later that Nicola was telling me to email her.  Could I have been wrong? was I the right Teresa? (yup.  I WAS!)

You cannot imagine my surprise when I found I had won December's drawing!  WOW!  And the gift certificate came on Christmas Eve.  I had just said goodbye to my daughter Megan as she left at 5 am the day before for her flight back to Kentucky (she works in the ICU at the equine hospital, and two foals came a month early), so was feeling a bit sad as Christmas would be different this year with no Megan.  We had our Christmas on the 22nd actually.... so getting the gift certificate in the mail was such a boost.  What would I choose though?  there were so many lovely samplers to choose from.

The day after Christmas I became ill and for five days had this yucky fluey thing.  However I spent MANY happy hours while sick in bed, browsing the gallery, browsing your stitching blogs, looking at the Scarlett Letter site, going back and forth, trying to decide what called to me most.

Here is what I decided:  ( (I am so sorry this is so long but if you guys knew what a process this was for me! : )

I had always loved Jean Scrimgeowr, and I had seen IAMEK on this blog and fell in love with it. (I am not sure if the Darlene that stitched it is the Darlene of Needles' Prayse or not....some of you ladies that are more savvy in the stitching world would know).

I don't know if you can see this photo well or not, but you can tell from the picture above on Plum Street Sampler's blog, that the sampler is awesome, and there are quite a few scarlett letter ones done!

I thought, WOW (again!)  Maybe someday I will have some sampler walls like that!

So, that is the story.  Thank you, Nicola. (for your generosity and loving nurturing of your fellow stitchers!)  Thank you, Marsha (for designing and inspiring and excellent service).  Thank you, fellow stitchers (for your encouragement and stitching savvy and inspiration!)

I can't wait to start.  : )