Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Friday, 31 January 2014

Update on Ann Hair

No photo today, but several of you asked questions about my post from a few days ago

Bethany, I'm using 36-count linen and silk thread.

Nicola and Bethany, I did decide to rip out all of the grass.  It was not an easy decision for several reasons---it had taken me many, many hours to stitch the grass and took more than two full skeins of silk.  Also the chart called for satin stitches.  

I have decided that my Ann Hair will be an adaptation instead of a true reproduction because I'll be doing the grass in stem stitches instead.  I hate to vary from the chart on reproduction, but in this case I decided that is what I need to do.  It is not my norm to make changes to a reproduction.

Since posting my photo a few days ago, I have stitched one of the deer.  Hopefully I'll have a new photo soon...but I doubt there will be much stitching going on this weekend.  This afternoon and evening and most of tomorrow, my 3-year old grandson will be spending time with me while her parents move into their new home.  My husband will help them tomorrow.  I think I got the better end of the deal.  Don't you?


Lanie said...

Hi Ellen ... spending time with grandson vs. moving? ... I say you DEFINITELY got the better deal! Good for you ... enjoy your time together!
I am so curious to see the grass section stitched in stem stitch. I think it will be beautiful and well worth your extra efforts.
I thought I already had my next project selected until I saw your last post. You made me fall in love with Ann all over again! Now I'm not sure who will be my next BFF, but I know if not now, my time with Ann will come soon!
Good Luck with your changes and keep us posted with your progress.

Kim Hummel said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished piece with the stem stitch substitution.
Have fun with your grandson.

Margaret said...

Have fun with your grandson -- you definitely got the better deal. lol! Looking forward to seeing more of your Ann Hair.

Nicola said...

I saw your deer Ellen and it is outstanding.
Enjoy your grandson, Archie lights up my life.