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Margaret Randolph
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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 30 ... Completed all bands....a finish?

I had planned to finish Elizabeth Harborne around Christmas time last year but then had forgotten to take the instructions with me on our travels.... anyway, at this point all the bands have been stitched completely ... like I said a long while ago this is not a "true" reproduction of the sampler as charted...
I've added stitches, changed colors, interpreted stitch direction etc.

At the moment I am still trying to decide if I should change the cream area in the diamond band... more close ups and discussion on this topic on my blog... I would greatly appreciate your input.  I changed things to try and only use the silk skein I was currently using and not start a new skein... I am just going to let it 'sit' for awhile and then make a decision if I take things out and restitch areas etc.... more on . Looking forward to hearing from you.

So here is Elizabeth Harborne as of this morning - it was a fun sampler and a great experience to share my progress with you all - thank you for all your comments!  I normally just stitch in my 'own little private space' - it was an interesting experience to share things with you all... and thanks Nicola for 'enticing' me .

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 30 Completed sampler
The Song of my Needle

Elizabeth Harborne - Day 30 Top portion
The Song of my Needle

  Please excuse the waviness of the fabric - just unrolled the fabric and took the pictures.  I still have to decide which stitch I want in the diamond band (leave it as is, restitch in fishbone all over, or change everything to fly stitch), then check everything and do all the finishing and hopefully get to framing it before it disappears into the 'finished drawers'.  Have the frame etc. already to try and stop that habit from continuing ;)... but there is a stack of frames 'hanging out' and it is so much more fun stitching!


Maria del Valle said...

Wow, stunning finish!! Congratulations!
I think that with your good taste, any election will be fine

Lelia said...

Congrats! So lovely ; )

Nicola said...

Oh Nupur - so very, very beautiful. I have enjoyed popping over to your blog. I feel as if I learn something every time you post.

You are an inspiration.

Nicola said...

P.S. - I have had trouble commenting on your personal blog.

Bethany said...

Love Love Love and your blog is also wonderful.

Lanie said...

WOW Nupur! Congratulations! 'Elizabeth' is a true work of art. Would love to see her again after she is framed.
Look forward to following you on your next project.