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Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Friday, 10 January 2014

My first Scarlet Letter SAL (or, ummm.....err....when you don't know what to say!)

I hemmed and hawed last year I must confess.  I saw the blogs talking about Nicola's Scarlet letter year and I wanted to sign up.  But, I am really not that experienced in stitching as many of the bloggers I was reading were!

So, I waited....and the blog filled up.  I had never participated in a Stitch-a-long before. But it didn't look too hard...oh well, too late now!

But, wait...then I saw they had another blog and even though January 2013 had gone by they were still taking stitchers!  Maybe, just maybe, I could do this!

So, I did it.  I signed up.  After a while I found stitching E. Raysor was a blast and I actually finished it, not too shabby really, and LOOK at what EVERYONE was doing! WOW!  I was loving reading the posts each month, reading the interviews, going to the photobuckets and seeing all the wonderful samplers on the stitcher's walls!  What fun!

Then I won a sampler from Queenstown Samplers, and that was a real boost as I never really won anything before!  Wow again!  I am still choosing the right fabric that I want to do this one on.

December rolled around and I was wondering about posting or not.  My Sarah Limah was going ok but I was stuck on the satin stitching....and my camera wasn't in yet that the kids had ordered for me.  Finally it came just in time, and I decided to post anyway.  Then, a few days later, I noticed something else...a Teresa had won the drawing!  Oh wait, that's not me.  Too bad.  Better luck next time!

Then I noticed a few days later that Nicola was telling me to email her.  Could I have been wrong? was I the right Teresa? (yup.  I WAS!)

You cannot imagine my surprise when I found I had won December's drawing!  WOW!  And the gift certificate came on Christmas Eve.  I had just said goodbye to my daughter Megan as she left at 5 am the day before for her flight back to Kentucky (she works in the ICU at the equine hospital, and two foals came a month early), so was feeling a bit sad as Christmas would be different this year with no Megan.  We had our Christmas on the 22nd actually.... so getting the gift certificate in the mail was such a boost.  What would I choose though?  there were so many lovely samplers to choose from.

The day after Christmas I became ill and for five days had this yucky fluey thing.  However I spent MANY happy hours while sick in bed, browsing the gallery, browsing your stitching blogs, looking at the Scarlett Letter site, going back and forth, trying to decide what called to me most.

Here is what I decided:  ( (I am so sorry this is so long but if you guys knew what a process this was for me! : )

I had always loved Jean Scrimgeowr, and I had seen IAMEK on this blog and fell in love with it. (I am not sure if the Darlene that stitched it is the Darlene of Needles' Prayse or not....some of you ladies that are more savvy in the stitching world would know).

I don't know if you can see this photo well or not, but you can tell from the picture above on Plum Street Sampler's blog, that the sampler is awesome, and there are quite a few scarlett letter ones done!

I thought, WOW (again!)  Maybe someday I will have some sampler walls like that!

So, that is the story.  Thank you, Nicola. (for your generosity and loving nurturing of your fellow stitchers!)  Thank you, Marsha (for designing and inspiring and excellent service).  Thank you, fellow stitchers (for your encouragement and stitching savvy and inspiration!)

I can't wait to start.  : )



Carmen Sutton said...

Yes I think this was what the year was all about!

Jenny said...

Love your sampler choices Theresa! They are both beautiful! I had to smile to was that very same post from Plum Street Samplers that led me on my search for Matilda Ann Charles. I was so drawn by her crooked band above the tree...I didn't know it was a SL sampler until I visited Marsh's site. I was so excited to find Matilda was a SL sampler because I had just joined too. Love your story!

Joanne O'H said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Theresa. And you are right - I think we are all very lucky to have Marsha, Nicola and Jo and all the hard work they have done on our behalf!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That's such a great post! Did you know people are still asking to join us? I never dreamed we'd have this many stitchers all across the world.

And isn't it a great feeling when you win something? So pleased it arrived to brighten your Christmas too.

Cindy L said...

Theresa, Congratulations on so many levels. I think you will have that sampler wall before you know it and look forward to the photos of it!

Theresa said...

Jenny, I was SO tempted to do
Matilda Charles after I saw yours
in the gallery! that is so beautiful! Actually it was a
hard choice, almost picked the Vierlanden one also...but there's always next year : )
thanks, all, for the comments; this has been a great experience for me.

Bethany said...

Aren't you glad you decided to take the jump and enjoy this wonderful group of stitcher. Looks like you are going to be busy this year.

Nicola said...

You make two lovely choices Theresa. I am so glad you made the leap and joined us.