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Margaret Randolph
Margaret Randolph stitched by Jenny


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Ann Scutt, Elizabeth Harborne and Margret Gatis....

Hi again!
Took some quick photographs of the 3 SL samplers that I have been actively working on these past months.  Will write in more detail but I know some of you wanted to see them... Ann Scutt and Elizabeth Harborne are 'finished' - Margret Gatis is not.

 I am still contemplating if I should extend some of the bands of Ann Scutt so that they all start and end in more or less the same width.  Normally when I stitch a reproduction sampler, I do not change things... this time on both Ann and Elizabeth I changed things so at this point neither of them are 'true reproductions'.  I had left the decision about the width to the very end to get a feel for the sampler... you'll note in the picture the margins marked from the widest bands ... the narrower bands on the top have bothered me right from the start and I had extended the satin stitched motif right at the beginning to make it more symmetric.  At the moment I feel that the top part makes the whole thing look a bit off kilter - in some samplers this is quite a charming effect but Ann is quite a balanced sampler.... at the moment I am thinking of extending the narrower bands on top.  The other area that I feel was 'odd' was the solitary leaf in space on the right side in the band with the two flowers and coiled connectors further down (3rd band above the alphabet area).  I am thinking about
stitching another coiled area and anchoring the solitary leaf.  Ann Scutt reminds me a bit of Mary Hollingworth in color and symmetry so that is why I am still considering this...
I would love to get your thoughts on this too... here are the pictures of the 3 samplers as they are at present....

All 3 samplers - 2 finished, 1 WIP
The Song of my Needle


Ann Scutt 1675
The Song of my Needle

Elizabeth Harborne 1647
The Song of my Needle
A little more discussion on colors used in Ann Scutt - ones charted and my choices etc. on my blog :
Sorry about this rather long post here - I will post a better picture of the both finished samplers soon with all the details for the Gallery  


Krista said...

Amazing finishes, Nupur! Amazing to see how much longer Elizabeth Harbone is compared to Ann Scutt.

Bethany said...

These photo's are amazing. I just can't imagine sitting that long to complete Elizabeth and Ann and now you are off and running with Margret. Descisions to be made..... What ever you decide, it will be wonderful.

llknbillburg said...

All 3, so beautiful! Your needles must be smoking! Laura

Nicola said...

So inspiring and very interesting seeing them together. Looking forward to seeing them on the finishes page and in the gallery.

Lelia said...

Amazing samplers. Lovely needlework.

Tommye said...

Wow! That's just outstanding. So many huge and beautiful pieces.


carolm said...