Margaret Randolph

Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Friday, 28 February 2014

ellenor Wycks

Hi I have just started my biggest sampler on the smallest count I have ever used.  I have just managed to start the first line and am taking it slowly I will take some pictures when I have done some more .

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Winner Winner Winner

Our little birdie is from
Betsy Davis

(JoAnn Hoffman)
Was kind enough to draw the lucky winner.  We did not have a hat, so instead we used a Salt Glazed piece of Pottery.

The winner is.......
Sandra Moffitt
Please send your mailing address to me and Rising Doves will be on it's way....

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My New Start on Mary Bailey

Here is my new start on The Scarlet Letter's  Mary Bailey.  This is such a fun stitch already.  I changed a few of the colors as some of them were not showing up on my fabric.  The berries here are charted for a cream color so I changed them to gold for my sampler.  The blue around this flower in the border was a much lighter blue and didn't show up as well, so I am using Pacific Blue Gloriana silk thread.   I am using mostly DMC threads, but also a few silks.  The gold is a NPI silk.  This chart is just really amazing and has some things in it that you just don't usually see in reproduction samplers very often.  I am going to love stitching this one.  I am stitching Mary on 40 ct. Buttercream by Lakeside Linens.  Thank you to all who left me such wonderful and encouraging comments on my Elizabeth Sheffield!

My new sampler

Dorothy Walpole finish

                                                    Title Dorothy Walpole
                                                    Stitched by Laura Rodríguez.
                                                    Fabric: Edinburg 36ct Ligh Mocha.
                                                    Threads DMC.
                                                    Started: 20 July 2013.
                                                     Finish 25 February 2014.

Monday, 24 February 2014

A Happy Birthday

First of all, Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.  It has been a restful, relaxing day.

It's been a long time since I've posted, but I've been reading everyone's progress.  I had hoped to stitch a bit and post before Nicola's birthday (Happy belated!), but, well, that didn't happen.   My stitching's been derailed by a number of things, which I will not detail here, but since today was my birthday, I didn't have to work, and my family was out of town, I stayed in my pajamas and stitched ALLLL day long.  Happy Birthday to Me!

I haven't stitched much on PLL in the past few months, so today, I pulled it out and put in some dark green. 

Parrot, Leopard, Lion
40 ct Antique White linen

You can't really tell the dark green from the black or brown that was already there, but there are some new plants sprouting from the ground and the leopard is no longer levitating in the air.  Hopefully I will have some more dark green in (the flower taking up some of the white on the right side) and maybe a start of the lion in black before I retire for the evening, but I wanted to take a photo before the light left for the night.  Just looking at my calendar for tomorrow, my feet will have to hit the floor running in the morning and may not stop until after dark.  And I promise not to stay away for so long again.  I need to finish PLL.

Because, my sister called and apparently I'm getting one of Marsha's new releases for my birthday since my sister asked me "Do you like to stitch in silk or cotton?" after she wished me a happy birthday this morning.  Yippee!!  Let the stalking of the Postman begin . . .

Happy stitching,

Sharon H

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Matilda Charles, Susey Oliver Progress

Congratulations to all the winners!!  I am so glad that this blog is continuing.   I really like to see everyone's work...

Here is my progress on Matilda Charles.  I love working on the SL 30 ct linen for a change.  I am using AVAS.

and here is Susey Oliver on 36 ct. Vintage Lt. Examplar with AVAS.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Thank you!!!

I have missed the end of Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year, but it hasn't ended on this side of the pond yet.  Very little stitching has occurred on my two SL samplers these past few months. I miss them so much! I can't wait until the late evening once the house is quiet enough for stitching. Sadly, once I can give myself permission to start stitching, my eyes are crossing with exhaustion.

Anyway, our family has had a very sad start to our year.  Which reminds me how appreciative I am for having had the opportunity to find this wonderful blog and even be a tiny part of it.  Thank you Nicola, Jo, and Marsha for this fascinating and completely addictive place to lose ourselves in the work of other stitchers!

To say I was overjoyed to learn this wouldn't end, when I finally caught up on my reading, is an understatement! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So here is my little bit of progress on Mary Ann Michell:

Can't wait to see what the future holds as all of you continue to add tidbits from your lives and your incredible stitching progress!


Happy Birthday Nicola!

"Our Scarlet Letter Year's" Giveaway

I would love to start "Our Scarlet Letter Year's" with a giveaway.
Here is a photo of a little yellow bird, from a Scarlet Letter Sampler.
Make a guess as to which sampler it came from and win my Scarlet Letter chart for Rising Doves.
Send all responses to my email.
I will draw the winner before I leave Ohio, so responsed ASAP.
Good Luck
Happy New Year to each and everyone.

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Happy Birthday!!
Expected to be completed for your birthday, almost there.

Happy Birthday Nicola

Happy Birthday to you Nicola!!!  Wishing you a really wonderful birthday today and many happy returns!!!   Best wishes from both Jerry and me too!!

My Small Finish

I have not been much for posting this year, but I do have a small finish to contribute.  
I started ABCD 1817 at the first of the year. I couldn't decide on a lovely big sampler to work on, so this seemed like the perfect one to start while I decided.  Little did I know it would take me all year to finish!  It is not one of those projects you can just pick up and put a few stitches in. It took more concentration than that, and good lighting.  
 I changed the colors to NPI silks that I had on hand. It was stitched over one on a piece of 36 count mystery linen that I had in my stash. I added initials of stitching friends to the sampler.  
Now I have all the supplies for stitching Dorothy Walpole and I am excited to start her this year.  What a wealth of inspiration this site has been and a pleasure seeing all of the beautiful samplers stitched.  
Happy birthday Nicola!  You are amazing!

Final check in for the year

Hello everyone,

So many wonderful pieces have been posted recently. Congratulations to all! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nicola. It is very hard for me to believe that we've been stitching together for an entire year..

Here is my year in review:

one finish:

finish # 14

one continuing project:

and one new start that I am less than happy with:

The silk in Four Seasons continues to shred badly. I've tried using shorter lengths, making sure I stitch with the grain, even wadding up the fabric and rolling it around in my hands to soften it. Nothing seems to help.

I've told Jo that I would like to continue with the blog(s), but I'm aware that I've been very remiss about posting the past couple of months. If I can't do better soon, I'll make way for someone else.

These blogs were the best surprise of 2013. Thank you once again Nicola and Jo and everyone else who made them possible.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Nicola!!!!


A Finish for a Newbie

A very warm hello to all talented and prolific SAL stitchers!

My name is Sue and I live in the wee town of Dousman, Wisconsin in the US. For the geography experts among us, Dousman is located about halfway between Milwaukee and the state capitol, Madison.

I am stratospherically proud to compose this post and to attach a photo of a FINISHED and framed Circling Alphabets! This pride is due to the fact that this is my very first ever cross stitch piece.

When I was at a retreat with favorite friends (some of whom have posted here) about a year ago, they were chatting excitedly about this challenge. When I ventured a look at the pieces they were selecting, I quickly eliminated myself. I had attempted a tiny pin cushion cross stitch piece during an earlier retreat, and completed 7 (count them, SEVEN) stitches over the entire weekend! There was simply no way I could make my way through any of the magnificent Scarlet Letter beauties I saw on the SAL pages.

"Oh!" my friends chimed in. "There are smaller pieces, too!" Hmmm... I could feel myself getting sucked into the vortex of excitement. So I studied and with unfounded optimism, decided to attempt Circling Alphabets. 

Over the ensuing year, I made decent progress, but a finish by February 20, 2014 was doubtful. Then came the coldest, nastiest winter in 30 years. In early January, I hunkered down under my comfort quilt and stitched until my eyes and fingers simultaneously cried "Uncle"! 

To my enormous shock, I completed the pattern AND the personalized center. In the meantime, my more-savvy buds had discovered a delightful shop called Lynn's of Madison which, among other things, excels in framing. Scoffing at the never-ending horrid environmental challenges, we made our way there to drop off, and just last week, pick up my ready-for-hanging piece. A huge accomplishment for this newbie cross stitcher which I attach here.

In my zeal, I neglected to take note of important constructions details, but I do remember that I stitched on 35 ct linen with DMC floss.

Happiest of birthdays, Nicola, and much gratitude to you for birthing and nurturing this stellar idea!

Warmest regards to all -

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sarah Harvey Update

Well, my friends, this is it ... my last post for Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year ... how quickly the year went!
I thought just maybe I would have Sarah Harvey completed for the end of the Challenge, but that is not to be. But, I'm hoping to put in the final stitches by the end of February as I have Mary Bailey scheduled to begin stitching March 1st. Although I may need a little wiggle room as there is still quite a bit to be done on Miss Sarah.
But as of today, here she is ....

I am in love with the quirky patchwork birds ... they have captivated me and made me forget about stitching the eyelet alphabet! ... so I still have a lot of eyelets to stitch. The stem stitch outlining around the birds and foliage also needs completed ... I will have to stay very motivated if I want to finish by the end of the month! But I think Mary Bailey waiting in the wings will be just the motivation I need!  ... can't wait to get her started!
I am so grateful to have been a part of  Nicola's special year ... it has far exceeded my expectations ... and I am thrilled we will continue!
Unfortunately, I do not have a local needlework shop, and not only do I miss visiting a shop to see and touch and explore, but I miss the fellowship a local shop brings to the stitching community. I am the only one in my family and circle of friends that stitches. And, yes, my family and friends support and admire my stitching, but they don't fully understand the way all of you do!
They don't appreciate the excitement of discovering a new reproduction sampler, the anticipation of a new project, the thrill of accomplishing a new stitch, nor the reasoning behind not  purchasing something for the blank area on  the living room wall because there is a sampler that will be stitched that is perfect for that spot!  ... But you all do!
I am in awe of the talent you all have ... I am constantly inspired and encouraged by it. I am thankful for your never-ending support.
Thank you, Nicola for your vision. You and Ray have been so gracious and generous in adding to the SLY fun!
Thank you, Jo for your support and work in maintaining the blogs ... job well done! 
Thank you, Marsha for continuing to share your talents with us. Without you, where would we be ... these beautiful samplers would not be admired and appreciated as they are.
Thank you, everyone for participating in this blog and sharing your love of needlework. We have been through many joys  and even commiserated on a few unpleasantries together and through it all I believe we have created something very special!
So here's to many more years together ...
long live 'Our Scarlet Letter Years'!


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

This is how our winter is this year in New England. It is been snowing almost every week for few days.  I have been really bad posting on my progress. My Elizabeth Shefield waiting for me for over ones but i will pick her up again soon. I have been working on SDW band sampler and started on  AAWFAA last night  and this will be my 2014 project.

Frances Seng

Elizabeth Harborne & Ann Scutt - continued progress on Margret Gatis - Day 7 & 8

Here are the details and pictures of the completed samplers.  I had intended to post the fully framed Elizabeth Harborne but doubt I will get the time to do this before Nicola's birthday so for now I just stuck it into the frame intended for it.  If I get the time to lace it and frame it in time I will post it.  I still have to choose and order the frame for Ann Scutt.  Now that it seems that there is a lull in snow storms for the latter part of the week we will be busy playing catch up in the office so cannot be sure if I will feel like lacing and framing this up in the evenings...    

Elizabeth Harborne 1647 - an adaptation :                            
Threads : AVAS silks
Fabric : Zweigart Belfast (32ct.) linen - Cream 
Started on :  Wednesday evening, May 15,2013
Completed on : Saturday morning, January 25,2014
# of days of stitching (averaging 3 hours/day): 30
Framed up on :
Elizabeth Harborne - frame check

Ann Scutt 1675 - an adaptation :
Threads : AVAS silks - added a darker gold tone in addition to the one recommended
Fabric : 35ct. Ivory linen
Started on :  Tuesday evening, December 24,2013
Completed on : Tuesday evening,  February 11,2014
# of days of stitching (averaging 3 hours/day): 12
Framed up on :

Ann Scutt 1675 - an adaptation

Here is the progress on Margret Gatis since my last posting - Day7 & 8
 ... got a fair amount of the sampler marked for the next few bands thanks to the snow days.  However, did not get much stitching done because of some of movies we watched during the storms.
Margret Gatis - Day 8
Margret Gatis - Day 8
Thanks Marsha for choosing to reproduce these samplers - I truly enjoyed stitching both Elizabeth Harborne and Ann Scutt !  I am enjoying continuing with Margret Gatis for now...

Monday, 17 February 2014

Some finishes and new starts

Long time, no post.  I lost my blogging mojo during the summer and it has taken a while to find it again. Anyway, I have two and a half finishes and two starts.

First up I present Diligence. I actually finished stitching this in June but I didn't get around to framing it until just before Christmas.

Linen - 35ct from kit
Threads - AVAS from kit
The frame came from the Range and cost £8.99! I think it suits the piece quite well.
My next finish is Bird in Bough and, again, the frame came from the Range.  I was a bit masochistic with this one and chose to follow chart A which involved stitching the bough and leaves in split stitch and stem stitch.  It would have been so much easier if I'd stitched it all in cross stitch!
Linen - 36 ct , tea dyed by me
Threads - DMC

Then I started the Twigg Miniatures.  I have managed to finish L.T. (over two, what's not to like)  and have made a good start on Sarah Twigg (over one, daylight stitching only).

Linen - 30ct WDW Parchment
Threads - my own conversion to DMC

Sorry about the picture but it was taken during the evening.

And, last but not least,  I have started The Gardner Pocketbook as a relief from the over one on Sarah Twigg. Only trouble is, I'm not sure about the background colours and may make a few changes.

This is stitched over two on 35ct WDW angel hair with DMC threads.

Well, that's me caught up on my Scarlet Letter stitching. Hopefully, I won't take so long between posts.

Regards, Anne

Sad and Soggy Margret Lawrance

Margret Lawrance is not quite ready for her closeup yet, but this soggy view will have to serve as her official Finish photo. The reds in the lower part of the piece bled when the sampler was rinsed out.

It's interesting--the reds that bled appear to be from the second skein of Anchor floss that was used. If anyone hasn't yet gotten the message that colorfast is kind of a squishy term, learn from this! One skein appears to be OK, one was not OK.

The sampler has now been soaking since Friday morning. It's now early afternoon Monday. I'm thinking I see some improvement, but there is certainly still bleeding visible.

At some point, I'll let it dry and see how things look. I'm trying to remain optimistic.


Not long to go


Here is a really poor photograph of Scarlet Letter's Diligence, completed but as yet unframed.

It was stitched using the recommended linen and AVAS threads.

It was really enjoyable to stitch with some vibrant colours. Can you believe it has been finished about six months now but I never actually posted the completed sampler?

I changed one set of initials in order to add my own ( IH ).

I have really enjoyed watching all the samplers being completed, and although I have, for family reasons, decided not to go on, I will continue to read the two blogs with much interest and awe at the amazing stitching. I send my very best wishes for a wonderful second stitching year.

Irene xxx

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Mary Ann Macdonald

Long time posting.
I am heading to my mother's in Ohio, for two weeks of stitching, meeting with all mom's stitching buddies, talking, laughing, eating and just enjoying our time together.

For all you snow birds, I know you are tired of the winter, but I would love to have some beautiful snow covered days.

Here is my slow progress with Mary.  I am sure after my two weeks with mom there will be more to show.  I wanted to work the border around and guess what, it met.......  That's a wonderful feeling.

Good luck to all, the finishes are coming along nicely.  What a year........

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Eliza Tagg

Here is my final finish in honor of Nicola's SL year:

I have been having such trouble uploading photos on blogger from my computer. I had to wait until after the hockey game to use my husband's computer. It's so frustrating, not sure what the problem has been.

I stitched this with the SL kit, 40 count linen and AVAS silks.  I stitched 7 vertical threads instead of 6 for the stepped lozenge sharing the bottom of last stitch with the top of the first stitch of the next "step". This just filled the 3x3 square better and made it easier to count.  Also be careful with the symbols. There is a capital "Y" which uses gold and a lower case "y" which uses dark coral. The graph follows the original photo and that's why Marsha states follow the graph and not the photo on the cover of the pattern. The sampler includes cross, over one, eyelet and satin.

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm with this crazy weather this winter. I hope to stay in, stitch and watch some Olympics!


N Hinde is completed~

Greetings from snowy North Carolina....

I really had fun with this tiny stitch... Using AVAS with One over one on 35 count linen was a learning experience, but none the less, very enjoyable.... If you frequent my personal blog, Carolina stitcher, you will see I have been stitching quite a bit of reds this winter~

N Hinde

I hope to begin another Scarlet Letter design very soon..... I have my selections narrowed down, but cannot fully decide..... This wonderful blog has kept me enthralled for over a year now... Keep up the great work everyone!!

Until next time.................

February 2014 snow
.....Stay warm.... We are trying to......


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Finished, but......

I put the final stitches into Margret Lawrance last evening (February 13), gave it a quick wash and rinse, rolled it in a towel, and left it overnight, figuring to press it dry this morning. Horror of horrors: when I unrolled the towel this morning, the areas stitched in red had bled.

Heartsick on Valentine's Day. That's me.

Here's a lesson for all of us: this piece was stitched with Anchor cotton floss, proclaimed right on the labels as colorfast. This is also the first piece I have ever washed upon completion. I don't think I'll be doing this again.

But what to do now that the damage has been done? Help! I emailed a good friend, I called my local stitchery shop, I Googled, I queried the Sampler World Facebook group. Conservative measures seemed to be the consensus and the wisest way to go. (And let me warn you that there are places on the web that advise soaking a Q-tip in straight bleach and SCRUBBING a piece of stitchery like this. I don't think so!!)

Margret Lawrance has been soaking in cold water all day. The stitchery shop suggested Color Catchers. I tried that.

Maybe I'm hoping against hope, but I'm thinking it's looking a bit better tonight. I'm told patience is the thing; it might take as much as a couple weeks to rinse out the bleeding color. But I'm told others have been successful. So I'm hopeful.

This is not how I planned to close out my stitchery year. I'm heading to a day-long stitch-in at Lynn's in Madison, WI tomorrow. I figured I'd drop Margret Lawrance off for framing while I was there. But tonight Margret seems to be a long way from framed and hanging anywhere.

Wish me luck....