Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Friday, 3 January 2014

Freelove Hazard, Getting Closer

Happy New Year

I am moving right along with Freelove Hazard and would really like to have her completed by the end of our year. I love what Nicola mentioned about bonding with your samplers in a recent post. I have really bonded with Freelove and love the way she hap"hazardly" threw in her numbers at the end of different lines of alphabets. I was not much of a math lover at 10 years old either. And in true Freelove form (there is no number 5 on the sampler) I have omitted the letter D on the first row.

I am just going to leave it, maybe my next Scarlet Letter sampler will be a true reproduction.


Happy Stitching All,




Tommye said...

lovely! well done.

and I call that 'personlization'.

Jenny said...

I am always amazed how much I "bond" with the sampler I am working on and then miss it when I have finished. It must be because we put so much of ourselves in the needlework that we do....Freelove looks wonderful... I love the way you made her your own :)

Jonette said...

Love this sampler! Beautiful stitching.

Nicola said...

Beautiful Cheri.

When we fall in love with a project an extra special thread is stitched into our linen that will bind us forever to our samplers.

Bethany said...

Did you omit the "D" on purpose? She is all yours now, to do as you wish. This is what makes this hobby so fun and interesting.

Cindy L said...