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Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

An Invitation - Ellenor Wykcs a 17th century band sampler

I have fallen in love with band samplers after seeing Tommye, Nupur, Barbara H & G, Bhooma and Kate stitching theirs.

I have been apprehensive about some of the speciality stitches they require but I realise that with the knowledge we have in the group their is always someone who is able to help.

Would you like to stitch a band sampler?

Ellenor Wykcs is a great one to start with (no trellis or detached buttonhole) - enlarge this photo and see just how beautiful she is.  The stitches used are cross, double running, counted satin and Montenegrin cross. For me I worry about turning in curves not corners on Monetenegrin but I have decided to put my big girl's blouse on with my Proper Stitch page (23 to 29 bookmarked) to hand and stitch this stunning sampler.

Kate and Krista are stitching with me and we would like to invite you to join us. 

Ellenor is stitched on 35 ct and measures 7.5" x 29" and will be a great addition to your sampler wall.

I will post close up photos of each section as I stitch them. 

Will you join us?


Tommye said...

Nicola, I'm so excited for you!! You are going to have such a great time with all those specialty stitches, none of which are very hard. It will open up a whole new world of stitching for you!

I won't be able to work with you on this one, but I will follow your progress very closely!


Jenny said...

This is such a beautiful sampler Nicola! It will be so much fun to watch everyone's progress reports on her! I read Lanie's comment on blog one and I had to smile. I will join her on the sidelines cheering you on...Go Team Ellenor!

Theresa said...

This is so beautiful! Wish I could join the SAL but have too much on my plate right now and want to finish a couple other scarlett letter samplers...however it will be fun seeing the photos and updates! Colors in this are gorgeous.

Sharon H said...

Can't wait to see the progress, but I have too many other SAL/KAL/OtherAL's in progress that 2014 has been deemed the year to finish some things. But I will be joining others in the cheering section - Go Team Ellenor!!

Ann said...

Oh, this is such a temptation--dare I add another sampler to the Overly Ambitious list for 2014? This was the first SL I bought and I don't know why I've been "saving" it!

SonjaC said...

I, too, have way too many other things started to be able to do this one but, wow, is it gorgeous! I have it on my "I want" list but I have to complete the other two SL samplers first. I can't wait to see it finished.

Cheryl Matzker said...

Love the colors and satin stitches in this sampler. I am having difficulty making out the color chart. Sadly I am not as young as I used to be and my eyes are not cooperating. My biggest problem is with the 3 red colors of the color chart. I can't make them out.