Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Friday, 3 January 2014

Thank you for the gallery

To Nicola and Jo and everyone who has provided pictures or otherwise worked on it --

Thank you!!!! for taking the time and making the effort to create the gallery.

The pictures are inspiring. I know I'll spend hours comparing the differing interpretations of single designs -- and making lists of patterns that never spoke to me before I saw their photos in this gallery.

I love that you're tagging them with the SL chronological, geographic, etc., labels.

And now that this is up, I'll try to do my small part by seeing if I can fill in any gaps.


Elizabeth said...

Well said Erica. What a wonderful gift to all Scarlet Letter year enthusiasts.

Nicola said...

Bless you - we are busy trying to give links from each sampler in the gallery to the SL website following a brilliant suggestion a few days ago.

We have also had some great news and we will be having many more photos coming through shortly of samplers not yet shown - WHAT THIS SPACE !!!

Jenny said...

I agree as well. This gallery is such a wonderful blessing to all sampler makers everywhere. I have already spent time visiting and I know many more hours will be spent here. A big thank you to all who sent pictures and made this gallery possible.

Bethany said...

We all need to step up and put our stitching hats on.... We have a great start and if Marsha keeps doing her wonderful reproductions, we all will become very great friends. This has been a truly amazing year and I look forward to the many years to come. Stay healthy and stitch happy. Start making a list and checking it twice. I guess we'll all have to pick a new piece in the coming year that isn't in the Gallery. Put your thinking caps on. Thank you all for being so inspiring......

Nicola said...

We can achieve so much with team work.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thank you Erica. Don't laugh, but the categories were my favourite bit!! I love the idea of being able to find all the samplers of one type really easily.

I did enjoy seeing all the different pieces as they came in, especially when people had adapted them using different fabrics or made slight changes.

Cindy L said...

I agree, well said Erica. I love going back and viewing the pieces over and over again! I do hope that those that did not state fabric or threads will update if they remember. Looking forward to more additions to the gallery.