Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Well,  All I have left in this sampler is filling in  the band I skipped.  I am going to attempt trellis stitch in this band.  If it looks awful, I will switch to satin stitch.  One way or another, I am hoping to finish this by next week.


Jenny said...


Nupur said...

Nice Job, Bhooma!
Which band requires the trellis stitch and why do I sense that you a bit nervous about it? Perhaps if you post a closeup of the band we can all 'help'?
Thanks for posting your progress - it is a beautiful sampler

Kevin said...

This is gorgeous, Bhooma! Can't wait to see your Trellis stitch (you can do it!) on the final band.

Tommye said...

Excellent work, Bhooma! You're going to treasure this one forever.

I found trellis stitch in small areas (like flower petals, etc) to be extremely frustrating and resorted to some substitutions when stitching Judith Payne. Larger areas it's not so bad. Good luck!

Cindy L said...

Bhooma, this is gorgeous and so close to a finish! I'll have to look up the trellis stitch. Good stitch at a time.