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Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A short report from a long-lost stitcher

Hi Everybody!

I haven't stitched anything at all for about seven months.  Over the summer and fall, we log a lot of road miles tending to our family's summer cottage rentals seven hours away, and knitting projects just proved to be more portable.  I meant to pick it up again when we came back from Thanksgiving and life settled down again, but what I picked up instead were some nasty bugs: a strep infection and a bad case of bronchitis took me out for almost three weeks.  That was promptly followed by the Great Ice Storm of 2013 that took out our electrical service for a whopping ten days, and right now I need to go out and deal with the aftermath of the Great Arctic Blast that dumped sixteen inches of snow on us over the weekend.  The forecasters say it might actually *rain* this coming weekend, and if I don't chisel out my car before then, I probably won't be able to move it again until the entire mess melts.  I never realized the day would come where 18 degrees outside would actually feel like a mini heat wave, but here we are.

This has been a very weird winter.  I devoutly hope it never happens again.

But Before That....I promised to post a picture of Rachel Jarrat, Band 7.  Only, Blogger is refusing to let me insert a picture.  It insists that I sign in to my online storage - which I don't have - and then tells me the feature is unavailable, please try again later.




Nicola said...

Oh bless you Kate you have had a run of things.

I am so pleased to be stitching Rachel with you. Band 7 is totally out of my comfort zone but following your lead will make it doable for me.

Theresa said...

Wow what a time you have had!
Being ill is bad enough but losing electricity for that long and the winter weather too...
we were so happy that it got up to 15 degrees here today!
At least the next few days temps look much better.

Hope better things are ahead for you very soon, and that when it feels right, you can find some
consolation in picking up your needlework again.
Best wishes to you!

PoundingSand said...

The plan is to get the framework for the eyelets and the queen stitch sides in, then go back for the central flower. I made a minor goof up in Band 6 and started the bottom of the flower stem too high - don't want to do that again.

I enjoy queen stitch, and even those blasted little eyelets, but frogging them is out of the question. Any mistakes I make in this section are staying!

Scarlet Letter said...

What a terrible polar saga! How did you manage to stay warm and keep the water pipes from freezing without power for that long? Cold hands and needles are incompatible.

PoundingSand said...

It wasn't so dreadfully cold during the outage and the house is insulated well enough that the indoor temps didn't go lower than mid-40s. Not pleasant, but not pipe-freezing. Six days in, a friend brought us a small generator, enough for the gas furnace, the fridge, and some lights.

What I REALLY missed was hot water. And our extended family Christmas celebrations have been postponed until Easter.